1. quaccOS

    Late 2011 MacBook Pro 17": Boot Failure & Hinge Broken

    MacBook Pro was running without internal display until it unexpectedly failed to boot up one morning Hinge broke a while ago – I've been using a MiniDisplay Port to HDMI cable (I don't know how to fit the display back on) I left my device plugged into my TV's HDMI port overnight. No screws in...
  2. U

    UK: Please help to find serious, professional repair engineer for iPhone SE

    Hello! The charging circuitry on my iPhone SE went kaput some time ago. I am looking for a recommendation for a repair engineer in the UK who is committed to a professional job and who treats their customers with respect. Background: It was difficult to find somebody who could repair it and...
  3. L

    mid 2011 Mac Mini Fan speed

    I just got an old used mid 2011 mac mini. I popped it open to take a look around and accidentally ended up ripping off the surface mounted fan connector. Ive been in my 2013 macbook pro and replaced a few parts and given it some upgrades, so I didnt think I would mess up so fast haha Luckily...
  4. L

    Whats wrong with this iMac?

    I have 2 SSD Hard Drives in this mac. One is getting pretty full. I repaired it all really cleanly and it's worked fine for a long time since then. I'm starting to get graphical glitches as well as the iMac will sometimes run for a while then randomly turn to a Grey screen and then restart and...
  5. S

    HELP! Mojave install has screwed up my Mac!

    Just installed Mojave on an older system that had been running El Capitan. So many problems now: 1) Every time I restart the computer it goes through the Mojave "Setting Up Your Mac" screens that normally only appear right after an install and therefore a lot of changes I've made get reset. 2)...
  6. R

    Re-seating iMac 27 2011 motherboard

    Hi, I’ve been a spectator of this forum for awhile now, especially of the 2011 iMac GPU upgrade thread. I had acquired one of these machines myself about 4 months ago, I wanted to eventually make it my primary computer, so I set out to install an SSD, additional RAM, along with applying new...
  7. B

    iPad Pro Does Apple "repair" or swap unit for cracked iPad Pro screen under AppleCare+

    I have a 2018 iPad Pro with a cracked screen. If I make an appt at a Genius Bar will apple replace my iPad on the spot with a replacement unit or does it send my unit somewhere to have the screen replaced? I have AppleCare+. I ask this because I know for iPhones Apple will actually replace...
  8. Akhand Pratap Singh

    MacBook Pro Bend

    Hi All! I have the mid 2012 A1398 Macbook Pro Retina model. the HDMI port has gotten bent towards the outside by accident. I’m planning to fix it by using pliers and bending the other way. Any tips and past experiences with this? Thanks in advance!
  9. B

    Macbook b

    Macbook b
  10. trumpetmercenary

    Mail-in Macbook Repair services

    My 2011 MBP recently stopped charging, even after replacing the battery, so I'm looking for a technician I can mail it to for repair (in-town stores always gouge like hell for it, they don't care how old the computer is). Can anyone recommend a service online for mailing it in to fix whatever...
  11. PaulieP

    All iPads New replacement touchscreen - stops working after only seconds until I reboot. Ideas?

    Recently replaced the touchscreen/digitizer on my Mini 2 and ran into a weird problem. First off - FPC connector and cables and board connectors are fine for both LCD (original) and touchscreen (replacement, third party). On power on, the touchscreen works for about 10-15 seconds (registers...
  12. D

    Resolved Got my laptop (mac book pro 15“ 2017) fan repaired but I think I may have been scammed

    Upon recieving it back I had to pay 50£ for the repair which seemed to be a good price. However I did not receive a receipt and I was told I could only pay cash (obviously a sketchy operation). Then later, upon closer examination, I noticed that my laptop had been set to a completely different...
  13. macnerd93

    MP 1,1-5,1 I'm going to be replacing the logic board in my 2006 Mac Pro - Is there anything I should be aware of?

    The only thing this Mac Pro gets used for it archival work and storage. It's got about 5tb worth of storage in total and I use the machine to archive all my old video production projects and photography work. Its also the only machine I have which can still run and load up my old Aperture...
  14. Dheerapong

    How log to repair you MacBook Pro?

    Hello everyone. I sent my MacBook Pro (13-inch,2018, 4) to Authorized Service Provider (Ali bin Ali) on 9/21/2019. From that day till today take more 36 days left. I don't know, how long that you take repair for you macbook? Dheerapong
  15. iQuestionz

    is my logic board dead

    Hello, I had an accident with my MacBook pro-2011 where it slid off the shelf and fell onto the ground. It worked that same day, but now it does not turn on, or show any signs of life. No sounds, No lights. Nothing. The charger shows a dim green light when plugged into the MacBook. I took it...
  16. Wolf-Tau

    iPad iPad pro dead, should I...

    My ipad pro (10.5" from 2017 I think) seems to be dead. Bkack screen, no light. Nothing. Might be the battery because several chargers have been tried and nothing helped . Hard reset and hooked up to itunes also tried, nothing worked. And there are not many options to get it repaired, so...
  17. Iandaw1

    MacBook Pro 2017 touchbar screen no display but backlight still works

    The other day while using my computer the screen froze and the image gradually started to disappear from the outer part of the screen to the centre(took about 40 seconds to do so), but the computer was still running and the backlight still was(allthough only displaying a blank screen) i hard...
  18. D

    Battery recall (15-inch) mess-up by Apple

    Well, you might be aware of the battery recall going on for some of the 15-inch macbook pro models. My device is 2015 15-inch. Just got my device back from the Apple store after the battery replacement. They did replace the...
  19. T

    iPhone SE Lifted Screen Corner and Genius Bar

    hello, i had taken my iphone se to the local apple store for fixing because of a small lift/ elevated corner on the screen- it looks like it had popped out of the enclosure a little. it was eventually sent out for further teaching to determine if there were any problems. i am wondering if they...
  20. L

    Apple repair not shipped yet?

    Forgive me if this isn't in the right topic or if this site in general isn't the place to discuss this but I just don't know what to do. Perhaps I just want some piece of mind. It's been two days since I went to the genius bar for my macbook pro. At that time, the representative told me they...