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  1. S

    Universal BookFusion: The best modern eBook Reader & Manager for EPUBs, PDFs & other formats | Calibre Supported

    Hi Everyone! I would like to introduce you to BookFusion. BookFusion, is the best way to organize, read, share and derive value from eBooks whether you are using it to learn, for work or for pleasure. We currently provide a single app that allows you to both manage and read your PDF, EPUB &...
  2. blackxacto

    Have forgotten how to print pages w page numbers?

    19,1 iMac macOS 12.4: Opened Preview App Setting up printing a pdf I need page numbers on all pages printed consecutively. I don't see this choice in either my PDFXpert app Print dialogue or my Preview App dialogue. Wasn't this a possibility at one time?
  3. R

    Shortcuts - Convert all selected files to individual PDFs

    Hi ! I'm trying to create a Shortcut that would do the following : - turn all selected files (PDFs, images) into individual PDFs - keep the names of the original files - save the newly created PDFs into a subfolder of the current location with the same filenames as the original files Can...
  4. P

    Resolved Microsoft Word - problems with PDFs

    I have been dealing with a substantial Word document. Over 400 pages, hundreds of tables about 300 modest sized images. Using up-to-date Office 365. I can do everything within Word that I need. Extensive use of styles has helped a lot. Trouble is, I don't want to hand out a Word .docx file - I...
  5. ultradk

    Safari and save to pdf - under print

    When trying to save to pdf (print) from some sites - I am missing the pictures from the sites. They are showing when choosing "read" mode - but when save to pdf, the images are gone. The text is there.. Safari bug?
  6. D

    MacBook Air A2179. PDF loses formatting when converted from .docx

    So I-m working from the OneDrive, then I saved it, then exported as pdf but when exported the images get all messed up. The font doesn't change. What can I do? I don't see where to change settings to this bs. help
  7. thehonorabledm

    PDF covers in iBooks issues

    So, I have a few PDFS that I have added to the iBooks app. They have come from the same publisher. They are having the same issue across my iPad Air 2 and iPhone XS. The cover image is just a vertical line and blank along each side. I have deleted and re added. Typically from the files app. I...
  8. blackxacto

    How do I save a web page as a pdf in iOS15?

    iOS15.2, iPad Pro 11”: I used to be able to open any web page in Safari in iOS and save to Apple Books as a pdf. I can no longer do that in iOS15, unless someone knows how. It used to be a simple matter, but now all I seem to get is an .html file. If I send to PDFXpert, PDFXpert now wants me to...
  9. R

    All iPads Thinking about a power PDF editor/reader

    Hello all! Some days ago I've decided to purchase an iPad, but those are really hard to find right now, and so I've asked a friend of mine to buy me a refurbished iPad Pro 11 (2020). I've got to take photos in order to scan historical documents, and I don't want to do it with my iPhone (the...
  10. H

    Mac Preview bug - converting multi-page TIFF to PDF creates multiple 1st pages

    I'm pretty certain this wasn't happening before I recently upgraded to Monterey, but if you take a multi-page TIFF file and export it to PDF, the resulting PDF repeats the first page and only the first page multiple times (same number of pages as the original document, but repeats the 1st page)...
  11. P

    Monterey breaks printing?

    Printing suddenly broke for me on upgrading to Monterey. Anyone else seeing this? --- PDFs that previously printed fine no longer print - they give a postscript error. Big Sur also introduced postscript problems - which I think were resolved with updates. I use a true postscript printer so...
  12. purdnost

    Can Lock PDFs, but Not Remove the Lock

    I just went through and locked several PDFs stored in iCloud via the Files app. I attempted to remove a lock using the same method and there doesn’t seem to be a way to unlock them. ??‍♂️ I hope this feature is forthcoming.
  13. mcandre

    ARM reference manual poisons PDF reader

    Hi, When I try to read the ARM reference manual PDF, then the Files app permanently corrupts. Anyone else experience this? The Files app shows a blank document with a Done button. Pressing Done toggles the button text to "Cancel", but...
  14. M

    Automator help - how to compress PDFs?

    It seems that I can use Automator to compress files that are printed as PDFs and saved locally. But I can't figure out how to do that so it's applied automatically every time I print & save PDFs. HELP! ?
  15. blackxacto

    Anyway to break a pdf into pdf pages?

    I saved a web page as one LONG pdf. I cropped the pdf for the text column I wanted. Is there any app or script available that will break this pdf into parts (page size)? I can do this manually through Photoshop, etc. but quicker app needed.
  16. M

    HTML to a single and continuous page PDF?

    I need a way to convert html files to pdf on a single, long and continuous page. Any suggestions? Does any know an apps that lets adjust the width and length of the final file? If it can do it on batch better
  17. aaronelkins

    Open Source & Free PDF editor for Mac.

    I am working on an open source & free PDF editor for Mac, called PEP (PDF Editing Program). It will be a lightweight alternative for Adobe Acrobat. Check it out if you are interested in.
  18. N

    All iPads iPad App for Large PDFs and Textbooks

    What apps are best suited for storing, reading, and some highlighting/note-taking of large PDFs and textbooks (100 mb - 800 mb). Search is probably the most important feature for me, as many of the PDFs are not properly indexed. I've used Books and Notability before, but I would like to...
  19. Cruciarius

    Printing PDF issues

    My dad has an issue printing PDF files. They print very faded and unable to be read. This is a big issue, since he needs to print a PDF for something to do with his life insurance, I think. Anyway, the printer has fresh ink. He's tried printing XLSX files and those print fine. The same files...
  20. socialj

    EasyLetter - Create well formatted letters for all purposes

    I created a first version of EasyLetter for macOS. It enables you to create uniform letters without having to deal with ambiguous constraints in layout programs. You can use standards for US Letter and A4 (DIN 5008-A or DIN 5008-B) as layout and the following core features: ✅ Optional folding...