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  1. Q

    Finding duplicate images via raw data in file on my macbook pro

    Hi, I have various versions of images (screenshots I made) in a file on my mac. I need to find the duplicates by the original data, like when the screenshot / image was actually first taken. The reason for this is that later file names were changed due to adding them (and editing them) to photos...
  2. B

    iPad New to MacOS: Photo order syncing problem on iPad

    So, I read comic books on my iPad by syncing folders containing images from an established directory on my desktop. When I did this from my Windows machine, the pages would show up on my iPad in numerical order, meaning, the files on my desktop were named as such: image01, image02, image03, etc...
  3. nikoli1978

    iCloud Advice

    I sync my iPhone photos on iCloud. It's very convenient most of the time. However, I take videos which can be quite lengthy... sometimes an hour long. I often AirDrop videos onto my MBP for editing in FCP, which works quickly enough most of the time. However, it can take a very long time for...
  4. Z

    iPad Is footage in Viber saved to iCloud?

    What happens to footage (Photos or Videos) thats sent to me via Viber? Are they also stored to iCloud, or do i need to save them first to the iPad, so they can be stored in Photos and then to be transferred to iCloud?
  5. B

    Other iPhone Patina Wabi Sabi Photos

    From Wikipedia: In traditional Japanese aesthetics, wabi-sabi (侘寂) is a world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection.[2] The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of appreciating beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete" in nature.[3] It is a concept...
  6. srbNYC

    Photos help: "People will finish updating when Photos is in the background."

    I saw a couple of old abandoned threads on this, so hope it's ok to post here now. I spend some time yesterday (on my M1 MBA) scanning in some old photos and identifying a lot of the names and faces and cleaning up some multiple names. (I already had the majority of faces in my library...
  7. T

    No Longer Can Find Photos Based on Keyword with Big Sur

    I used to add keywords to my photos with Picasa and then later with Adobe Bridge. I then used to be able to search for them in Finder with those same keywords. After upgrading to Big Sur (from Mojave) it seems that I can no longer find photos with keywords alone. Is this normal?
  8. Z

    Universal Timeflower: Photo Organizing Made Easy

    I have been making this app for more than two years. Features including: - Support photos on the iCloud photo library. - "On This Day" photos. - Quickly add a photo or multiple selected photos to multiple albums. - Pinned photo albums/media types. - iOS 14 widget for showing a specific photo or...
  9. D

    Solution to 'Big Sur Can't Find Photos Library' during Finder sync

    In Photos preference, click on the "Use as System Photo Library"; this regenerates the path to your library.
  10. purdnost

    iPad pro Slow to Load Image Thumbnails on an External Hard Drive

    My computer loads the image thumbnails on my external hard drive instantly, but my iPad Pro takes a while. What’s the reason for this?
  11. G

    Photos app wont open - repair wont work

    Hi guys IM trying to get all the images off of my MAC onto some cloud storage, i know i have osme other images on this mac but i cant find them anywhere. Im guessing they were in iphoto/photos app but i cant open it. Ive tried the option+command to try and repair it but it doesnt do anything...
  12. A

    Unable to transfer photos from iPhone 12 Pro to Mac (Image Capture, Photos, etc)

    Hi all, My usual photo workflow is to Let iCloud take care of keeping my photos in sync between devices (and I curate what I keep there) At least weekly manual backups (plug iPhone into Mac; use Image Capture to drag all recent photos since last backup onto an HDD). The Image Capture part is...
  13. K

    Photos backing up entire library after restoring from old iPhone

    Hello! I'm having a problem with the photos app. I had an iPhone 8+ and 100GB or so of photos and videos, maybe more. Yesterday I bought an iPhone 12 and chose to transfer the data from my old phone to the new one. It sent all of my old photos and videos to the iPhone 12. Unfortunately, my...
  14. SzPeter77

    Keep only the filtered photo in Camera app

    I have set the camera app taking photos with "vivid" filter and in the settings under "Preserve setrings" the "Creative controls" so I take all pictures with "vivid" filter. It's okay for me. But I realized its size takes double of storage because the camera app saves two versions: the original...
  15. comatory

    How does actually "iCloud Photos Download Originals to this Mac" work in macOS Photos?

    I am storing my Photos library on external USB drive. I plug this drive from time to time to my desktop mac so it can redownload all photos I've taken with my phone to the drive. I just like having a local copy as well. However I'm confused what does "Download Originals to this Mac" option in...
  16. N

    Universal Gallery view for iCloud Drive files app

    I’m looking for an app that can let me browse my iCloud Drive files in a gallery/grid view similar to the Photos app? I like to keep my drawing reference photos on iCloud Drive so I can put them into folders and use tags to better organize them. It would be awesome if the Files app had a gallery...
  17. Sovon Halder

    Mail App - view attachments as icons?

    Is there any way I can setup the mail app or the Big Sur OS itself, so that the attachments, be that photo, or a pdf containing a photo remains as a thumbnail? I can't seem to figure out a way to do this. This is how it looks now.
  18. Z

    How to transfer photos to iPhone 12 from Samsung Galaxy S9

    I'm making the switch from Android to iPhone, but I can't transfer my old photos without losing their metadata. When I transfer them over, the photos' dates get changed to the date of transfer, and I lose the photos' location data altogether. I still have the old phone (Samsung Galaxy S9)...
  19. uBetchya

    Creating, Editing, & Sharing Memories on Mac OS Big Sur?

    I recall in Catalina that you used to be able to edit and share Memories within the Photos app on Mac; similar to how you are able to on iPhone and iPad. However, I'm unable to find the same tools/ menu items that existed in the previous OS. Is this just me? A glitch of some sort? Seems like now...
  20. RazorBackX

    Downloading all iCloud photos and videos through Apple data and privacy.

    Please help me, Long story short I have searched the internet and did hours and hours of research and still cannot get a clear answer. I’m hoping someone can finally help me. I have 55,000 photos in iCloud and 400 videos. I want all of them off iCloud and in a folder in my desktop. I know there...