1. peanutismint

    Is there some way to disable popup notifications to update my iPhone to iOS 13.5.1 whenever I plug it in?

    I just updated my Mac to Catalina and my iPhone to iOS 13.5, but now every time I plug my iPhone into my Mac I get a popup notification telling me to update it again to 13.5.1 which I don't want to do because I'm jailbroken. I noticed there was a Terminal command 'sudo softwareupdate --ignore...
  2. shahpuor

    iPhone 7(+) iPhone Notifications

    Hello friends, i saw a link while browsing and suddenly it has now save in my calendar, from than it keeps sending me notifications on calendar. Can even delete it from calendar notification. Help me out please
  3. E


  4. P

    Receiving delayed notifications

    I have a feeling this might be a connectivity issue with the area I am in, but was curious if anyone else has experienced something like this. What happened the other day was my phone lit up and I got notifications from all sorts of apps all at once. However, the notifications said that the...
  5. S

    iPhone Graphics Glitch in Notifications & Message App

    I am having this issue on iPhone XS Max with notifications on lock-screen and also on messages app, where text/icons overlaps in message app and also in notifications at lock screen are overlapping on each other or getting partially obscured in the middle. I have attached messages app...
  6. Stuey3D

    All Devices Optimised charging notification

    The new optimised charging feature seems like a great idea, anything designed to prolong the lifetime of a non user replaceable battery in a sealed phone is a great idea. However I do foresee an issue with this feature, and that is the user. I foresee a lot of non tech savvy people plugging...
  7. Y

    Do Not Disturb except for select app notifications

    Hi, Is it possible to enable Do Not Disturb except for one specific app for which I want to receive the notifications? Or is there another app on the store that can handle this? Thanks.
  8. C

    iPhone SE iPhone activation notification?

    Backstory: My mother once gave me her old iPhone and forgot about it. Her iCloud account is still linked to this phone and she now has nothing to do with me anymore. :/ Since then I've opened the phone periodically to see pictures of my family and nephews that I otherwise won't get to see at...
  9. S

    Messages question (your name was mentioned)

    Anyone know why I get a popup on my macbook pro saying "your name was mentioned in this chat" every time I receive a new message on a group chat in Messages even if my name is not actually mentioned? What is this feature supposed to do? If it's supposed to actually let me know my name was...
  10. haralds

    Forwarding native Notifications to another Mac

    I am running a server in headless mode. It would be nice to be able to forward the native Notifications to another Mac the way Growl can. Does anybody know of an app for that? Should really be part of continuity.
  11. GuillaumeB

    How to change web notifications sound ?

    Hello, I've looked but did not quite find the right answer. i'm wondering where in macOS I can change the default web notification sound. Like the notification sound when a new email arrived in Gmail for instance. Thank you very much
  12. tekfranz

    Universal Reminders App Shared Lists not sending Updated & Completed Emails or Notifications Emails

    iCloud Reminders used to send Email Notifications every time an item was added to a list, when the list was shared with other family members. It would then send reminders as items were completed. This feature no longer sees ms to work and I have ensured that "Send Email Reminders" is turned on...
  13. rchomskis

    iPhone iOS 12 notifications across iOS devices bug?

    iOS 12 notifications are a total mess at my side! I have my mid-2018 MBP with the latest MacOS Mojave update, which handles notifications well. But when it comes to my iPhone 7, iPad Pro (late-2018) and Apple Watch 3 - iOS notifications behave erratically. Specifically, what annoys me most is...
  14. Q

    Warning below/after a custom-set battery percentage

    Hi, I read online that it's best to charge your MacBook by the 20-80 rule (plug it when it reaches 20% and unplug it when it reaches 80%). Any app that could notify me when that happens? Mind you, I only need an app that notifies me when that happens. I do not wish to install an app that...
  15. Michelasso

    Change Tri-tone notification sound?

    I want to change the notification sound of Google Calendar and IFTTT, that defaults to Tri-tone, to something less invasive. Is there any way to do it? Because neither app seems to have a custom option, and in the general settings there isn't an option to at least modify it for all 3rd party...
  16. ardo111

    Touch Pad Privilege?

    MacOS Calendar. A scroll wheel from a USB mouse works on everything except the Calendar app. You can use two fingers on the rMBP touch pad, but not a scroll wheel on a mouse. Why? MacOS Mojave notifications. You can grab a notification and slide it off the right side of the screen with a...
  17. J

    iPhone Location based reminder alarm with vibration and message

    I'm looking for an iOS app that would do the following: I realize I need to buy something, let's say a screwdriver. But it's not urgent. What I want is to be reminded of this when I'm walking near the screwdriver shop. However, it's always very crowded and noisy at that location. There are many...
  18. Jay-Jacob

    Mail Subfolders Notifications

    Hi I don't know if any of you noticed about subfolders mail app notifications not appearing any more since iOS 12 update? Only main inbox notification appear. I have 4 subfolders add to top part of mailboxes page and before iOS 12 if any email arrive that 4 subfolders I get notification but now...
  19. M

    Resolved Notifications despite "do not disturb"

    The "Do no disturb" function is brilliant, except that notifications still appear on my home screen and in the notification centre. Is it possible to turn on/off notifications completely? I'd like to use my phone for non-communication stuff without being bothered by notifications and red alerts...
  20. kevn

    how to delete Notification Menu Icons

    I am running OSX High Sierra on an iMac. I erased unused apps long ago, but their icons are still showing up in System Preferences Notifications menu bar. How can I delete them? thanks, Kevin