1. Z

    copying from iOS and pasting to OSX 10.13.6

    Is it possible to transfer text that has been copied from iOS, to be pasted in OSX 10.13.6 ?
  2. M

    OS X won't let me install

    Hello, My 2008 mac suddenly stopped working. When I load it up its asked for a disk password which is fine, then goes to install OS X and says its can be installed. How can I get past this? It just keeps going round in circles once I restart it again. Thanks
  3. D

    iMac mid 2011 - 27 inch (Lines in in screen)

    Hows it going everybody. My Imac mid 2011 (27 inch) has been experiencing random fan noises/lines shooting directly down the center. Today when I try power on, it goes to the routine the apple loading screen then goes to a white screen - and thats it. I tried a PRAM / SMC reset. It will not...
  4. B

    OS X Bungies Oni on MBP

    Got a bit nostalgic for some Oni Goodness after spending some time on this Forum. Could not get it to run on my Trash Can running 10.14.6 but thought I might have it on a mid 2014 MBP running High Sierra and Lo and Behold it fired right up!! Vs 1.2 via the Omni Group Mac OS Intel Port.
  5. O

    Can someone give me a Mavericks download link?

    Hey! I searched a lot on the web for OS X Mavericks installer file, but i didn't find any, but the updates. It was removed from the App Store, so that's not an option, it is why i'm here. Can someone give me a link for the full Mavericks installer? I want to create a bootable disk. An Apple ID...
  6. pajako

    OSX Big Sur 11.1 reverts size of open/save windows [Annoying!]

    When using the open/save function (opening a window) I resize it to reflect my needs. A sidebar with sufficient width to read my folder names and a larger window at all to be able to navigate through folders. In previous versions of all OSX-versions if I recall it correctly, including Big Sur...
  7. C

    Newbie to Mac

    Listen i have been an iPhone user since they first hit the market but never made the switch to Laptops or Desktops. I recently bought a MacBook Pro(13 inch,Mid 2010) from my daughter in law just to get my feet wet. I added the max memory 8GB and its a 2.4 GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo. I cleared the...
  8. E

    Best Mac skills to list on IT resume

    I'm helping a friend of mine revise his IT resume. My friend's computer experience is mostly with Macs. I'm not a Mac user so I'm wondering what are the best Mac skills to list on an IT resume?
  9. V

    Catalina update (Nov. 5, 2020) broke display mirroring

    I usually run my 2017 MacBook Pro connected to an external monitor. Since installing the supplemental update to Catalina (10.15.7, released Nov. 5, 2020), display mirroring no longer functions properly. It hops back and forth incessantly, alternately blanking the external monitor but leaving the...
  10. megaHex

    How to restore dual partitions APFS Catalina / Win10

    Hi there, I am trying to restore two partitions on multiple new mac minis. have an image of catalina with a bunch of apps installed and also a win 10 WIM file used to restore onto the Bootcamp partition. Now after attempting to do the restore to the partition on the mac side using CCC it...
  11. J

    Git SSL peer handshake failed, OSX Yosemite 10.10.5

    Hi, I have a macbook running OS X Yosemite 10.10.5. My git (2.5.4, Apple git-61) suddenly stopped working, with the error message "SSL peer handshake failed, the server most likely requires a client certificate to connect". I tried updating git, reconnecting to the server and signing out and...
  12. H

    Can't enable any extensions on Safari

    Hi there, i have a Mid 2010 MacBook Pro and since I've installed the latest OS X Catalina on it I can't activate any extension on safari. I can't seem to resolve this question, I already started in safe mode and still no luck. With OS X 10.15.6 I get the following message : Safari has detected...
  13. theANY

    Setting up a PowerPC Mac in 2020

    I always was fascinated by every device Apple produced. Especially the devices produced in the mid 2000’s I do like. The design of the aluminium PowerBook G4 inspired every following MacBook (Pro) and was really state-of-the-art. Okay, they have some issues: the G4 PPC CPUs are well-known for...
  14. christiann

    Project G3: Getting Leopard on a G3 Mac

    Hi all. Welcome to the community WikiPost. We will be discussing Leopard on G3’s. If you want to discuss this project (as well as Snow Leopard on PowerPC Macs, which covers the 2008 WWDC build as well as build 10a190), you can chat on the joint Discord here: Mythical OSX on PowerPC Mac This...
  15. christiann

    Best way to install Yosemite on Unsupported mac?

    Trying to get Yosemite on my Early 2008 White A1181 MacBook! Edit: RMC Mac OS X Patcher worked!
  16. V

    MP All Models Mail problems for older Macs but new Mac works fine

    I noticed that the Apple Mail app on my MacPro 6,1 started to have problems in getting new mail automatically a few months ago. If I manually fetch the mail, it still won't work. But if I quit the Mail app and start it again, it would work fine for some time. Then the same problem occurs later...
  17. I

    Mac Get event when screen is capturing by other app

    Hi I am newbie to Mac development and currently trying to get info whether a display is captured, I found such info in doc: CGDisplayIsCaptured(_:). https://developer.apple.com/documentation/coregraphics/1562061-cgdisplayiscaptured. But this one is deprecated. How can I find out whether a...
  18. Tymscar

    Resolved Cry for help. Powerbook G4 wont boot Tiger

    Just got this Powerbook G4 (A1138) and it came with 10.5 on it. The reason why I bought it was to experiment with Tiger as I never had the chance before and I wanted to use Classic mode on it as well! Now where the problems start: the dvd drive is completely broken. I watched a couple of videos...
  19. J

    Macbook Pro Osx Mavericks stressful issues!

    Hi Guys, New to this forum as I've been looking around for days for a solution for my MacBook pro 17inch mid 2009. It has come into my possession from a friend who cleared it completely before handing it over. It was running mavericks which I understand is my main issue as I have tried to...
  20. amgff84

    Another Bootcamp Post...

    Hey all, so I don't have a need for Windows anymore and sold my main Windows machine in the summer and then my Windows laptop in the fall. I still kept an old pristine Dell Latitude D630C with Windows 10 on it, just because... sometimes, you actually might need Windows for something. Well, that...