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philips hue

  1. M

    HomeKit Router that works with the Philips/Sengled HUB's

    I need to get router that will work with: - Philips Hue Hub - Sengled Light Hub I have TMO-G4AR modem with two LAN Ethernet Ports, which are used by Philips Hue Hub and Sengled Light Hub. However I need at least one more Ethernet Port (total of 3) so I have purchased Links's MX4200 which is...
  2. N

    Apple TV 4K 128GB to replace Philips Hue Bridge?

    Hi, I just got my first Apple TV, a 4K 128GB. It supports HomeKit. Did I understand correctly that I can do away with my Philips Hue Bridge device and use the Apple TV for that purpose instead? If so, how would I go about doing that? Thanks in advance for the advice.
  3. Giuanniello

    HomeKit Philips Hue bulbs on Home app?

    Got two Philips Hue bulbs as a xmas present, there is two AppleTV at home, they are at the two extremes so everything is within range, home thing is enabled on both, I had to download the Philips app to add the bulb, paired and working but I can't figure how to add it on the Home app, well...
  4. L

    HomeKit Sky Glass + Philips Hue HDMI

    Hi, I recently purchased a Philips Hue gradient lightstrip and HDMI Sync box for my new Sky Glass television. When connected to the television itself, the Sync app claims that none of the HDMI ports are in use, and therefore the colours do not sync with the TV. Can anybody help?
  5. T'hain Esh Kelch

    HomeKit How do you handle smart-home accessories software wise?

    So I have a single Philips Hue gen. 2 bridge, several Hue lightstrips, bulbs, sensors, switches, and two Eve power controllers, and I am trying to get everything to work properly. Back when I set it up, it wasn't Apple Home compatible, so it was pretty straight forward. But I have now moved to...
  6. nomad01

    HomeKit Philips Hue Bridge Not Appearing In Home

    Just ditched IKEA home smart as it was flaky and tried doing a brand new set up with Philips Hue. I can add the Hue Bridge 2.0 to Home but it doesn’t appear in the Home app and subsequently none of the Hue lights appear either. I’ve tried doing a factory reset of the Hue bridge and starting...
  7. hunapu

    Philips Hue with Siri on iOS 14.4

    Am I the only one for which Siri no longer knows how to adjust Philips Hue lamps, after the upgrade to iOS 14.4? It has always worked with saying for example "Set kitchen light to 20%", and the brightnes was correctly adjustet to 20%. Now you can tell Siri anything, and she will turn the lights...
  8. Jay-Jacob

    HomeKit Motion Sensor for bedroom door

    I have got Philips Hue light bulbs in my bedroom. I am wondering if I get Philips Hue motion sensor and have it point my bedroom door area and if someone come my bedroom at night dim light come on but not come on when I move in my bed opposite side of room. I cannot hear anyone come my bedroom...
  9. SaxPlayer

    HomeKit Hue dimmer custom controls suddenly stopped working

    I've had Philips Hue dimmer switches in my lounge for a long time, and when I set them up I configured the buttons that usually do dimming to instead trigger my chosen scene. It's worked flawlessly for many months. As far as I know, nothing's changed (unless some firmware has been updated...
  10. Jay-Jacob

    HomeKit HomeKit devices work together

    Hi I have Philips hue lights at home. I see netatmo new doorbell releasing future will also have HomeKit. I never have 2 HomeKit devices work together before so I don’t if it works fast enough or there be delay. I am wondering have someone press doorbell and have Philips Hue light flash or...
  11. Tben1239

    HomeKit HomeKit Automations and Philips Hue Dimmer Switches No longer working

    We have over 30 philips hue bulbs along with other smart home devices in our HomeKit. All have been working with limited issues until about a week ago when I noticed that random bulbs would be “updating” or no response. Eventually they would become available again, but this issue is still...
  12. jwatters579

    IOS12 and Philips Hue bridge

    Anyone having a problem with the Philips Hue app and IOS12 app? I launch it and get a "Update Available" screen and it won't update or anything. Just "connecting".
  13. F

    HomeKit The Verizon Wireless / Philips Hue kit mystery

    Greetings, I'm here because I can't think of a better group to review the situation. Here are the facts, in order: - A couple of weeks ago the Verizon Wireless online listed the Philips Hue Ambiance / White Bulb starter kit as an option but out of stock. - Then it became available here...
  14. ipoddin

    HomeKit Homekit no longer detects Philips Hue bridge

    I setup a Philips Hue 4 light system in my home about two weeks ago and had no issues. Setup my Apple TV as a bridge and was able to control with the Home app on my iPhone X and iPad Pro. Two days ago all of my accessories and bridge suddenly starting reporting "no response". However, I could...
  15. applemax

    Home app: Location-based automation not working

    Hi all. I have a number of iOS 10 devices and the latest Apple TV. Home is working fine for device control both at home and away from home, however location-based automation is not. Privacy permissions in settings are set correctly—what could be going wrong?
  16. choreographics

    HomeKit The "iCloud Sync in progress..." dilemma

    This topic might be not new, but after trying everything possible I need your help. Maybe there's a solution I did not consider yet. I had a chat with Apple, which at the end was not really helpful: I received an e-mail, which main message sounds like "I can't help you." Apple suggested I...
  17. S

    Video of Siri Commands controlling a Homekit-outfitted home

    Here is a short video that shows about a dozen Siri commands controlling various HomeKit products. Siri is used from an iPhone, Apple Watch and Honda steering wheel button. Accessories Philips Hue Light Bulbs iDevice Switches (Coffee Maker & Tea Pot) Ecobee3 Thermostat Schlage Sense locks...
  18. KingBowser64

    HomeKit Issues iOS 9.3

    I have an iPhone 6S Plus and have had all of the iOS 9.3 betas and installed the iOS 9.3 that was released today. I have a house that consists of 6 members (including me, which I am the main user), 25 Philips Hue Lights, a Honeywell Lyric Round Thermostat, 3 First Alert Smoke/CO sensors, and an...