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  1. J

    Monterey update failed

    Hi all! I updated my iMac from Sierra to Catalina and then wanted to update it to Monterey. It got stuck at the point where it cannot select a startup disc. I somehow got pass that message, but then the update failed and how when I start it there is a flashing question mark and the text...
  2. N

    Troubleshooting 2011 iMac 27"

    I recently got a 2011 iMac 27" from a friend and I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with it. When I turn it on, I hear a chime and then the apple logo shows up with the progress bar (the background is light grey, looks washed out), then after a couple of seconds the apple logo and progress...
  3. geohei

    iPhone X iPhone X display dead

    Hi. Hope this is the correct forum. My iPhone X fell today. The display is (almost) dead (some green display upper right side still visisble). I can enter the password blindly, which I used to access the iPhone X via MacBook and make a backup. Haptics work as well. Basically it seems to be...
  4. T

    MacBook Pro water damage short circuit

    Hi, Unfortunately I recently spilled water on my MacBook Pro 2019. It has the following specs: . I only spilled a few drops of water on it, landing around the...
  5. AstroRexaur

    MacRumours Brothers/Sisters, help my mom with her MBA M1

    My mom called me today (hysteric) and send me these pictures from her MBA M1 (bought it +1 year ago), it happened suddenly. Any suggestions? She's living in a country that sells MacBooks (Costco, Sams, BestBuy) but there's no Apple Store nor authorized service providers (I searched thru Apple...
  6. D

    LED Cinema Display Vertical Lines

    Recently got this LED Display on eBay and when it arrived I quickly noticed it had these vertical lines running through it. They are pretty much on the entire display. They are almost invisible on a white screen but when it is dark they become very noticeable. I cannot find pretty much anything...
  7. G

    Replacing MacBook A2289 Display

    I have been asked to replace the display of a cracked A2289. The MacBook was tested favorably with an external display Amazon sells THE LCD display "assembly" (display in metal ENCLOSURE) eBay sells the "display only" (WITHOUT metal...
  8. S

    MBP 13" Mid 2014 - Cursed Screen

    Hi All! Long time lurker, first time poster here. I have a mid 2014 13" MBP that I'm considering replacing the battery of, and wondered over the course of planning this, whether or not I would be able to fix a screen issue that I've lived with for the past ~5 years, shown below ! Lol so...
  9. T

    iPhone 11 Can people replace or repair FaceID with third party parts? Would FaceID work? If FaceID is tampered with would it still work?

    Can people replace or repair FaceID with third party parts? Would FaceID work? If FaceID is tampered with would it still work?
  10. scapegoat81

    iPhone 11 Can Apple repair this ??

    GM everyone, I wanted to see if the backplate on my wife’s iPhone 11 can be repaired or not before I waste any of my time driving an hour to an Apple Store & waiting. Has anyone had this fixed on their iP11 ??
  11. C

    Replacing Apple Watch battery

    I have an old Series 5 that I use a backup watch to my primary. The battery dies fairly quickly. It's probably not worth much to sell, and Apple charges $299 to replace the battery, which is more than it's worth. There are battery replacement kits on Amazon for like $30. I've repaired many Apple...
  12. W

    Apple’s “machining tolerances” have really gone down the crapper in recent years.

    MacBook just came out of repair and I noticed that the power button/Touch ID sensor has a small nick on the top edge, and the Apple Store employees and manager said that it was considered within normal machining tolerances. Really sucks because I personally would not tolerate this in the...
  13. A

    Macbook Pro 13" keeps frying my SSD's

    I have a Macbook Pro 13" mid 2012 that I've upgraded with 16 gb ram and an SSD (kept the 500gb hdd instead of the disc drive). First I tried with a Corsair SSD Force Series GS 128GB, but after some time it stopped working - as in it's 100% dead. Doesn't work in other devices either. Then I...
  14. P

    Replace/Upgrade Logic Board on a mid 2011 iMac 27"

    Recently, a client's mid 2011 27" iMac died on him. His repair guy said it was beyond repair & worthless. He was gonna throw it out if I didn't want it. It seemed like such a waste so I said thank you & took it home. Physically, it looks to be in mint condition. No scratches anywhere. It...
  15. Rainings

    iPad Successfully refurbished iPad 2 into mint condition

    Hi new user here, I have been reading news from this forum for a long time and finally register an account to share my experience fixing the old iPad2. tldr; I will not recommend anyone to do it, it is extremely tedious and tiring, opening up the iPad, cleaning, source the correct parts etc...
  16. D

    Performa 5215CD No Video

    Got a Performa 5215CD and when I boot it up I get fan spin and drive noise but no video. The CD drive even opens up. When I take out the board there is no damage and other than a fine layer of dust, it looks like new. What could be the problem here? If it needs a recap, where can I find an in...
  17. zastin17

    400K Floppy Drive Repair, Fails To Initialize 95% Of the Time! But IF successful, will boot from the disk reliably.

    So I recently Purchased a donor 400k drive to fix my Original 128K Macintosh Floppy drive. I transplanted the head, which the old ones 0 sensor arm got deformed by me, lol. Lubricated everything, and tried to format. Keep in mind, my zero sensors is wrong, I am not really focusing on that quiet...
  18. Goatllama

    Plastic on Hinge Cracked

    2009 13" Macbook Pro. As the title says, hinge (or hinge cover?) is in somewhat poor shape, cracks throughout the surface. Device itself opens and closes fine. Any knowledge as to whether the appearance is just cosmetic? Should I be worried? Thought about painting it with super glue or...
  19. tensixturtle

    iMac 2015 27" Backlight Bleed

    Hello, I have a late 2015 27" iMac which has sadly been plagued with the backlight bleed issue. It is pretty severe with the ghosting and discoloration. I was curious, though, if I was to replace the LCD with another one off of eBay, it would have the same issue sooner or later, correct? Because...
  20. tensixturtle

    iMac G3 (Summer 2001) - Any Hope?

    Hello, I have a summer 2001 iMac G3 that I have no idea the background of. All I know is that it does not turn on. I have changed the PRAM battery and pushed the reset button on the logic board, and I have checked the trickle power which showed that the PSU isn't supplying enough power. I am...