power mac g5

  1. Slix

    3 G5s on Craigslist - How hard are they to fix?

    Hi! I've never owned a Power Mac G5. I have some limited hardware repair experience on other tower Macs, but nothing drastic (I haven't replaced a power supply, for example). I came across this ad on Craigslist today. I was wondering if any of these 3 G5s are worth picking up to get 1 for...
  2. A

    Will this USB 2.0 pcie card works on late 05 PMG5 Quad?

    Hi so I want more USB port instead the 4 usb port on the late 2005 Power Mac G5 Quad so I find this: Will it works on Leopard? The seller said it works on the 2006 to the 2012 Mac pro's. It USB 2.0 not 3.0.
  3. B S Magnet

    The Power Mac G5 can’t be eclipsed by a live solar eclipse at 720p :D

    But in 1080p, things slow to about 1fps. And that’s probably in large part to the paltry OEM GeForce 5200 video card. But hey, this is cool!
  4. Boco1117

    I got a Power Mac G5 for free but it won’t start up

    As the title, I got it for free. I am cleaning up the classroom since it is the end of the school year and I see a Power MAC G5 sitting in the corner. My teacher let me get it home for free. It was the dual 1.8 version. It got everything, but when I press on the start button, it kind of start...
  5. J

    Wireless keyboard Power Mac G5

    I just got a logitech keyboard (k830) and it's not connecting to my power mac g5, is there something i can do about it? i have the logitech dongle and also another bluetooth dongle, it doesn't show yup in the list of bluetooth devices at all. tnx
  6. error2507

    AcBel 600 Watt compatible with PowerMac G5?

    In my previous post some people said that I should change the PSU from my PowerMac G5. My question: Is the AcBel 600 Watt PSU compatible with it? I am new to PowerMacs #12 My serial number is CK422H6MR5J . I looked it up on everymac.com and it says A1047 (EMC 1969) is my model name.
  7. B S Magnet

    Resolved G5 PCI-X (or PCI) compatibility with the Sun ASY-90145 1394/USB2.0 card?

    So there are a mess of used, PCI combo FW1394a/USB2.0 cards being sold all over which were for Sun servers (I'm guessing SPARC) during the early/mid-’00s — the ASY-90145 (375-3140-05). Try as I may, I cannot locate original tech specs for this card, so I lack knowledge of whether this was PCI...
  8. J

    The $3 Power Mac G5 project

    Hi my name is Jason, and I got the insanely lucky opportunity to pick up an ram/hdd-less and untested dual 2.7 ghz G5 Power Mac for only $3 from a Goodwill Computer Works that was about to send it off to be scrapped. Too make a long story short, one PRAM zapping, SMU reset, a 250gb sata hdd...
  9. redheeler

    Using 2010 iMac or LED Cinema Display as a Display for Power Mac G5 or 2006-08 Intel Mac

    Many of you probably know that the 2010 iMac supports a feature called Target Display Mode, and it needs Mini DisplayPort to work. No PowerPC Mac ever shipped with Mini DisplayPort as they all predate it, so that would make the feature incompatible, right? Wrong. As it turns out, there are...
  10. comradecommie

    Power-Mac G5 not booting?

    I just recently bought a G5 Power-mac for a dollar, and nothing works. It powers up, and then the fans continually ramp up. I have tries moving the RAM around according to the (online) manual, and its all identical so I just left it the way it was, just inverted. The graphics card is the 6800...
  11. LAHegarty

    Send backup, we need backup!

    So, here we go some time ago I commented on a video 'The iBook Guy' AKA 'The 8-Bit Guy' made titled 'PowerMac G5 - Is it Obsolete?' whereby I say "The PowerMac G5 quad is more powerful than the Mac Mini." and in his video he states that the Mac Mini Orignal is more powerful than the Power Mac G5...
  12. LAHegarty

    Power Mac G5 with 6x Monitors... WTF?

    So I'm looking to setup my Power Mac G5 with 6 monitors, has anyone done this? I already have 2 of the standard 256MB PCI-E Dual DVI graphics card's that will output 4 displays, I would like to add one more card so I can have the hole 6x monitors, has anyone done this YO, YO, YO?! Why do you...
  13. redheeler

    G5 Quad Fan Speed Issue

    When my Power Mac G5 Quad wakes from sleep, or the fans need to ramp up, they don't seem to ever ramp back down to idle levels until I restart. This is very annoying to listen to as I try to take part in the PowerPC Challenge, akin to the noise level a certain YouTuber was experiencing. My Quad...
  14. LarsG5

    Power Mac G5 USB 3.1 pci-e card question

    Hi, First of all, happy new year to everyone! I'm thinking about installing some USB 3.1 pci-e card in my PM G5 dual core 2,3GHz and my question is if it's even gonna be recognized by 10.4.11 Tiger? And what about USB type C? Is there any hack or kext to make it work on PowerPC platform?
  15. AmazingHenry

    Power Mac G5 in Target Disk Mode

    This isn't really a problem that is stopping me from doing anything but it is really annoying. Whenever I put my Power Mac G5 into target disk mode, the fans slowly get louder and louder until they are running at full speed (which is really loud!). Is there any fix for this annoyance?
  16. AmazingHenry

    iBook G4 Tiger Discs on Power Mac G5

    Recently, I've been wanting to put Tiger on my Power Mac and test it out. Maybe even switch from Leopard and start using Tiger as my main OS. But the only Tiger discs I have are for my iBook G4. I have a trick that involves target disk mode that will allow me to install Tiger on the Power Mac...
  17. LarsG5

    Power Mac G5 11.2 SSD: PCI-e or SATA?

    Hi guys,I'm a happy owner of a Power Mac G5 Dual Core 2,3Ghz and I'm thinking about replacing my old original HDD with an ssd drive. So, I've got some questions on my mind, that google cannot answer: 1. Everymac.com says "This model has "two open full-length four-lane PCI Express slots", "one...
  18. V

    Saving a G5 Powermac

    A while ago I got a Powermac G5 as a replacment for the previous G5 that would not turn on, not even so much as a light or fan spinning except for the very rare occation it would boot fine. Back to the current G5, I think it is also broken, and I'm the one who did so by mistake. I'm not very...
  19. A

    G5 10.5.8 won't automatically sleep

    So this problem has been bugging me for some time. My quad g5 on 10.5.8 can sleep fine if I select sleep from the Apple menu. But if I set an inactive timer in Energy Preferences it never goes to sleep. Looking at console, it appears the computer never attempts to go to sleep at all as I don't...
  20. hartleymartin

    Help! PowerMac G5 (7,2) OSX Install not working!

    I have a PowerMac G5 7,2 which I managed to get all the hardware working, but now I cannot get OSX to install. I have a set of 10.4.8 and 10.4.9 CDs but obviously, these only came with drivers for the Intel-based Macs. What installation discs do I need to get a my PowerPC Mac to install OSX?