How to extract video from mkv?

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  1. east1999 macrumors member

    Apr 1, 2011
    Am I missing any essential app for extracting workable video from MKV files? I.e. something I can either recut or cut to gifs?

    Currently I use AnyMP4 (free, App Store) to cut and convert to MP4, or Lossless Cut (free, GitHub) if I want to cut first, then convert. Both are terribly bad with the UIs, as the cutting interface is slow and quickly turns into a complete headache. I end up doing loose cuts and opening them with Quicktime so I can use its trim edit.

    The situation has been like this for years! Any MKV player is 10 times faster than any cutting interface in a mac video converter. Don't even get me started with Handbrake and its endless menus. I see all kinds of edited video (from tv shows or films) all the time on Youtube, so how do people do it on the mac? I do the miss the one-app-does-it-all appeal of Quicktime 7 + Perian, but even that is too slow (and macs have gotten way faster!).

    As a final note: I found out that using Gif Brewery's screen recording actually quickens the gif making process, since I can use the video player directly. But Quicktime has had screen recording for years. Is anyone working on something new?
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    Apr 1, 2011
    Endless menus. A pain to select just a 10 second clip. LosslessCut, while imperfect, gets it right: just a big box to drop down a file, and a menu to trim it. A second part of this, yet to be realized, though it used to be a part of QT, is the "export" options: MP4, gif, series of jpegs.
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    Apr 1, 2011
    Also dated, generic, and doesn't do clip trimming.
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