1. I

    iCloud Keychain not syncing down to Keychain Access

    I recently had my iMac hard drive upgraded (High Sierra, 10.13.6), and afterwards have had a problem with Keychain Access. Despite several attempts to turn off/on keychain and iCloud on my iMac, I can't seem to get Keychain Access (and therefore Safari passwords) to pull my saved iCloud...
  2. robertcoogan

    Safari asking for master password....a lot

    Is there a way to disable Safari from asking for my master password every time I need to enter a password? This is very irritating...if there isn't a way to disable it, I'm moving to Firefox.
  3. M

    Facebook password problems

    Hey guys, this morning, I've started to have a strange problem with my facebook password and internet accounts. I am running High Sierra 10.13.4 on a late 2015 iMac 27". I have applied the latest security updates from Apple released this week, and all was well until this morning. I woke up...
  4. DA23Gam

    Safari passwords inconsistent

    Hi On some websites requiring log in Safari asks if I want to save the password etc, on other websites it doesn't ask and doesn't remember. Also, on some websites when log in details are recorded and shown in the Settings - App & Website passwords, Safari doesn't log me in. Why is this and can I...
  5. S

    Keychain on Maccbook Air, High sierra

    Dear Forum members I'm new to mac, I have a macbook Air running on High sierra. (after some web search), I found that I can save passwords on Mac's native keychain Is it ok to use keychain on High sierra ? if not ok, what else to use ? and if it is ok (to use Mac's native Keychain) , what...
  6. O

    High Sierra lost my Mail passwords?

    Edit: I had a much longer post than this which had edits as I learned more and corrected my previous conclusions. I've now realised that the problem is really that the High Sierra update has wiped every password from my keychain. It's not a Mail problem. Keychain has no remains of any of my...
  7. S

    Is restoring from backup the worst thing ever?

    Please tell me if I'm an idiot or doing things totally wrong, or is restoring your iPhone from a backup the worst thing ever? My wife recently had some iPhone trouble. We were told we needed to restore the phone to factory settings before we brought it in for repair. The phone does regular...
  8. Korosensei

    Sharing passwords between Mac OS and Windows Bootcamp partition

    Hello, I have recently reinstalled OSX Sierra and made a bootcamp partition with windows 10. And i want to share my passwords between the tow operating systems. And i don't know how Can anyone help me please Happy New Year 2017 Best wishes from belgium MBP mid 2012, Intel HD Graphics 4000...
  9. Phil in ocala

    iPod You must sign in to iTunes Store...always

    I open itunes on the demands...over and over and over play MY music which was NOT purchased...I must put in my long password. Yesterday I was in a national forest horse back riding when I got lost, I wanted to text other riders to find me but the iphone when I turned it...
  10. flowergurldaisies

    Using saved passowords Firefox

    hi, i installed Firefox and all of my password were synced in but when I go to my password and user name doesn't appear on the log in page. I usually press on the username field and press the down arrow key but there is no down arrow key on I-Phone. How to I use the saved passwords...
  11. MhChalet

    Getting back Wifi Passwords through Keychain

    Hi, Yesterday I logged in to iCloud on a work computer to look for a photo I took a while ago. iCloud asked me to change my password because it wasn't save enough. So I changed it, but because of that I got some trouble with iMessage not activating anymore. After searching a bit online I found...
  12. J

    iCloud Keychain seems unsafe... is it just me??

    I've just set up iCloud keychain because I was trying to find a safe way to keep all of my passwords. However, I find it VERY unsettling that anyone who knows my iPhone passcode (or computer login for that matter) can easily see all of the stored passwords. You would think Apple would allow the...