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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by kingtj, Feb 27, 2017.

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    I have a question that may be specific enough to my configuration so nobody else has an answer.... But I'm running a late 2013 Mac Pro with the D500 FirePro video. I recently set up Boot Camp with a Windows 10 partition so I could play some newer Windows games on it.

    The biggest problem I encountered was a lack of a way to get the latest versions of Radeon FirePro video drivers to install properly in Windows on it. It appears you had to use the ones ATI specifically put out for the 2013 Mac Pro, which are at least a year or so behind in development from what they're offering everyone else. Whenever I try to install the others, they just act like they installed successfully via the setup program, but I can check the device manager and see it never actually changed the older driver.

    The other issue I've had is that when I boot into Windows from OS X, I lose my third monitor display, or alternately, it starts in a really low resolution. I'm running a pair of HP 32" LCDs which are working fine, but the third monitor is an LG widescreen connected with one of Apple's Mini DP to dual DVI adapters:


    I can get the display to work properly, but only by going into the display settings in Win 10 and re-detecting the display. Then it pops into the proper resolution - but the settings don't ever stick if I boot back to OS X and then back to Win 10 again.

    I don't even know if the newer FirePro drivers would fix this or not -- but they're proving difficult to use anyway.
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