1. B

    iPhone 12 Pro Max Apple replaced my screen and ended up damaging the phone

    Took my 12 Pro Max into the Genius Bar today to get the screen replaced. I got it back and there are scratches/scuffs all along the sides of the phone. I imagine this happened so they could take the old screen off and put the new one on. Has anyone experienced this before? Kind of upset that...
  2. goyingus

    MBP 2017 testing for resell

    Hello everyone! Intro: (SKIP if not interested in the background story lol). I'm new to the forum so sorry if I'm posting this question on the wrong subform (or even website). I have a MacBook Pro 2017 (function keys, 2 cores/4 threads base model with a 256gb SSD) which I need to sell. I need...
  3. F

    Mac Mini Mid 2010 IR Sensor Broke Off

    My 2010 Mac Mini has had some issues, it would crash down a little after logging in and doing some light stuff. My family bought a new Mac mini 2 years ago, but wanted to check it out again just because. Before I go any further, I work at a repair shop(mainly phones) and have had experience with...
  4. J

    Dlsd superdrive wont eject

    As the title implies, I have a dlsd PB which I recently acquired and revamped (re-apply thermal paste in it's three chips, replaced the HDD for a SSD and soon I'll max it ram-wise), I had a Leopard DVD and tried to boot it via Command+Option and it didn't see it in the multi-boot screen, so I...
  5. fredhag

    Display Broken

    Hey! I would appreciate some help. I have a 2017 15" MacBook Pro and dropped it such that the display isn't working. The pixels seem to work because I can see the desktop, but it looks like an old TV that is having vertical hold problems and then it goes dark after a few minutes but comes...
  6. huge_apple_fangirl

    Third party screen issues

    I just had my cracked iPhone XS’ screen replaced by a third party repair shop. I don’t know if the guy was Apple authorized- the settings does NOT say that “Apple cannot verify this display”, but this screen has flashing issues, among other things. Does Apple refuse to service iPhones that have...
  7. jordanbaron

    Mac Mini PRAM Battery Not Being Detected?

    A Mac Mini (A1176) I have wasn’t saving the date and time/wifi so I ordered a new PRAM battery. I put it in but the date and time/wifi still isn’t being saved. I flipped it around but the same issue occurred. I have pushed the metal fingers as close to the battery as I can, yet it still wiggles...
  8. B

    iPad Need advice on DIY refurbishing a 2020 iPad

    A cracked-but-still-working 2020 iPad (Model A2428) recently came into my possession via my workplace's IT department. The device wasn't passcode locked (I received explicit permission that I could keep it) and the device works great except for a severely cracked digitizer and some traces of the...
  9. S

    MP 1,1-5,1 Diagnosing 2008 Mac Pro graphics card /motherboard issue

    A while ago I bought 2 new Samsung monitors to run on my 2008 Mac Pro 3,1 with a GTX770 graphics card. I unplugged the old monitors, plugged in the new ones (using Samsung's supplied HDMI cables, the only ones I've found that will actually run them at their full 144Hz speed). One of the screens...
  10. N

    Macbook Pro 2018 15’ interior damage?

    Hi everyone, today I wanted to clean the fans of my mbp and while I took the backplate off I think I damaged the protective layer (that covers a the metal?) of one of interior components (see pictures). I put it back together and it works fine but should I worry about damage that could unfold in...
  11. K

    All iPads Screen Burned

    Screen Burned , my screen was burned by hair a hair dryer , the screen had a big black spot where it was burned but it went away now it looks all creased ? Is it even possible to have this fixed ? I can’t find anyone else online that has even had a similar problem. It’s an iPad Pro 11 inch
  12. G

    2011 MacBook Pro 15in Reboot LOOP! HELP!

    Hey all! My mac has been a rockstar since I’ve owned it! A couple days ago it was working fine, I left to go make dinner, came back and it was in a reboot loop. It would display the apple logo, start the progress bar, load 1/2-3/4 of the way, flash to a grey screen, and reboot. Once I saw it...
  13. Thick1992

    2017 27” iMac Repair Question

    Hey, I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this question but today my 27” 2017 iMac encountered a problem, there was a iPhone charger plugged into the USB port and the computer powered on but in sleep mode and my fiancé went to grab the cable and it flung around and the tip that plugs...
  14. J

    MacBook Key Repair

    Hi guys, one key on my MacBook Pro 13’ (2015) is slightly faulty, it isn’t broke but I have to push it harder than the rest for it to register, any advice? Thanks!
  15. C

    Macbook Pro Performance issues after keyboard repair (Mid-2012 A1398)

    Hi, I recently got a Retina 15" mid-2012 MacBook, it came with 6 keys on the keyboard not working. Up until I replaced the keyboard, it's been great - I loaded it with Big Sur and even though it's not officially supported, it ran great. Whilst I had a 4 hour fight to fit the keyboard, it went in...
  16. mikelark456

    Imac G3 won't turn on

    Hey guys, I recently ended up with a 600mhz snow imac g3. I won it for very cheap, and so, as expected, it was in pretty rough shape. the entire inner bezel was in pieces and the outer bezel was barely held in place. however when i plugged it in it bonged and booting into 10.2 just fine. however...
  17. S

    PowerBook G4, advice on display issue

    Hi everyone, I'm a long term Apple user and a bit of a collector of vintage Mac's. This morning a good friend of mine gave me the opportunity to buy a 12" 1.5Ghz PowerBook G4. This Powerbook is in beautiful condition, condition wise it's one of the best I have seen in a long time and it comes...
  18. watkipet

    Dubious "Found an issue with your product" Apple repair

    I sent my iPhone 8 in to Apple for a ~$45 battery replacement. I used the UPS shipment method. It went to a business at the following address: Pegatron USA 2811 Laguna Blvd Elk Grove, CA 95758-7410 Instead of replacing the battery, Apple stated: The listed issue was that the cell phone radio...
  19. ckoerner

    iPad Examples of accidental damaged covered by AppleCare?

    My wife and I recently purchased new iPads with AppleCare. I’ve never had AppleCare on my devices, but the coverage of accidental damage was enticing. Side note: I dropped my first iPad - the lovely iPad 2 - a week after I got it back in 2011. Shattered the whole screen. 😭 That was expensive to...
  20. A

    iPhone SE (1st G) proximity sensor broken? Display not dark during call

    Hi guys, my mum is on a 1st Gen-iPhone SE and is kept in a tough case with screen protector. She absolutely loves that thing and looked well after her little machine. Her first iPhone, you get it... For a while now she complained about accidentally muting during a phone call. If I cover...