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  1. M

    Getting constant Find my notifications that my friend has left their home location when home.

    Does anyone experience getting multiple, “time sensitive,” notifications from the find my app that say they have been sent by your friend who has notifications set to allow you to know when they leave a specific location? The service can be pretty spotty where my friend lives, and I get...
  2. revyTH

    Notifications profile

    Is it possible to have different notifications profile to load on demand? For example, at night, I would like to receive notifications only from few applications, while during the day maybe I would like to receive notifications from more apps. This is not very practical to do manually every...
  3. M

    How to make DND hide notifications that are silent by default?

    So I frequently enable DND so I don't get distracted and to hide my notifications from me (when DND is enabled, notifications are grouped in a "while in Do Not Disturb" section. I have notification sounds disabled for some apps that I never want to make a notification sound (like Reddit). This...
  4. H

    No notifications for whatsapp until I unlock phone.

    Has been randomly happening over the past month or so, and I am currently on iOS 14.7.1. People will send me messages, and I won't get any lockscreen notifications of any kind. I will only get a notification if I unlock my phone, or sometimes not even until I open the application. Has anyone...
  5. A

    Airtag for Checked Bags

    I understand, that Apple has reduced the alert time for AirTags separated from their owners to 8-24 hours. I was planning to use my AirTags for tracking my checked baggage on multi-leg long distance flights. I could well be separated from my bags for more than 8 hours. Therefore, I assume the...
  6. purdnost

    Calendar Automatically Adding 1 Day Before Alerts

    For example, I’ll create an event with a 15-minute alert. But then a second 1-day alert will automatically be added later on. If I edit the event(s) and remove the alert, it automatically gets added back. Any idea why this is happening?
  7. T

    Photos - No longer getting notifications about Memories

    I haven't seen a notification regarding Memories in Photos in a long while. Anyone else experiencing this? (Notifications are all turned on for the Photos app) Thx!
  8. jolarte1

    Weird notifications/ads

    Hello! I occasionally get the following notifications/ads for random things on my iPhone 11 running on iOS 14 and I’m not sure how to turn these off. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,
  9. felpone

    iPhone SE Iphone SE 2020 app closed but still receiving notifications

    Hi all, how is possible to kill completely an app? I have closed it but still receiving notifications so this tells me that it is still running.
  10. G

    Can iPhone Calendar Send Email Alert

    I tend to miss meeting notifications. And sometimes my phone is in DND mode. Is there a way the iPhone calendar can generate an email reminder for a calendar event?
  11. pw5a29

    Instagram notifications missing after switching to new iPhone

    Anybody else having the same issue where they lost all the notifications after switching to iPhone 12 (or new iPhone)? Yes, every setting were checked, tried reboot, re-login, reinstall app etc.
  12. M

    red dot shows by picture in Google assistant app.

    Hey guys, I noticed that on installing the assistant app on my iPad air 2 under iPadOS 14.2, I have a red dot by my google picture for my account. This dot only shows up in the assistant app, all other google linked apps (including YouTube ) don't have it. I understand this typically means I...
  13. tubedogg

    Upgraded iPhone, doesn't seem to realize it's my phone

    tl;dr I bought an upgrade through iUP, had to send the first one back, and now on the replacement, I'm getting notifications from Notes about changes *I* am making to shared notes from *that very device*, and I'm not getting Steam Guard notifications even though I re-setup Steam Guard to make...
  14. J

    Apple Wallet Transactions

    Since updating to iOS 14, I no longer get transaction notifications when my cards linked to the Apple Wallet are used. Anyone else seeing this bug?
  15. peanutismint

    Is there some way to disable popup notifications to update my iPhone to iOS 13.5.1 whenever I plug it in?

    I just updated my Mac to Catalina and my iPhone to iOS 13.5, but now every time I plug my iPhone into my Mac I get a popup notification telling me to update it again to 13.5.1 which I don't want to do because I'm jailbroken. I noticed there was a Terminal command 'sudo softwareupdate --ignore...
  16. shahpuor

    iPhone 7(+) iPhone Notifications

    Hello friends, i saw a link while browsing and suddenly it has now save in my calendar, from than it keeps sending me notifications on calendar. Can even delete it from calendar notification. Help me out please
  17. E


  18. P

    Receiving delayed notifications

    I have a feeling this might be a connectivity issue with the area I am in, but was curious if anyone else has experienced something like this. What happened the other day was my phone lit up and I got notifications from all sorts of apps all at once. However, the notifications said that the...
  19. S

    iPhone Graphics Glitch in Notifications & Message App

    I am having this issue on iPhone XS Max with notifications on lock-screen and also on messages app, where text/icons overlaps in message app and also in notifications at lock screen are overlapping on each other or getting partially obscured in the middle. I have attached messages app...
  20. Stuey3D

    All Devices Optimised charging notification

    The new optimised charging feature seems like a great idea, anything designed to prolong the lifetime of a non user replaceable battery in a sealed phone is a great idea. However I do foresee an issue with this feature, and that is the user. I foresee a lot of non tech savvy people plugging...