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  1. w4rm

    macOS Photos picker takes forever to load compared to iOS? How to fix?

    The picker in Desktop & Screen Save is always incomplete, it's not showing photos that aren't downloaded locally, whereas iOS shows all photos instantly. Am I missing something it's been this way for years and I'm not sure if it's just my own photos library, I've tried repairing it many times...
  2. mkrizan4

    Photos App - Memories Location

    Ever since I got the 13 PM, I had "Memories" in the "For You" at the top. Now after I factory reset my device, I have Featured Photos first, then Sharing Suggestions and at the bottom Memories. Why did it change positions since there has been no updates (on 15.4.1 all the time). And one more...
  3. Jay-Jacob

    Photos app thumbnail not playing videos

    Hi I have got new Mac Studio. My old Mac is iMac Late 2013 and it only runs Catalina. In photos app when I move my cursor hover over thumbnail of videos it will play video. It doesn't happen on Monterey Mac Photos app. Is there setting switch it back on or it how it is now?
  4. C

    Monterrey Bug that sends Photos to Trash

    Hello everyone, I recently updated my iMacM1 to Monterrey and im finding that every time y start up the Mac I find in the trash a file that comes from the photos app. I have not found any solution online, I believe im not the only person having this issue. Can anyone help me? Thanks, take care!
  5. aGreenPlum

    iPhone Strange warping with live photos

    I use both Google Photos and iCloud photos on my phone, I've noticed that motion photos on Google Photos have a strange warping effect to them but they appear fine on iCloud photos. Have a look at the photo below, the ground moves around, meanwhile on iCloud there's none of that... It's even...
  6. K

    Advice about data transfer to new Mac Studio from 2017 iMac

    Info: I have a 2017 iMac running High Sierra 10.13.6 Because I have a work laptop that is using Monterey, I never upgraded the iMac OS (partly due to not enough memory available on the internal SSD hard drive!). We use the iMac mainly for internet, mail and Photo/movie management. A long time...
  7. Mostly Adequate

    iPhoto/Photos transfer between iMacs

    I have an old 2011 iMac which I need to pass on, but there’s an issue with iPhoto/Photos. The iPhoto library on that old Mac goes back to my original G4 Mac, being transferred to subsequent Macs as I upgraded. However, there was a spanner in the works when Apple replaced iPhoto with Photos. I...
  8. Rebani

    Drag Photos from "Photos" on Mac, to a folder - is it safe?

    Hi I have all my photos in "Photos" on my Mac, and on my Phone. But I also have my photos stored in folders on my Mac, "the old" way from the pas 25 years. Therefore I have folders on my Mac, named by year and events. Ex. "20212 -> "Christmas". Every month I would like to get all my photos...
  9. ghulst

    Photos storage is getting too large - Alternatives?

    I would like to pick your collective brains on photo storage. I have been using Apple Photos since iPhoto and my first mac in 2009. At the moment my Photos archive takes up almost 700Gb on my MacBook. That is pretty expensive storage if you see the cost of a 2Tb drive upgrade. As I am...
  10. A

    HDR pictures on MacBook pro 2021?

    when looking at a picture taken with an iphone in,the highlights look extremely bright ,which make me thing that it maybe is kicking XDR ,thus allowing the display to go over 500nits (and reaching peak of 1600) 1) can anybody confirm that 2)is there anything similar for my Android...
  11. Z

    iCloud from the Cloud to Photos

    How can i transfer the photos/videos from the Cloud to Photos keeping the date and time, so the new footage will sort with the rest of my contents in Photos?
  12. SheSingsSongs

    Annoying backup issue!

    So, for the entire time I've owned an iPhone (10+ years), my backups have been between 5 GB and 7 GB. In the summer, I backed up my iPhone 11 Pro before I bought a new phone (12 pro). The backup was 6.8 Gig. Perfect. I uploaded that to my new phone and got on with my life. Sometime after...
  13. torbjornhb

    Smart Albums gir sorting images

    With 80 000 photos on my external hard drive, and about 9000 photos in iCloud, I have kids of given up to find a way to access all of them on my Mac. But, I began thinking about Smart Albums. I'd it possible to set it up so it automatically sorts all photos between two specific dates? For...
  14. Z

    migrating Photos but not with the Apple way

    I have a huge collection of photos and videos in Photos in HighSierra. How can i move those to a diff computer that will be running the latest OSX but without the use of migration assistant? Its a different machine the one i wish only Photos to be transported there... is it possible?
  15. il_teo77

    Background activities when on battery power

    Since Apple introduced the Apple Silicon powered Macs with their long battery life I can't help but wonder how to manage them. On the weekend I bring my Mac home without the need to bring the charger which stays neatly at the office. When in the office I am still on the fences whether or not to...
  16. KettyKrueger

    Photo tags/metadata. Lossless rotation/crop

    Hi all I currently keep all my photos (~13k) on a Synology NAS in a folder structure based on dates. I don't edit them in any way but I do want to make it easier to find specific photos. I'm looking for an app that allows me to add tags to photos that: a) will be embedded into the photos; b)...
  17. djsound

    How to make a photo book from photos app on Mac

    about 5 years ago I made a photo book very easily from my photos app on my iMac......but it seems that it can not longer do that. It was perfect and my family loved it......anyone know of another way to do this easily? I turned out very classy when apple did it...... thanks you
  18. R

    iCloud way to manage icloud photos on two devices when one for a child

    Hi, We have one iphone (mine) and two ipads (used by my children) all connected to the same icloud account. Originally I had icloud turned off for the ipad photos, but my son likes to make videos and was filling up his memory really quickly, so I have had to turn on icloud photos for his ipad...
  19. C

    iPhone 13 Pro Max iPhone 13 Pro Max photos - First experiments

    Hi, I wanted to share my experiments in photography with the iPhone 13 Pro Max, I'm new in the Apple world, coming from Android. In a few words, I changed because of the photo quality of the iPhone 13 Pro and I'm not disappointed at all. I did a few tests in interiors, and here are the results...
  20. T

    Mac Applescript to set Photos "Places" from a GPS data exchange (GPX) file

    Here is a script I put together that will allow you load GPS locations into the the Mac Photos app from a GPS data exchange (GPX) file. (GPX is a standard XML format that contains longitude and latitude location data.) I wrote this in order to apply GPS data tracks generated on my iPhone using...