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music app

  1. L

    Apps Apple Watch Music - Auto Add

    Hi, I recently got a new S7 (very much love it) and when setting it up I had 'Automatically Add > Recent Music' ticked, which must be the default, the problem is I have absolutely tons of music on my iPhone and I think it went through and attempted to add all of that to my watch in some way...
  2. AjTee

    AirPods Max quieter on MacBook Pro then on iPhone

    Hello, I am owner of AirPods Max. I have connected them to my new MacBook Pro 14" with macOS 12.1. I have noticed that sound on them is quieter then when they are in use with iPhone 12 Pro with newest iOS. I have noticed it in Music app. Volume is maxed out on them in system and in Music app...
  3. K

    Mac OS Music App: Library jumps to last artist after any edit?

    Hi all! Every single time I make any edits to my Music Library, such as rating a song, deleting a song, editing any metadata — my library immediately jumps all the way to the bottom. As if I took the curser and dragged it all the way down, or searched for the last artist in my library. Happens...
  4. R

    Music App in Monterey is horrible.

    MacOS Music app isn't the best app, ain't it. For example navigating playlists and sorting between tabs (Album, BPM, Genre etc.) is terrible. Searches do not show the correct results, importing tracks always skip a song or three. Very annoying. A large ALAC library, (almost) never caused any...
  5. H

    Problem with Music app loading

    I have a M1 MBP running Big Sur 11.6. I have a music library of 31 GB, resident on the local HDD. Thinks have been 'OK' (though I consider iTunes to have been a seriously-flawed program in 2001 which got more flawed with each iteration, and the Music app has maintained that devolution). But I...
  6. happydude

    iPhone 13 Pro iPhone 13 pro not recognized by apple music

    trying to restore my phone from backup, but my new iPhone 13 pro doesn't show up in Apple Music. anyone else have an issue, any solutions? the phone is charging, so it is connected properly. my old phone shows up under devices, unplug the same cord and plug in the new phone and nothing shows...
  7. S

    With a music library on external hard drive: where do songs go when deleted?

    My music library (3TB) lives on a brand new G Drive external hard drive. When I delete a song in Music, I get this popup. I never receive a popup asking if I want to keep the file on my computer. In fact, the strangest thing happens: The song disappears from my external drive but is not visible...
  8. RDowson

    Music App Lossless Issue

    Has anyone noticed that the Lossless icon disappears after moving between lossless tracks or albums? I'm sure it's also reverting to lossy playback. Rebooting the Music app fixes it but it does't las long before it happens again.
  9. K

    Universal Apple Music - Any way to Organize Albums?

    What's the best way to organize albums in Apple Music? For instance, can I have an album for "New Wave", or whatever, and drag individual albums to that folder -- without having it atomized into a playlist?
  10. M

    Apple Music Radio Stations

    After upgrading to 11.3 my Radio Stations in Listen Now will not play more than 2 to 3 songs and it just stops. I have de-auth and re-auth, logged out of account, unchecked iCloud library. It works perfect on phone and iPad. Does not appear to be my account and machine, as my partner has a...
  11. blackxacto

    After clean install of 11.3 where are music playlists in backups?

    Migration failed updating to 11.3, all 4 backups, including TM. Had to clean install 11.3 and all data. Yes, all backups failed to give me the app store and fast safari browsing w migration from each. So i am asking where are music App playlists stored in 11.2.3 backups? I dont think it is in...
  12. P

    iTunes/Music App cutting of songs that have been recently added

    Hi all, I am new here and hope this is the right place. So the iTunes/Music app has been working very wonky in the past and I think a lot of people have had very weird problems with it in the past. This is the last straw for me because I have tried a lot of things to figure out why this is...
  13. jwatters579

    Apple Music Purchased Songs Not Showing in Apple Music

    Yesterday, I purchased about 10 songs via iTunes. When opening my Music App, none of the songs appeared. So, I went into my purchased section in iTunes, there’s an icon to download it but after a few seconds it goes back to the cloud download icon and does not download. I have logged off iCloud...
  14. Malcy16

    Apple Music Apple Music Library Constantly Changing

    A constant headache I've had since getting Apple Music is that my music keeps moving around. I have over 2,000 songs added to my Music library with a selection that are downloaded to my iPhone for when I don't have a internet connection. When I browse through my collection I notice the following...
  15. Cayden

    iPhone 12 Pro Max Aliasing iPhone 12 Pro Max

    I noticing this aliasing problem while listening to music today on my iPhone 12 Pro Max. On the Lock Screen, the album art is clearly aliasing (the full album art is also shown as a reference). I haven’t particularly noticed this on other phones, but I haven’t paid particular attention to it. If...
  16. newtito

    Apple Music Weird Music problem (on Mac OS Big Sur) - splitting albums

    Couldn't find this topic being discussed anywhere, but on occasion when I am playing music in Apple Music app on my iMac, the song will randomly be placed in a new album of the same name. The album would be completely together before playing, and then just playing the song once would put it in...
  17. EleveDrole

    GarageBand Jam Packs - which macOS still supports fresh installation?

    Hey there I just installed HighSierra (second partition) on my 2016 MacBook Pro and had to recognize, that apple won't let me install my jam packs in 13.06. GarageBand 6 is installed. Can someone please tell me which OS was the last to support the Jam Packs installation? I also read about the...
  18. X

    Apple Music Atv4 music avreceiver

    I have atv4 conected to my avreceiver onkyo. When i ear apple music i can’t put in allchannels stereo mode. I have tried with airplay and it doesn’t work. I like listem music with gron and rear spwkers , is it possible?
  19. D

    MacBook Air - iTunes family sharing issue

    Hello, Have setup a new MacBook Air for myself and 2 kids. Music and Apple TV work fine on my account. If my kids login and try to play purchased iTunes films they get a message saying device is not authorised, if we click to authorise the device it says already associated to an Apple ID and...
  20. drakula

    Synced Music to iPhone via Finder/Music Not Updating Play Counts/Recently Played on iPhone

    For all of 2020 I switched from using Mojave on an older RMB 2013 to a Windows 10 machine and I'd been using iTunes 12.xx manually syncing music to my iPhone as I have been with any iPod I've owned for the last 15+ years. For the holidays I decided to get back into Mac and purchased a new M1...