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  1. PowerPC Punk


    Unimportant, but Fanx, to all those PPC Punk Nerds out there. Yours sincerely, PowerPC Punk
  2. PowerPCFan

    What is YOUR favorite PowerPC application?

    Post the name (and download link if possible) of your favorite PowerPC app (even games work). If you have any questions reply to this message so I can separate questions from the other chitchat about apps.
  3. B

    Resolved IMac G3 MacOS X 10.3 installation problem:(

    Hi. I have a Imac G3, i dont know detailed specs for it but its a slot loading one. Currently MacOS 9.2.2 So, i want to install MacOS 10.3 to it, i burned the iso to a flash drive and connected it to G3. But when i open installation app then click restart its gives this error: "Startup...
  4. PowerPCFan

    AWESOME PowerPC trick, thought I might share

    Hi! I have a PowerBook G4 with Audacity 2 (I think) and it has the Digital Audio In port. Really, its pretty simple, but all you have to do is grab a mobile devoce, laptop, compiter, Nintendo, Xbox, anything with YouTube and a headphone jack. Open a good song in YouTube on that device. Then...
  5. M

    Sorbet Tiger for G3 Macs?

    Y'all have heard of Sorbet Leopard for PPC Macs right? But Leopard only runs on G4 and G5. not G3. So i was wondering. Could the developer of Sorbet Leopard make a version of Sorbet for G3 Macs with the same patches for the G3? Call it Sorbet G3/Tiger
  6. reddrag0n

    "Messages" and ppc architecture

    I'm wondering if there is a protocol that allows the "Messages" app (or it's backbone structure) to be allowed to be run on ichat? Just like the old imessage was able to run on ichat when 10.8 came out. I would like to have my powerbook do more other than run itunes in the background or to...
  7. alex_free

    So I Bought An Intel Mac…

    In February of 2020, in the before times, I was going to buy an early Intel Mac after trying and failing to watch YouTube acceptability on my Mac mini G4. Then I discovered TenFiveTube. Later, I discovered PPCMC 6 Final, last updated on January 18th of 2020 and something changed when I saw...
  8. alex_free

    Weird YouTube Changes, State of Age-Gated Videos, And PPCMC7 Becoming The Only YouTube Live Stream Method On PowerPC Macs?

    PPCMC 7 is now 1.5 years old, and has seen 25 updates since version 7.0. Recently it has come to my attention that something weird is going on with using VLC and QuickTime to watch YouTube livestreams. Apparently Google changed something, I think it’s to do with the codec/format somehow...
  9. alex_free

    SM64GSW v1.4 now available for PPC Mac OS 8-9, Mac OS X 10.3.9-10.6.8, & More

    I wrote this program last year in C89/Ansi C. It allows you to write GameShark codes directly into a given Super Mario 64 ROM file. Useful for emulators like sixtyforce (mac os 8-9 version, running great on the Mac mini G4 - ) which do not have the...
  10. alex_free

    GTA III Whitescreen Crash FIX

    I was trying to play this port since the second it came out. I got the now infamous "whitescreen then crash" error. By digging deeper, running the executable in Terminal, I got an idea of what is wrong. There is...
  11. alex_free

    6-16-2021 - The Latest IOQuake3 Had Been Ported To Mac OS X 10.3.9/10.4.x/10.5.x/10.6.x PowerPC

    IOQuake 3 is an open source Quake III game engine. Awhile ago, I ported the latest version to OpenBSD and got it added to the official OpenBSD ports tree. Now with the power of Panther SDL2 I have restored Mac OS X 10.3.9/10.4.x compatibility to the latest version of IOQuake3. Previously, Mac OS...
  12. J

    9650 Workgroup server wG4/800 upgrade hanging....not freezing

    Hello, With the help of good folks like LightBulbFun & Dearthnvader, I've installed OS 10.4.11 and was working on 10.5.8 when all this crap started happening. So along with the G4 card, I have 446MB Ram (more on this in a bit) and 4 HDs...2 running 8.6, one running 9.2.2 and one that has 9.1 and...
  13. alex_free

    SM64EX Leopard Compiler Is An Easy To Use GUI That Builds The SM64EX Port On PowerPC Leopard SM64EX is a native Super Mario 64 port derived from the decompilation of Super Mario 64. SM64EXLC is an easy to use, point and click...
  14. jaiyan

    Blender 2.63 with Freestyle for Leopard

    I was able to compile Blender 2.63 with freestyle (revision 51094). No cycles though, but it was mostly to get Freestyle working on a PPC. Good for NPR and pixel art. I just started using Blender, so I don't know that much yet! Link: Blender-2.63-51094 -
  15. alex_free

    2-19-2021 - SM64GSW Writes GameShark Codes To A USA SM64 ROM On Mac OS X 10.3.9-10.6.8, Finally Can Use SM64 Cheat Codes In SixtyForce...

    Official Web Page | GitHub SuperMario64GameSharkWriter is an open source 3-BSD licensed command line program written in C that writes GameShark/Xploder64 codes into a Super Mario 64 USA ROM (must be .z64/big endian format), and modifies the CRC check if neccesary (making this an alternative to...
  16. M

    How can I upgrade my powermac g5???

    I had recently gotten an old PowerMac g5 from a local school of mine and loved it as I used to have one when they first came out. It needed a hard drive and a good cleaning, so I installed a 500GB Samsung 850 Evo I had laying around, and got a 10.4 tiger disk from an old local mac store and...
  17. castroa320

    Blinking floppy icon on startup but then boots with SSD upgrade

    Hello there. Got a iMac 600 MHZ summer 2001 that I recently upgraded to a Inland 128 GB SSD with a IDE to SATA converter board. Also install 768 MB of RAM. I installed Mac OS 9.2.2 on it. Did see a little bit of a different speed wise. My issue is every time I boot into the system, it gives me a...
  18. A

    foxPEP & Classilla (Optimized Classilla prefs.js?)

    Hi everyone! This is now a WikiPost for other to update the thread and share your experiments easily. Please contribute if you can do so. Back when the last version of Classilla was 9.3.3, the only way to load this very site was to install foxPEP. Now that beta 9.3.4 is out, foxPEP is no longer...
  19. Rikintosh

    Does anyone here have any knowledge with PPC development?

    I would like to compile PPC on my windows 10 or my OSX 10.14 Intel, but I have no idea how to do it (I'm learning everything on my own), I have git on my windows and the source code of the OSX version
  20. bastifantasti

    iMac G4 1.25 GHz Gefore FX 5200

    Hi all, decided to upgrade my iMac. Originally it had: - 1.25 ghz g4 - 256mb ram - 80gb hard drive - GeForce FX 5200 (I think, can’t check as its currently installing leopard) This week I’ve maxed the ram out to 2gb. I’m in the process of waiting for my 250gb SSD upgrade. two final things on...