1. ZacharyFurgeson

    OSRS on PowerMac G5?

    Wondering if there was a way to run a java binary such as Runelite or OSBuddy on my old G5 Quad running 10.5.8. Even willing to pay someone to help get this working
  2. T

    I have a problem on my PowerMac G4 (M8570)

    I have a PowerMac G4 model M8570 and when I try to turn it on, the fan and the DS18 light turn red, but there is nothing on the monitor and no Apple’s classic startup chime. The hard drive turn on but there is nothing on the screen, it’s not showing me life. I checked for the BIOS battery but it...
  3. tevion5

    Resolved G5 Quad: Vanishing Ram?

    Earlier this week I booted up my G5 Quad to find only 12 of my 16GB Memory was showing up. I've had 16GB working without issue for 1-2 years now. DIMMs 4 & 5 were showing up empty despite that not being true. Haven't had to go fiddling inside for a long time so I'm surprised anything changed...
  4. andrew nz

    Xgrid advice

    Hello fellow mac users. I am in the process of setting up Xgrid and am seeking advice how to achieve it. I believe Xgrid began under PPC environment and Server 10.4, although according to some information, Server 10.4 is not necessary. I suspect there would not be copyright infringement if...
  5. iceman45575

    Need help with PowerMac G5

    Hello everyone! A friend of mine gave me a working PowerMac G5 A1047 and when I took it home and pressed the power button I heard a loud pop sound and now the computer won't turn on at all. Any suggestions? Thanks
  6. ScreenSavers

    I finally got one...

    So, first of all, I've been wanting one of these for a few years, but never actually got one, and I've seen them become more collectable, so I figured I was done waiting... Secondly, I have an iMac G3, iMac G4, a bunch of Clamshell and Snow iBooks, a Titanium PowerBook G4, a bunch of Mac Mini...
  7. Dharumanyo

    PowerMac G3 Can't Initialise Disk

    Hi all, I recently acquired a 300MHz Power Mac G3 (Blue & White), but it can't seem to format/initialise any of my hard drives when I try to install Mac OS. I've tried a few different UATA hard drives, since I assumed the one it came with may have been faulty, but I still get the same...
  8. superlions16

    is the g4 dead?

    i can see why everything feels so slow on those processors now, and nothing is really fast on them anymore. i even OCed my eMac to 1.5ghz and it still feels so slow so here's my question: is the g4 just straight up obsolete?
  9. error2507

    AcBel 600 Watt compatible with PowerMac G5?

    In my previous post some people said that I should change the PSU from my PowerMac G5. My question: Is the AcBel 600 Watt PSU compatible with it? I am new to PowerMacs #12 My serial number is CK422H6MR5J . I looked it up on everymac.com and it says A1047 (EMC 1969) is my model name.
  10. error2507

    PowerMac G5 not turning on

    Hey! So I recently got a PowerMac G5 and when I first booted it, just the fans where spinning but nothing else. I thought I could solve that problem later and decided to clean the Mac up, since there was dust everywhere. After I did that, I wanted to turn it on again. But nothing happened. When...
  11. bralt45

    Radeon GPU Acceleration On PowerMac G4 under Linux?

    Hey guys, first time poster here with a question. Has anyone here gotten GPU Acceleration to work on a PowerMac G4? I'm currently running gentoo on a PowerMac3,6 the slowness is killing me! Software rendering only gets me 25fps on glxgears without anything else running in the background. I'd...
  12. amagichnich

    Drakware ADB2USB vs Griffin iMate

    Most of us will know the term "Griffin iMate" - but have you heard of or even better, used a "Drakware ASDB2USB"? It's sold for 20 bucks, thats a quarter of the minimum price I have seen on (german) eBay for an iMate - usually they tend to be around $120 plus shipping from the US... Does anybody...
  13. S

    Can I use my Macbook Pro in a Power Mac G5 ?

    I have a Macbook Pro 15" probably mid 2012 and a Macbook Pro 13" mid 2012. I also have a Power Mac G5 Quad 2.5. I was wondering if i could somehow use the power of one of the Macbooks (after I upgrade the Ram and HD) with the Power Mac. A sort of Frankenstein monster made from the two products...
  14. Mac03ForLife

    PowerMac G5 wont boot

    Hello It's been awhile since I've posted anything here, I've been busy on the pro gaming scene Anyways, most of you know that i have a PowerMac G5 (Dual 1.8) that I use for video editing and photoshop, etc. I went to turn it on the other day, and found that it would not boot at all. I get a...
  15. smirking

    Which PPC Mac Tower is this Heat Sink From?

    I found an old heat sink that I extracted from an old PPC PowerMac of mine and I'm trying to identify which PowerMac tower it came out of. I can't remember. I believe it was a G4 tower. I think it came from either a Sawtooth or a Quicksilver G4 tower. I can't find any photos of a Sawtooth heat...
  16. Isiah Folio

    PowerMac G4 MDD GPU Issue?

    Hi all! My PowerMac G4 has been giving me a strange issue lately, and because of what it does I'm going to guess it's the fault of the graphics card. When I turn it on, it will make the chimes sound, the fans will turn on (not at full speed), the hard drive will start seeking like it normally...
  17. MrAjarix

    iMac G3 Optical Drive Replacement

    Hey guys. I have an iMac g3 600MHz Graphite (slot loading) and am looking for a replacement optical drive. As is common with these computers, the optical drive stopped working a while back. I decided that instead of simply replacing it with another CD-RW drive, I would upgrade it to a combo...
  18. davidmartindale

    Looking for “new” old Macs

    I would like to acquire more classic Macs from the 00’s, but I want them to be in mint condition. So I am looking for sealed new in box Macs. Both notebooks an desktops, and, PowerPC and Intel. Super good condition lightly used Macs with packaging and documentation would be okay as well. If...
  19. Isiah Folio

    PCI USB Card Compatibility Question

    Hello everyone. It's been a (very long) while since I've logged onto MacRumors, but I have a question regarding a PCI USB card. I have a PCI USB 2.0 card that is made by NEC and has an NEC chipset in it, and I was wondering will it or should it work in a Power Mac G4 MDD model? Everywhere I...
  20. Mac03ForLife

    OSX Lion or HiSierra

    Hello I bought my 13 inch MBP (2.4ghz i5, 4gb RAM, 500 SATA HDD) in 2011 with OSX 10.7 preinstalled. It worked super well back then, and eventually it was put in a closet for 3 years due to the emergence of my parent's old powermac g5, which I began to use as my primary mac. After 3 years of...