photo app

  1. Begoodi

    Problem with Photo "Download and Keep Original"

    Hi, I've got a weird problem with Photos App, either on iPhone and iPad. I have all my photos on iCloud. On both my iPhone and iPad, I checked "Download and keep originals", in order to keep everything on the device. That is working correctly with photos, but not videos ! For example, if I...
  2. ATC

    iPhone Photos no longer showing location

    I tried searching this forum but I got nothing in the search results. I don’t know if it’s just me or anyone else experiencing this after upgrading to iOS 13, but none of my photos in photo roll show their location. In iOS 12 each photo individually showed where it was taken.
  3. I

    iPhone Add a photo as an attachment in Mail, not insert it into the body?

    Hi all, This may see a trivial problem, but it's bugging the life out of me. I want to add multiple pictures from my photo library, as attachments, to an email. Unfortunately, when I try to do this, it adds them to the body of the email, making it look incredibly messy and text appears all...
  4. T

    How does Mac Photos store edited photo information?

    How does Mac Photos store the extra information associated with editing pictures? Does it store two copies on the drive, the original and the edited? Or does it only store the original and the edits data and then render the image with the edits data upon viewing/exporting/etc?
  5. Avzone

    Back up advise needed

    Hi, Need some advise on doing a back up as I’m looking on reformatting my Mac mini. I have done back ups in the past but never really had to test it out in a real scenario of restoring them & hope I never have to. What it is mainly that’s concerning me is doing the back ups of my photos &...
  6. Nadjla

    How to open old iPhoto library

    Hi everyone, I bought a new MacBook Pro in 2016 because my old one stopped working (bought in 2010). Luckily I did have a back-up. I put the complete back-up on a hard drive. Never looked at it until today, I was curious about some old pictures and opened the back-up. I was able to find the...
  7. Giuanniello

    iCloud vs Photo - where are my pics?

    Long story short, my phone and my Photo libraries seem not being in sync, when I take a photo with my iPhone I don't find it into Photo. If I go onto my iCloud settings I can see Photo library taking up 23.5GB which I guess being what the iPhone uploads onto iCloud but the last ones I have...
  8. D

    Can't export video from Photo app

    Using iMAC. I'm following the instructions: File, export, select destination, but nothing happens. Please help!