1. C

    MP 6,1 Does anyone installed Catalina?

    Dear all, after skipping Mojave due to some problems on my macpro that other people experienced: https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/video-artifacts-on-right-side-of-the-monitor-if-10-14-1-or-10-14-2-are-installed.2160309 and...
  2. C

    MP 6,1 nMP, Lightroom Classic, Mojave and GPU for image processing

    Dear all can someone with nMP 2013, Lightroom Classic and Mojave installed can tell if 'Use GPU for image processing" is enabled in late Lightroom Classic August update? If so how do you judge the performance improvement via GPU? Thanks a lot.
  3. S

    MP 6,1 2013 Mac Pro not going to Sleep

    Walked into my office this morning to the sounds of a gentle fan. Felt the trashcan, very warm. What is going on? I'm on the latest version of Mojave. It's weird because when I am in windows 10 via bootcamp, it actually goes to "cold" sleep no probs. Anyone have similar problem? Thanks!
  4. C

    What's your nMP 2013 CPU temperature under load

    Dear all, I'm using Intel Power Gadget to monitor my CPU temperature under load (I'm doing some 3d rendering at low resolution and quality). Intel power gadget is marking a temperature of 82 celsius for the CPU. It seems too high for me. Can you please confirm or tell me what's your...
  5. G

    MacPro Late 2013 + eGPU Blackmagic + LG 5K

    Hi, Could I branch an eGPU Blackmagic via the Apple Thunderbolt 3-Thunderbolt 2 adapter to a nMP (Quad Core/D300) in order to make use of the 5K Retina mode on the LG Ultrafine? If I well understood there should be a working terminal command for those external GPU (which are not supported via...
  6. R

    2018 MBP + Black magic eGPU vs 2013 Mac Pro

    How does this set up compare to the 2013 Mac Pro's (ie 13" or 15" base models w/ the blackmagic eGPU vs the D300, 500, 700) I have a 2013 nMP and 2012 rMBP, looking into getting a base model 13" 2018 MBP for more portability.
  7. n8ballz

    MP 1,1-5,1 cMP & nMP {MacPro 4,1 & 5,1} Memory Upgrade Compatibility and FAQ

    Here is the start to a mega thread of memory upgrades and FAQ Please feel free to post your working configurations along with your brand and model numbers. A single W36xx CPU can support up to 56GB memory (3x16 + 8) A single X56xx CPU can support up to 64GB memory (4x16) A dual X56xx CPU can...
  8. Daniel Reed

    nMP: daisy chain or direct connect thunderbolt displays (same bus)

    Looking for pros and cons; all things equal If one has nothing on a thunderbolt bus, bus 1 for example, is there any benefit to directly connecting two separate thunderbolt displays directly to the two thunderbolt ports for bus 1, verses connecting one TB display to the nMP and daisy chaining...
  9. C

    Resolved Strange Flcikering on nMP

    Yesterday I have changed my ups battery due to a fault. After powering up my nMP (6core - 2x D700 GPU) it showed a strange flickering effect on the bottom of the monitor (Asus PB278Q via hdmi) and than something like (it's not the real image, I have found it on the net for example and show)...
  10. G

    [MacPro6,1] Is it possible to mix up two different GPUs?

    Hi, Is it possible to replace just one of the GPUs in the Mac Pro Late 2013? As for instance, having the original D300 in slot A (primary GPU) and the D700 in slot B (secondary GPU), or vice versa. If so, how does macOS deals with such a mixed solution? Thanks. Best, Giampiero
  11. Daniel Reed

    eGPU and Sierra 10.12.5 - how goes it?

    Besides the Nvidia web driver issue, how are AMD Radeon 480/580 cards holding up? I'm running a vanilla install of 10.12.3 atm, looking to combo update to 10.12.5, and re-do a RX480 egpu on a nMP/d700/12c for extra resources to handle noise reduction passes in neatvideo for 6K video work...
  12. F

    Is it worth buying a price-lowered nMP?

    I am considering buying a price-lowered nMP to do video post-production. However, I can't make up my mind. Would you like to give me some advice?
  13. T

    MBP M.2 to Apple PCIe adapter in nMP

    I've seen a few of these from Sintec among others. These are passive adapters as far as I can work out som the compatibility mentioned have to do with Apple compatibility rather than the adapter itself (unless I'm completely out left field). Now, I need to upgrade my internal storage as well as...
  14. K

    nMP with Windows 10 in Boot Camp

    I have a question that may be specific enough to my configuration so nobody else has an answer.... But I'm running a late 2013 Mac Pro with the D500 FirePro video. I recently set up Boot Camp with a Windows 10 partition so I could play some newer Windows games on it. The biggest problem I...
  15. Flint Ironstag

    SteamVR beta coming to macOS, Linux soon

    SteamVR to Get Linux and Mac OSX Support Within “a Few Months” Guess we'll have to see what Vulcan / MoltenVK can deliver on dual d700s for the time being. And once again the cMP shows its advantages. Hopefully there will be some advances on the eGPU front.
  16. golf1410

    Graphic bug El Capitan?

    I owned a nMP, which is installed El Capitan 10.11.5 I have been having graphic issue. At first, I thought it is a GPU failure or some sort of video card issue at hardware level. After I have ran some hardware test and there was no any error pop up. There is no gpu error log in system log. I did...
  17. golf1410

    Weird Flashing Screen on my nMP

    EL CAPITAN 10.11.5 I am trying to nail down the root cause of the problem. This is weird. There is white and black flashing on a small part of screen. It always happen on the left side of the screen toward to bottom corner of the screen. I can hop a mouse pointer over the area. I am not sure...
  18. jeffreyd63

    Looking to purchase classic Mac Pro. I just sold my Mac Pro Late 2013

    Hey guys, I just sold my Mac Pro Late 2013 (3Ghz 8-Core/64GB/512GB SSD/Dual D700) and I’m looking to replace it with a classic Mac Pro tower so I can upgrade and change out stuff as needed. I’d like to get your opinions/advice on purchasing and upgrading a classic Mac Pro 2009-2012 era. I am...
  19. M

    2016 nMP

    Here we go again... Let's see if this time those who want nothing to do with the nMP will steer clear of this thread, only so to avoid being shut down again. Please, let's keep it civil. Those who don't like, hate, have no use for it, need something else, please create another thread if starting...