1. S

    Screen mirroring is a misnomer.

    Screen mirroring is a lie. Are there any apps that allow real screen mirroring? By which I mean that no matter what is on your phone it will be mirrored along with sound to your tv. This is not what “screen mirroring” does either with Apple TV or Samsung smart TV’s. Yes it will mirror you’re...
  2. purdnost

    Better Integrated Family Sharing, Please

    My family uses my Apple account to access our purchased movie library. My wife has titles that she purchased years ago on her account. While we can access them from my account (TV > Library > Family Sharing > [Wife's Name] > Movies), the process is a little convoluted. It would be convenient to...
  3. smoking monkey

    iPhone XR Question for XR owners

    How is watching movies on the XR in terms of screen brightness (and just generally) compared to the Max or a plus phone (any of them)? I did compare my 6s+ to an XR and Max in store playing various videos via youtube and found that the XR looked better than my 6S+. But I've read that the XR...
  4. H

    iTunes, Vudu, Ultraviolet Movies 25% off until 11/25/2018

    Fastflicks has a 25% coupon valid until 11:59 EST on 11/24. You can purchase movie codes redeemable in iTunes, Vudu, etc. usually for much less than when purchased from the services themselves. For example Incredibles 2's price in iTunes is $14.99. The Fast Flicks price for the same movie is...
  5. iKelly27

    Does anyone else have this problem with AppleTV?

    This is driving me crazy! And so far, I can find nothing on Apple Support forums or via Google for an answer. On my Apple TV fourth generation and my Apple TV 4K, as well as my third generation, the recommended tab in the movie section is always empty and tells me to start rating movies to get...
  6. FreddyAspen

    Background turns grey when playing videos

    Hi folks, Since I upgraded to High Sierra a month or three back, I've been running into an interesting problem: when I'm playing videos - or when the computer thinks I am - the rest of the screen (ie, everything but the video rectangle) totally desaturates and turns to greyscale. Initially it...
  7. J

    Is there a way to use google drive or some other cloud service to stream movies to your Apple TV?

    I have a bunch of digital movies that I want to load to a google drive and then be able to stream those from any device I have like Apple TV, iPad, or iPhone. I saw that Plex had an option for this, but they will be taking down their cloud device option. I wanted to see if there was any other...
  8. PracticalMac

    Marvel Studio story juggernaught (no spoiler).

    Last night saw Ant-man and The Wasp. Completely enjoyed it and not seeing the first was not a detriment (did see Civil War). Despite the serious elements, it felt far more like a comedy than action movie, and Michael Peña had me bust a gut with his character. Heck, even most of the bad guys...
  9. Princess Cake

    Hiding Filenames/Smaller Text?

    I'm using a digital shelf setup for my movie collection and some films have long names that get truncated leaving ugly "..." filenames all over. Does anyone know if theres a way to make the filenames hidden or make the text size smaller than 10?
  10. Princess Cake

    Getting Alias to show icon?

    I like to keep my movies on an external drive and put aliases to them on my HDD but I can't seem to make the icons work anymore... Anytime I make an alias (to a movie anyway) it just shows up as a blank white icon… anybody know how to fix this?
  11. G

    Buying from US store internationally

    I'm in the UK and have one of my Apple IDs set to the US region. I've so far only linked my Movies Anywhere account to the iTunes account and haven't actually bought anything (which would require redeeming a gift card beforehand anyway). I was wondering whether others non-US members here use...
  12. E

    4K TV Shows?

    As far as I can tell, iTunes is only providing movies in 4K right now. I know there aren't many, but there are shows filmed in 4K (and many of them are either made by or available on Netflix) but it doesn't seem like there is any TV Show content available from iTunes in 4K at the moment. I was...
  13. davidgaskin

    Are there any apps for iPhone to stream movies?

    I have been looking for some apps for iPhone to watch movies online and latest episodes of tv shows. Although I found apps like crackle. But still looking for more.
  14. Sovon Halder

    How to watch movies on Macbook Pro 2017 ?

    In windows I use MPC-HC+madVR to watch full hd movies. Bought a 2017 macbook pro 13" TB couple of days ago. Airpods are my primary audio device and sounds just fine in iTunes but while playing a movie in quicktime or VLC, the overall volume level is not loud enough. Way low compared to...
  15. needfx

    The Spoiler Thread (Movies/Series)

    Enter this thread at your own risk. A perilous little corner of macrumors to freely expose & discuss endings of movies, episodes, season finales, plot twists and otherwise facts that should not be divulged. Are you brave enough to sift through these posts? Rules -Spoil by hiding your text...
  16. rhett7660

    Tobe Hooper (Poltergeist, Texas Chainsaw) has passed away

    RIP Mr. Hooper, your movies scared the bejesus out of me, never looked at little clowns with long arms the same again!
  17. Betamagic

    Movie Explorer 1.8.6 - A must have app for movie lovers

    We at Betamagic have just released a new update of Movie Explorer. We would like to use this opportunity to introduce the app to the MacRumors forum user group. Movie Explorer is a native Mac app that turns your digital cinema movie collection into an attractive, informative and handy media...
  18. EmilyB613

    Cinderella (2015) refuses to download past 18.6 MB on iPad 4

    I have talked to Apple Support TWICE and even they can't resolve the issue. It's only this movie, not any of my other ones. I tested to make sure. I have done the following: 1. Deleted downloading process and tried again 2. Restarted iPad 4 3. Hard reset iPad 4 4. Finally, a restore of iPad 4...
  19. Three141

    Your top 3 villains of all time?

    This can be for TV shows, Movies Cartoons or comics. 1. Joker from dark knight Favourite scene 2. Magneto from the cartoon series (90's). I always felt the dialogue between him and Charles was top notch and despite always failing Magneto was one heck of a villain. 3. T-1000 from...
  20. B

    Do black bars bother you (movies)?

    Hello, i am wondering if black bars bother you when you are watching movies content? Its huge black bar and many lost space, do you prefer watching on iPad (4:3) or another device in 16/10 or 16/9? Thanks you