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  1. filmgeek

    PMSet - out of control; launches, relaunches; Monterey Current - can't figure out how to diagnose

    MBP late 2018. i9 + eGPU.Monterey, 12.3.1 I'm stumped here. PMset (power management) is off the charts for the last 3+ months. At random times (and OFTEN) it's running at 90%+ of the CPU. It'll launch, run high, terminate and relaunch. I've removed everything, did an SMC and the PRAM resets...
  2. T

    Mac x64 Assembly syscall

    Does anyone know how I can convert the following code so I can Assemble it using MASM mov ax, 0x13 int 10h The above is changing the screen mode but if I add a syscall function I get a Segmentation Fault 11 i am not sure which call i should be using: mov rax, 0x2000004 exit mov rax...
  3. flatjuba

    Dual boot OSX and MintPPC, any success?

    I would like to know whether anyone able to dual booting OSX (especially Sorbet Leopard) with MintPPC... Any success story?
  4. C

    UK-based Collectors?

    I have used Macs since the mid 90s and have a large number of items that would be appreciated by a select few. I was actually Apple certified from the dark days when you sat exams for configuration and printers up to the era of the Apple Store. I am having to sell up and relocate abroad. I am...
  5. M

    OS X Tiger on Early-2009 Macs

    Back then, I asked the MacRumors users if i can hack a OS X Intel Tiger disc to work on an early 2009 iMac. So I would like to ask if there is a way to hack an OS X Tiger install to work on Legacy GPUs like kexts, etc. like, you know that patchers like the Catalina Patcher does graphics...
  6. M

    MinecraftC on PPC

    Hi everyone, I recently saw a post on reddit about the original Minecraft 0.30 ported from Java to C ( and after trying it on Windows I realized that it was indeed really lightweight in comparison to the Java version even without any optimizations...
  7. M

    (Followup) OS X Tiger on an Early-2009 Mac

    Back then, I asked the MacRumors users if i can hack a OS X Intel Tiger disc to work on an early 2009 iMac. So I would like to ask if there is a way to hack an OS X Tiger install to work on Legacy GPUs like kexts, etc. like, you know that patchers like the Catalina Patcher does graphics...
  8. L

    Apple Photos, Face Scanning and iCloud

    hey - a multi part question I want to upload a bunch of historic photos into my iCloud account, and have the OSX Photos app run face recognition on them. Why? Because I'd like these photos to appear in the Memories / recaps / videos that appear on my iPhone, but also be able to search for a...
  9. SCavndrF

    Can't boot from SSD due to Yosemite Recovery

    I have 3 MacBook Pros that I updating and installing SSDs. Two are 2015 and one 2014. All 3 are using the same 3rd-party SSD. Two are all running Catalina. One keeps coming up with Yosemite. It will NOT see the SSD during installation. So I created a USB installation drive with Catalina on...
  10. M

    Parallels mouse/trackpad scrolling problems

    I'm using an M1 MBP with Parallels Desktop 17 which works generally pretty well with one very annoying issue that i'm hoping someone might have found a solution for. Whether using the MBP trackpad or a logitech MX Master 3 mouse i have the same issue which is that there seems to be a bit of a...
  11. M

    Custom function key treatment

    This may not be possible, but I'm checking to see if anyone knows of a way to utilize the mac function keys as they are setup by default (so they would adjust brightness, volume, etc.) but to treat them as standard function keys for specified apps (primarily excel). I know I can override the...
  12. amily2011

    mid-2011 Support Monterey Quadro k4100m

    Does it work and does the hardware such as Wi-Fi, audio, Bluetooth, camera work?
  13. Tozovac

    A Hypothetical: Would you prefer Apple abandon computers or mobile devices, if forced to choose?

    This is a poll. If forced, would you pick Apple to abandon computers or mobile devices, under a hypothetical situation? A recent thread questioning what seems like more hype over the upcoming MacBook event than the recent iPhone event made me curious about something. I have my own reasons why...
  14. R

    Apple says iphone SE 2020 works with macOS Mojave 10.14.6 and iTunes 12.8 or newer

    I have a MacBook Air 13" early 2014 running 10.14.6 and iTunes and bought a new iPhone SE and it does not connect with the Mac and Apple keeps suggesting I update to a newer version of their OSX and cannot help at all. Their web site advertises that it works with my Mac, OSX, iTunes...
  15. Z

    copying from iOS and pasting to OSX 10.13.6

    Is it possible to transfer text that has been copied from iOS, to be pasted in OSX 10.13.6 ?
  16. M

    OS X won't let me install

    Hello, My 2008 mac suddenly stopped working. When I load it up its asked for a disk password which is fine, then goes to install OS X and says its can be installed. How can I get past this? It just keeps going round in circles once I restart it again. Thanks
  17. D

    iMac mid 2011 - 27 inch (Lines in in screen)

    Hows it going everybody. My Imac mid 2011 (27 inch) has been experiencing random fan noises/lines shooting directly down the center. Today when I try power on, it goes to the routine the apple loading screen then goes to a white screen - and thats it. I tried a PRAM / SMC reset. It will not...
  18. B

    OS X Bungies Oni on MBP and Trash Can?

    Got a bit nostalgic for some Oni Goodness after spending some time on this Forum. Could not get it to run on my Trash Can running 10.14.6 but thought I might have it on a mid 2014 MBP running High Sierra and Lo and Behold it fired right up!! Vs 1.2 via the Omni Group Mac OS Intel Port.
  19. O

    Can someone give me a Mavericks download link?

    Hey! I searched a lot on the web for OS X Mavericks installer file, but i didn't find any, but the updates. It was removed from the App Store, so that's not an option, it is why i'm here. Can someone give me a link for the full Mavericks installer? I want to create a bootable disk. An Apple ID...
  20. pajako

    OSX Big Sur 11.1 reverts size of open/save windows [Annoying!]

    When using the open/save function (opening a window) I resize it to reflect my needs. A sidebar with sufficient width to read my folder names and a larger window at all to be able to navigate through folders. In previous versions of all OSX-versions if I recall it correctly, including Big Sur...