1. S

    Duplicate Media Management

    Folks, I need advice on automating the detection of duplicate media. Background: I have photos from important life events of my immediate family. Examples include weddings, engagements, etc. I'm the end-user and not the photographer. The situation is, the photographer would first share a few...
  2. G

    iCloud icloud vs amazon photo vs google photo

    Because google photo has stopped providing free storage and i find myself out of storage just recently, I need to decide if I want to move my future photo collection to either apple, amazon and google for storage. I got a Mac Mini m1, iphone 11 and ipad. My wife use all apple except her PC...
  3. B

    iPhone 12 Pro Max I lost photos after changing apple id on iphone

    Hello everyone, I'll explain my problem: through my first apple id (appleid1) I had uploaded all the photos to icloud while I had saved them in an optimized way on the iphone. Yesterday, I changed the apple id to another one (appleid2) to another one to make a purchase. After making the...
  4. M

    iPhone 12 Pro Max Shooting with iPhone 12 Pro Max to sell it on Getty images? Quality?

    Hello. Can I sell photos taken on iPhone 12 Pro Max, edit it and sell it on Gettyimages, iStock or another platform? Images there cost from 3€ to more than 500€ per an image. Is iPhone so good that it can earn money with taking and editing images? I dislike photo cameras, I have photo camera but...
  5. purdnost

    Photo Storage Solution

    I have years of photos and videos on an external hard drive. Unfortunately, they just sit there and I never look at them. I would like a solution where I can access them. I’ve considered putting them all into iCloud, but I don’t really want all that space being used up on my phone, even with...
  6. J

    Keepings photos taken with camera through web browser

    Hi, Is there anyway to access photos taken through the camera after selecting 'choose file" on safari and "take photo or video". Do these photos dissappear or are stored somewhere?
  7. I

    iCloud Alternative to iCloud Photos (with Apple-TV-App)

    What is the best Cloud-Storage-Service to set up a second Photos-Library that works similar to iCloud? I heavily use iCloud Photo Library for my personal photos. Now I would like to build up a second cloud-storage for other photos and videos I do not want to have inside my personal...
  8. Heliotropen

    Apple Photos: archive ex girlfriends without deleting them?

    Hi there, So I been using the apple photos app for a very long time. I have allot of good memories. And is starting to organisne my photos a little. I would like to archive all the photos of my ex girlfriends in a way where they are moved out of daily sight... but not totally forgotten...
  9. C

    Moving photo albums from Mac to iCloud

    Does anyone know how to move photo albums that have been created on a Mac into icloud? I know how to move the pictures themselves, however, I can’t figure out how to move the album and keep the album intact. I don’t want to have to move all the pictures and then create a new album in the cloud...
  10. Alexander.Of.Oz

    Weekly Photo Contest Challenge: One Word Feels (September 06 - 13, 2020)

    Howdy folks and welcome to the next enthralling instalment of MacRumors Weekly Photo Challenge! Cue the spotlights, play the theme song, bring out the clowns in mini-cars and dancing ponies! A simple motif from me for this weeks round, "One Word Feels". This is a storytelling exploration in...
  11. miketurner201

    Can I recover deleted shared album

    I’ve mistakenly deleted a shared album on my MacBook (running Catalina). It is still on my iPhone (running IOS 13.5). Can I get my shared album (called 2020) back on my Mac. I’ve tried copying all 443 photos from my iPhone but my phone then stays stuck on ‘Downloading’ but gets nowhere after a...
  12. Rainshadow

    Photo Glitch - Multicolored bars

    iPhone 11 pro when I open the photo app, on the 1x lens, the image is covered with colored vertical bars. I’ve taken multiple screenshots. Not every time it’s opened and more likely in bright light. Anyone else having this problem? Thinking of calling Apple but stores aren’t open and I don’t...
  13. S

    How to locate 'bad' pictures

    Hello, I'm using Sony picture frame. I use 4Gb SDHC card which has top directory ...DCIM/100MSDCF/ and ~20 subdirectories and around 1500 pictures in those directories. It plays in 'slideshow' mode. Quite often instead of 'picture' I see some icon. It sounds to me that it's either 'bad' picture...
  14. Reichenberger

    Mac Graphics or Text Editing Application Needed

    Hello all, hope you are all staying safe with Covid-19! This is a quick question: do any of you know an application for macOS X that allows text to be changed to look as follows: I tried using Affinity Photo but the perspective tool doesn’t look good. I am also looking for an alternative to...
  15. B

    All Devices iOS 13.3: Save Video as New Clip is BACK !!

    I don’t know what’s in Apples cheerios lately, but they’ve been listening. Christmas came early with iOS 13.3. You are now allowed to once again save an edited video as a New Clip in the photos app. This feature was removed for iOS 13 to which you had to do this weird workaround by placing it...
  16. jmoritz

    Resolved photos couldn't be copied because you don't have permission to access

    Hi All, I have saved my photos from an older work iPhone on an external LaCie Drive under a folder called iCloud Photos. The reason I did it was because they were all sitting in my professional iCloud account and wanted to move them to my personal iCloud account. When I try to import them into...
  17. S

    Iphone11 Pro Max: Ghost lights from chandelier in church

    Hallo, Last evening I was in a church making photos and videos from an event. When filming I saw Ghost lights from chandelier. On the wide angle shooting it doesn't exist. On my iPhone 6s I couldn't see it. Question: How to avoid it.
  18. 9873697

    How to list photos like in Windows

    Hello I have an issue and I made a screenshot to describe the problem. I am asking if there is an an option when one photo file is opened in the folder, I can acces to another ones with left/right cursors? I have 60 images and I want to list them without opening and closing another one. Is...
  19. apple_bg

    iPhone Connot Load Photo

    I restarted the phone, stopped low power mode and it goes away, does anyone know how to fix it?
  20. A

    iPhone 11 Pro Camera looks beautiful but the photos don’t...

    anyone feels like there’s a bug with the photos? in the camera/view finder, the view looks immaculate but then after you take the picture and look at it in your photos it doesn’t look nearly as crisp or sharp. is there a setting maybe that can change this? maybe they’re being compressed?