1. KeanosMagicHat

    Thick 3rd party strap like Nike Sport Band Black?

    Recently purchased a Nike+ Apple Watch S4 but wanted the Silver Aluminium casing, so the only option was the Platinum band. Would’ve preferred a Black strap. I’ve purchased a 3rd party band (ATUP), but the silicone is extremely thin compared to the official bands and feels somewhat flimsy...

    DELIVERED! From Verzion: Nike+ Apple Watch Series 4! (Space Gray - Anthracite Sport Band - 44mm)

    I absolutely wanted the Nike+ version of the watch, so I put in my order knowing I'd have to wait longer than the regular Apple Watch Series 4. But the time has finally came, and my Nike+ Apple Watch Series 4 arrived! I couldn't be happier! I've never bought an Apple Watch before because I...
  3. 3rdiguy

    Store Availability on Launch Day for Nike+ Series 4?

    Does anyone have any idea if the Nike+ series 4 will be available for walk-in purchase on Friday, October 5?
  4. AjTee

    Series 4 regular or Nike+

    Hi Guys, Both edition has the same prizes. Which one do you recommend ? Aluminium regular or Nike+?
  5. AUFan88

    Apps NRC+ or Regular Workout App?

    What do you like better on your Apple Watch for running/walking/jogging?
  6. AUFan88

    Apps Nike+ Run Club and Activity App.

    Does the Nike+ app import the map into the activity app?
  7. tomscott1988

    Cellular Watch do you have to set up the carrier

    Hi guys, Bit of advise. My mum bought me an Apple Nike+ Watch gen 3 with cellular for Christmas. Im in the UK and currently the only current provider is EE but I'm on O2, I know the provider has to be the same for it to work. I would say once the dust has settled O2 will start offering a...
  8. djeeyore25

    iPod Nike+ App On iPod Nano No Longer Syncs Run Data Through iTunes

    If you use an iPod Nano to track your runs with Nike+, the data will no longer sync through iTunes. This begins with iTunes version 12.7. Nike support confirmed this with me via Twitter. You can manually insert the data using a Nike+ app on iOS or Android.
  9. S

    Apple Watch Nike+ Release

    Does anyone have any idea of the Apple Watch Nike+ release date

    Sports Model vs Nike Model. Let's choose

    So for the ones who will buy the Aluminum model, what will you choose? Nike edition or Sports model?
  11. 10smom

    Why have Nike + Watch?

    I don't get the Watch Nike +. Is it going to have all the features of Watch 2? Can you switch out bands? Why have it? no extra hardware needed for run app. Am I missing something?