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Aug 17, 2011
Montreal, Quebec Canada
Hi everyone,

Is anyone's iPhone 8 Plus or newer not getting WhatsApp notifications? I'm getting the messages and seeing the notification badge on my WhatsApp icon but I'm just not getting notifications on the lock screen, the notification center or in the banner. This started happening as soon as I updated from iOS 15.6.1 to iOS 16.0.

I did everything I can think of to remedy the issue except delete and reinstall the app.
  1. Verified my notification settings in both the iPhone and WhatsApp settings
  2. Reset my notification settings in WhatsApp
  3. Killed all my apps
  4. Restarted my iPhone
  5. Hard restated my iPhone
Can anyone suggest something. Should I just backup my messages, delete and install the app?

Thanks in advance!
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May 26, 2019
Hi There,
Is the lock screen, Notification center & Banners turned on at the following :

Settings -> Notifications -> Whatspp -> (enable Allow Notification button )
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