1. Skeptical.me

    iPhone Share Menu Order

    Hi, just wondering if there's a way to reorder the Share Menu ... I have so many options now I spend a lot of time looking through them and would rather order them by the most used.
  2. macduke

    What 2019 iMac Did You Order?

    If you got one, post which 2019 iMac config you ordered! I ordered the following config and saved some money on RAM since it's user upgradable: 27" 5K 3.6GHz i9 8-core 8GB RAM Vega 48 2TB SSD Why did I go with this config? I didn't like that the i5 was the second best option, had the same...
  3. M

    Carrier iPhone X AT&T Pre-Order Thread

    Pre-ordering from AT&T.com, this will be the thread to talk about your delivery dates and your pre-order dates. Tell us which color, how many Gigs, Time and date order was placed, and your estimate shipping date. Please & Thanks. I ordered the iPhone X, 256gigs, space grey, Ordered 10/27...
  4. macduke

    Waiting for iPhone X Thread

    We've got a long wait ahead of us until November 3rd. This thread will serve as a support group, haha. Edits: Anyone here not waiting now that we know it won't be available until November? I made a poll: https://forums.macrumors.com/threads/will-you-wait-for-iphone-x.2066224/ So what is your...
  5. iTom501

    Online Order refund delayed

    I placed an order, payed with a Gift Card, then picked up my stuff at the Apple store, returned them after few days and only received a partial refund. It should have been immediate since I was returning the stuff to an Apple store and receiving the refund onto a gift card, not a debit or credit...
  6. YvesM007-1993

    iPad (2017)-Waiting Thread (Shipping around the world)

    So, I've seem many MR-readers here who have ordered the 2017 iPad. Do you guys mind sharing the shipping status? That way, the people who have ordered one (or thinking about it) can make an estimation for when it will arive and how long shipping takes. :D :apple:
  7. D

    Ordered an iPhone 7 plus

    So I finally ordered an iPhone 7 plus and spent all my money. I'm excited but really nervous, any tips/advice? This is my first time having a phone this big.
  8. justywusty

    Nov 28 – Dec 6 MBP Deliveries

    For those in the "ships in 3-4 weeks" block with an initial Nov 28 - Dec 6 delivery window, here's where we can all gather to know the status of others in the same window. I ordered my 15" BTO at 9:15AM PST on the 28th. Cheers!
  9. H

    rMBP Order / Reorder Question

    Hey everyone, I have a base model 15" Macbook Pro preordered and I am looking to modify my order, and I believe the only way to do so is to cancel and reorder if I am not mistaken? I am wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to cancel an order placed using the Education Discount and then...
  10. F

    Is there a possibility that my jet black 7 plus could ship early?

    I've never had a black apple product, but jet black looks so beautiful that I had to order one. Anyways, I ordered a 7 plus 128gb yesterday at the AT&T store and the guy who sold me the phone told me it would arrive at the end of November. BUT, when I checked my order status on the AT&T...
  11. A

    Carrier [PORTUGAL] iPhone 7 Pre-Orders over carriers

    Alguém português no site que tenha feito reserva por um dos sites das operadoras? Alguém já teve a sorte de ver mudar o estado da sua encomenda?
  12. J

    iPhone 7 pre order - Payment action required

    I pre ordered the iPhone 7 plus jet black however it says: 'Payment action required: We are unable to obtain an authorisation for your order. Please ensure your card provider is aware of your order, as we will continue to seek authorisation. Please update your payment method to continue with...
  13. Kemonsterr

    Apple.com/PRE-ORDER October Delivery Thread!

    Us later deliveries need some love too, right? Post what you ordered and when it shall be arriving! I for one got trapped in Apples "We'll Be Back Shortly" on all ends and unfortunately the dates slipped :( I ordered a 128gb Black iPhone 7 Plus!
  14. gk3

    IUP Shipping Address Change?

    Spent 3 hours on the phone today with Apple support, to be told that iPhone Upgrade Program orders are unable to have their shipping addresses changed by anyone for any circumstances. This is my first phone via the Upgrade program and I'm already regretting it. Anyone else order via IUP have...
  15. E

    ordering iPhone with dads credit card for both of us help?

    So i am ordering an iPhone for my dad and I with his credit card tonight. I forgot what I did last time. As long as his card is in my iTunes i should be fine right? The shipping address is different than billing but it does not work the way it used to right? Also i will be ordering the t...
  16. B

    Ordered Apple TV 4 - Mistake?

    hi guys! Today I ordered a refurbished Apple TV 4 for our living room. I didn't really think about it much but, what are the chances of Apple releasing a new TV5 later this year? Should I have waited?
  17. S

    Resolved Apple TV 4 displays TV shows out of order

    I've been using iFlicks to tag and add all my media in iTunes, but I've found an odd glitch relating to TV shows. Say the season has 6 episodes and a Christmas special - generally iFlicks finds the 6 episodes, so I manually add the special as episode 7. iTunes will display the season with...