1. R

    Logic Pro 8 + Tiger Issues

    Hello there, Recently I've been trying to get more use out of my 1.25ghz eMac G4 by using Logic Pro 8.0.2 on leopard. However, after realizing I prefer Tiger to Leopard due to the increase in performance on my machine, I decided to reinstall Tiger today. After installing 10.4 and then updating...
  2. Project Alice

    Video playback for a G3

    I’ve been having problems getting SD video playing on an iMac G3 (snow 600mhz). I don’t remember having this problem 13 years ago when I used G3s daily. The video in question is originally an MKV h264 but its in SD (Star Trek DS9 if anyones curious). I’ve tried every player known to work in...
  3. andrew nz

    Xgrid advice

    Hello fellow mac users. I am in the process of setting up Xgrid and am seeking advice how to achieve it. I believe Xgrid began under PPC environment and Server 10.4, although according to some information, Server 10.4 is not necessary. I suspect there would not be copyright infringement if...
  4. B S Magnet

    Older (PPC/earlier Intel) Macs and the iPod Universal Dock

    It’s possible my search queries are simply missing the mark on this. Maybe someone here knows (or maybe this is better suited for the iPod forum). I have the 2005 edition of the iPod Universal Dock (and I also have one of the first edition white remotes bundled with early MacBooks and MacBook...
  5. bobesch

    Resolved "BassJumped" PowerBook and Clamshell (os9)

    The BassJump-subwoofer is one of my favorite and most used gadgets for all kind of intel-MacBooks. It's driver-software basicly combines internal speakers with the USB-subwoofer. Sitting in front of a MacBookPro gives you a nice stereo-audio experience with that combination of internal speakers...
  6. tevion5

    Ultimate Quad - 30" ACD, SSD

    So I'm here to show off. Having upgraded my G5 Quad to 16GB RAM and an Nvidia Quadro FX 4500, it was only matter of time before it got the SSD treatment. It had to be one that doesn't need TRIM, which poor old Leopard lacks. OWC offer a number of vintage compatible SSD's tailor made for old...
  7. B S Magnet

    Resolved Is there a known USB 802.11ac USB adapter which features PPC drivers?

    This topic comes with an understanding that plenty of 802.11n solutions for PPC systems exist already — both for USB and PCI cards (I use an Edimax 802.11n PCI card with MIMO which works with my Power Mac G5). This topic also comes with an understanding that maximum data potential of the...
  8. M

    Resolved Flashing Nvidia GeForce 7800 GT (specifically the Firmware)

    This is an obscure card for the Power Mac G5, but I have heard of it being done and I know someone here did it by replacing the ROM, but I think I have heard of doing it without having to do that. I bought an unused 7800 GT with 256MB of video RAM. Ignoring I have no experience whatsoever with...
  9. amagichnich

    Drakware ADB2USB vs Griffin iMate

    Most of us will know the term "Griffin iMate" - but have you heard of or even better, used a "Drakware ASDB2USB"? It's sold for 20 bucks, thats a quarter of the minimum price I have seen on (german) eBay for an iMate - usually they tend to be around $120 plus shipping from the US... Does anybody...
  10. AmazingHenry

    [UPDATE] The Tiger App Shop!

    UPDATE: I've decided to change this project and make it a Tiger app shop instead. Why? Off the top of my head, here's a list: Tiger is actually used on PowerPC Macs bc of performance. No one uses Panther for anything The website is guarenteed to display correctly on TenFourFox, and on top of...
  11. amagichnich

    iBook G4 1.33 14" - the coolest G4?

    Today i was - again - surprised by my 14" iBook, especially by the temperatures it develops. I was trying to install the newest possible version of Eclipse for Tiger (3.8.1) and had problems downloading it because the download process in TFF took about 80% of CPU. Then the iBook didn't react to...
  12. DyingEcho

    Old XBMC v11 download for Mac Mini G4

    I'm trying to turn my old Mac Mini G4 into a media center, and to do that I'm trying to download XBMC v11 (Mac OS Tiger, I think.) However, all the v11 download links I can find are broken. Could anyone point me towards an XBMC v11 download that still works? Thanks.
  13. tevion5

    G5 Quad Gluttony!

    So after 2/3 years of putting up with an unsightly '12' in my system profiler under memory, I finally got some cheap DDR2 DIMMs to bring me on up to 16GB. For some reason when I first put them in it only detected 2 of 4. So swapping 4 x 1GB for 2 x 2GB was naturally not much of an upgrade. I...
  14. MrAjarix

    iMac G3 Restore

    Hey guys, I want to restore my iMac G3 and have the original disks ('Software Restore' and 'Software Install'). Both have options to essentially install OS9. What is the difference between the 2 ways of doing it? Thanks
  15. tevion5

    Leopard Python IDE?

    I'm trying to play around with python development on PPC Leoaprd with my Quad, after discovering to positive surprise the latest version of Python 2 and a still very recent version of Python 3 are still available for PPC OS X. I love using PyCharm on my MacBook Pro, but the oldest version of...
  16. miksat


    So, one of the biggest issues to anyone who uses Leopard/Snow Leopard is Discord. Personally I can't go without it since I started using it in 2015. How do you guys run discord on your machines (assuming you use Discord)? Using the web app in Firefox ESR 45 is kinda slow on my early 2006 MBP...
  17. L

    Network/Pentesting tools on PowerPC

    Being a Network engineer I never understood why Network/Cyber Security people or Pentesters always buy an expensive Macbook Pro and then completely ignore the BSD fundamentals and power of the Terminal. As most guides will tell you , to pentest you either need to install Kali Linux natively or...
  18. amagichnich

    'Bless' OS X system folder

    Hey guys, I encountered a very strange problem - 2 somehow 'unblessed' system folders! I'll explain what I did, maybe you can tell me what I did wrong. I exchanged the HDD of my 12" iBook with a SSD and installed Leopard on it. On the HDD was Tiger. After some days I decided to make it multi...
  19. Mac03ForLife

    Anything I can do with a PB Duo Charger?

    Hello Community I have recently been handed a PowerBook Duo AC charger (The one with the 2 battery slots) Can I use this for anything except a PB Duo? Can I hack it in some way? Note that the power cord was NOT provided with this unit. Is this worth keeping, or better off being sent to the...
  20. tevion5

    Power Macintosh 8600 + Minecraft

    Prompted by the recent post regarding Minecraft and Java SE 6 for PPC, I downloaded the related packed and installed it on a few of my systems. Eventually I got the notion to give it a whirl on my famous heavily upgraded Power Macintosh 8600. (450MHz Sonnet G4, 1GB RAM, Radeon 9200) Low and...