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  1. GMGN

    Other So which iPhone is best for a photographer?

    OK Since easy to carry is top priority, professional cameras are not considered. So.... 1.60% photos on human and 40% others 2.Might use phone to record videos but not a must 3.extrawide angle lens is a must, other types just optional So which one is best fit for me?
  2. TheYayAreaLiving 🎗

    iPhone 14 Pro 🌍 📱 Pictures Taken with *NEW* iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max Photos up Thread - Worldwide - (2022-2023) 📱 🌎

    Greetings all, The most innovative iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models are here. I hope all of you are doing well. Congratulations on receiving your iPhone 14 Pro/iPhone 14 Pro Max. The industry-leading most advanced iPhone has finally landed in the world. 📱 👑 A New World-Class Pro...
  3. phillytim

    The ability to “Duplicate” a photo is gone in Actions :(

    The Actions menu no longer has the ability to “Duplicate” a photo, after upgrading to iOS 16. Did this happen to you also? I certainly hope it returns in a bug fix, because it is an essential part of my photos workflow: I always edit the duplicated photo, to keep the original untouched. This...
  4. TheYayAreaLiving 🎗

    Photo of the Day - 🍁 September 2022 🍂

    Welcome to Photo of the Day - September 2022 (Fall Edition) 🍁🍂 I hope you all are doing well. The month, of September…Ahhhh… It is my favorite month of the year. Please allow me to introduce this special month. September brings us to the beginning of the autumn season 🍁. Watching the leaves...
  5. M

    What could have caused my photo to get resized?

    When I texted a photo to my email, the attachment size was always 238 KB. Recently I tried texting the same photo to my email, and the attachment size was 287 KB. Short of paranormal activity, what could have caused this change? Does this mean my photo is corrupt? I would appreciate any help...
  6. TheYayAreaLiving 🎗

    Weekly Photo Contest | August 2nd - Aug 8th, 2022, | 🌧 "Sky’s The Limit" ⛈

    Greetings all, This week's theme: “Sky’s the Limit” The beautiful sky is everywhere in this world. We are surrounded by it anywhere we go. As we are living this amazing precious life, we are too busy going out to work, running errands, shopping, grabbing food, walking the dogs out… it could...
  7. E

    iPad Pro What to Replace 10.5" iPad Pro?

    Starting to look at replacing my 10.5" pro. Has the white spot and battery life is dwindling. I'm considering iPad 9th gen, Air 4th gen, 11" pro 1st or 2nd gen. I need 256gb storage as a minimum. Uses include: Photo Editing Occasional light video editing, nothing too strenous Garageband...
  8. K

    [solved] Why do Iphone photos remain on Iphone when deleted from ICloud?

    I have ICloud Photos enabled on three devices: Iphone iOS 15.4, Ipad Ipad iOS 14.0, and Macbook Pro Catalina 10.15.3. All the devices store full-size photos. Iphone is now out of memory. It is the main source of new photos. When I erase photos on Ipad or on Macbook (on bigger screen, it is...
  9. L

    iMac M1 enough, spend loads on a Mac Studio + Monitor or hold out for iMac M2?

    Within the next two/three months I am going to need to upgrade from my 21.5 inch late 2013 iMac. I work with stock photography and video and use my iMac for editing photography and now some 4k video too (mostly I do selection and organising, editing metadata, resizing submissions of images)...
  10. U

    Photos Sent Out of Order - Issue

    Does anyone know why photos are sent out of order when selecting and sending from the photos app? (To be sent via iMessage) I purposely select specific photos in a particular order so the recipient looks at them in the same order. But 98% of the time they get jumbled. This has been happening...
  11. purdnost

    Refreshed Messages Groups, Group Photos Won’t Update

    I deleted a few text message groups from my iPhone to quickly purge photos, attachments, links, etc. When someone texts within one of the groups, the group returns to my message list, but not the group photo. Any idea how to get those back?
  12. L

    Need to buy a new iMac for work by end of 2021 but what config

    Hi I need to buy a new iMac to use for work by the end of 2021. I am a photo editor and also now edit video (as in selecting and reviewing stock footage clips rather than doing post-production work. (footage is mainly 4k and maybe with occasional 8k) I currently have a 2013 21.5 inch intel i5...
  13. moraxal

    iPhone 13 Which Photo Style are you using?

    What's your preferred photo style, and why?
  14. I

    iPhone 13 Pro Really bad photos with iPhone 13 Pro (+Max) Merged

    So, there's clearly a problem with the photos on my iPhone 13 pro. It's not only me because yesterday I saw a topic here with people reporting the same thing. Basically every single photo I take is automatically modified with evident layers of sharpness, excessive contrast and other things...
  15. purdnost

    Smugmug Users Who Back Up iPhone Photos

    How do you like the service? I’m considering signing up to free up storage on my phone, have a reliable backup, and share with family. My only hesitation is that it converts HEIF to JPEG. I wish I could preserve the original file type. ?
  16. torbjornhb

    Need advice regarding photo storage

    Hi. I have been debating this for a long time, but I'm not sure what to do. Today i have about 8000 photos in my I photo library. These are pictures taken with the phones I've owned the last years. In my Google Photos library, I have about 80 000 pictures. I've been tempted to import all the...
  17. Risco

    iPhone 13 Photos taken with iPhone 13 (non pro) only!

    I have added a couple of pics below. Would love to see other non pro owners photos!
  18. S

    Duplicate Media Management

    Folks, I need advice on automating the detection of duplicate media. Background: I have photos from important life events of my immediate family. Examples include weddings, engagements, etc. I'm the end-user and not the photographer. The situation is, the photographer would first share a few...
  19. G

    iCloud icloud vs amazon photo vs google photo

    Because google photo has stopped providing free storage and i find myself out of storage just recently, I need to decide if I want to move my future photo collection to either apple, amazon and google for storage. I got a Mac Mini m1, iphone 11 and ipad. My wife use all apple except her PC...
  20. B

    iPhone 12 Pro Max I lost photos after changing apple id on iphone

    Hello everyone, I'll explain my problem: through my first apple id (appleid1) I had uploaded all the photos to icloud while I had saved them in an optimized way on the iphone. Yesterday, I changed the apple id to another one (appleid2) to another one to make a purchase. After making the...