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no audio

  1. scarrz

    iPhone 12 Pro Max - Answered Calls No Audio

    I have recently started receiving phone calls and the phone rings and I hit answer but I can’t hear anything there is no Audio whatsoever. This is happening probably 75% of the time. Again the phone rings, I answer but its as if the person does not talk and some of the calls have been in my...
  2. G

    MP 1,1-5,1 Mac Pro 5,1 Windows 10 - No audio

    Hello, I have a separate SSD in one of my drive bays which has Windows 10 installed and working on it. I followed this post to install. This was installed form a fresh windows 10 ISO via DVD. Everything seems to work fine - internet, keyboard, mouse, bluetooth connects, etc. I used brigadier...
  3. Xiang54

    No sound coming from my macbook pro a1286 15" 2011

    Hi everyone! As I wrote on the title I hear no sound from my mac. If I go to System Preferences -> Sound I cant see any audio driver. I should visualize the internal speakers instead. Im not totally sure but the problem is probably begun once I've tried to install soundflower even though now...
  4. B

    No Audio ? 10.13.3 HS

    Updated my MBpro to only find out that it is not producing any sound. I have checked all the preferences and everything. With no solution? Is anyone else experiencing this issue also ?? I might take it in to the apple store tomorrow if no one can figure out a solution to my problem.
  5. S

    iOS 10 No Audio and No Video (mutegate?)

    A Short Introduction Hi MacRumors, you guys are my last hope. I come to you from the official Apple forums (Apple Communities), where a lot of people on iOS 10 on the 6, 6 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus, and the iPhone 7 are experiencing headphone audio loss, or just random bouts of complete audio loss...
  6. Luftens Hjälte

    Iphone SE won't record or play any sound unless speaker phone is activated and then deactivated

    Hey members at Macrumors! I have had this problem since late November, I am not sure if it started exactly when I upgraded to IOS10 but I do believe so. This problem has persisted a full system restore (not restoring to a backup) and also a change of device (I received a new phone on warranty...
  7. S

    Macbook Pro won't switch back to internal speakers after bluetooth headphones

    Longest title ever. But. I was listening to music on my new 13" macbook pro (with touchbar) earlier while working. After turning them off, confirming they're not connected to my computer anymore, confirming they're not on the list in my sound preferences, selecting "internal speakers" in sound...
  8. E

    Resolved No Sound Macbook6,1 OS X 10.5.8 Please help

    NOTE: I fixed this myself: I upgraded from 10.5.8 to 10.6.0 (issue did not get fixed), I then ran updates and updated to 10.6.8 and that eventually fixed my problem. Updates where breaking for me so I had to run 1 update at a time otherwise my Mac would just crash on reboot...