1. Hamza Belmellouki

    I can't save a screen recording using QuickTime

    Issue Description: While I was trying to screen record a long video(1-2 hours) an issue emerged: After hitting QuickTime stop button on my menu bar, the screen record couldn't be saved. Meaning, no screen record is prompted so I can save it. The thing is when I screen record a short video(0-10...
  2. N

    MP 7,1 Memory for Mac Pro 7,1

    Hi all, been lurking for a long time, I've got my MP 7,1 on order with the 12c and base ram, I'm looking to get aftermarket ram and came across this memory . Anyone that has experience with it? According to my own research it should work, what do you guys think? Thanks in advance for any input!
  3. J

    MacBook Pro 16 - Best Video/VFX Editor Specs?

    Hi all! I’m looking to get a new MacBook Pro 16 to hopefully replace my old MBP and Windows Desktop PC. I usually spend most of my day working with project management tools, but I also do video editing using Premiere Pro and VFX design on After Effects. My current MBP is the base 15 inch...
  4. Y

    Any chance of 11” or 12” MacBook Air

    I want to buy a light/travel-friendly MacBook. Discontinued 12” MacBook weights 2 pounds while the new 13” MacBook Air weights 3 pounds. To me, the weight difference is big enough to justify the 12”. I can’t decide whether I should get a refurbished 12” MacBook now, or wait for a smaller-size...
  5. khalitzy

    I have a few questions concerning the 16” MBP

    So I purchased one recently and noticed a few things: 1- When I shut it down, any keyboard key press turns it on.. even clicking the trackpad. Is this normal? Note that it is shut down not just put to sleep. 2- Heard that the trackpad doesn’t actually move and that it needs power to give you...
  6. HyperliteG4

    iPad Pro Considering switching from MBP to iPad Pro?

    Crossposted on Reddit -------- I'm strongly considering trading in my MBP 13" (2018) for an iPad Pro (open to waiting for 2020 version). Looks like I can get about $850 on a trade-in from Apple on my MBP, but I'm still on the fence whether it's a good decision or not. My primary work machine...
  7. Kaikidan

    iPhone XR why 2 iphones are mirroring content on each other?

    My sister recently bought an iPhone XR to substitute her old 32gb 6s. she made the initial setup and everything and was planning to use her old 6s as a media player or backup device, but... for some reason the 6S mirros everything that is installed on the XR, for example, she installed COD...
  8. O

    Why is my iMac running heavy CPU usage, despite there being no apps using this CPU?

    I was using Adobe photoshop pretty heavily on my computer, and eventually this heavy use started to work up the fan in my computer. It was concerning because my iMac started to get unusually noisy, almost like a vacuum cleaner or a jet engine, and it went on for some time, even after I started...
  9. T

    iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 11 Pro Max clicking noise when pressed

    Hello I returned my last iPhone 11 Pro Max after it was making a clicking noise in the middle of the screen and near the Apple logo when I pressed softly. I got a brand new iPhone 11 Pro Max today after waiting 3 weeks on this because it was out of stock. However, its doing exactly the same...
  10. D

    44mm SB Titanium watch owners - Question

    Just want to check to see if the 44mm SB Titanium watch come with the S/M & M/L sport band in the special "Dark Gray" or if it only comes with the M/L as indicated in the "what's in the box" section of the webpage.
  11. AjTee

    Is Catalina 10.15 Beta 8 stable enough?

    Hello, I am currently looking for information, if Beta 8 is stable enough to daytime jobs? I want to test it before launch. Do you have any stability problems with Catalina Beta 8 ?
  12. James Nighthawk

    iPhone 11 11th payment on Upgrade Program... due the day after starting my next IUP?!

    Ello lovely forumites! A simple (I hope) question! I am on the IUP. I wish to grab my shiny new iPhone 11 in store on Friday 27th. My 11th payment for my iPhone XR is due on the 31st September. This is the next working day to Friday 27th. I am hoping to pay my 11th payment on the 27th in...
  13. C

    I know I’m a little (a lot) late to the party, but I have a question about AirPods

    I first got AirPods when the 2nd generation first came out. I was so excited when I got them, they were everything I ever wished for. Perfect for soccer game warmups, for a quick listen, or when I’m on the train on the way to work. Now the problem was that they would be loose in my ear, more...
  14. Chris331

    I can’t delete partition

    Hi, I recently installed kali linux without knowing what i was doing. I deleted KL shortly after but when I went to delete the partition (after erasing it clean), it wouldn’t let me click the “-“ to remove. Also when I went to search terminal for “diskutil cs list” it says no CoreStorage Found...
  15. BruhMoment69

    Apple Pin?

    I have a (old looking) apple pin that says computer literacy it is white and red and the base is gold i cannot find any info on google i need some help identifying this pin
  16. Vitamax

    Solution to failed booting into Windows from external drive using a different MacBook pro?

    I had Windows 10 installed on an external drive and I can boot into Windows using my MacBook pro 15 Inch without any problems. But when I try booting into Windows using a different 13 Inch MacBook pro by pressing the alt/option key I can not see the option to choose the external drive. Any...
  17. H

    Missing Macintosh HD in Disk Utility - 2007 iMac

    I need help. Bought an old 2007 iMac with the flashing / blinking question mark folder icon. Used Command + R to boot up into Disk Utility (only worked by me creating a Bootable USB flash drive). Now in disk utility I have a problem... I can’t erase or partition Disk 1 or Disk 2 (please see...

    iPhone XS Max Sound Volume has degenerated

    I've had the iPhone XS Max 256GB since launch. The volume was excellent, nice a loud easily heard. I have all volume controls set to maximum in settings, and in the control Panel, and in Siri. However, after months of use the sound has become noticeably lower. Its now to the point when Im in...
  19. macduke

    What 2019 iMac Did You Order?

    If you got one, post which 2019 iMac config you ordered! I ordered the following config and saved some money on RAM since it's user upgradable: 27" 5K 3.6GHz i9 8-core 8GB RAM Vega 48 2TB SSD Why did I go with this config? I didn't like that the i5 was the second best option, had the same...
  20. Anonymous700

    Can schools look at your past facetime calls?

    I heard from somewhere that your calls are recorded on school laptops and schools can go back and watch them. I personally don't believe this is true but I want confirmation. Is this true?