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  1. W

    MacBook Pro 2017 Motherboard Battery Replacment Cable

    Hi everyone- this cable was snapped due to shoddy repair work. I believe one end is soldered to the motherboard- suggestions on replacment or repair? Thanks- William
  2. minicm

    Macbook pro 2015 keyboard replacement

    Hi all. Actually I got a Macbook pro late 2015 15" Somehow, the keyboard stopped working so I was wondering for getting a replacement. Replacement for this macbook in special are kinda hard to find, but replacements for 2011-2014 15" are kinda cheapier (and the macbook for parts by itself)...
  3. K

    Is a laptop right for me?

    I've been biding my time as I am chugging along with my now 13-year-old 2010 imac. I've updated the ram and replaced the hard drive, but alas, the vast array of restrictions software wise have pretty well started forcing me to look at replacement options. I'm looking for some input on what...
  4. H

    iPhone 12 Pro At what percentage of battery wear does the iPhone start throttling and acting wonky?

    I don’t know if anyone here services Apple products, but I’ve replaced over 100 iPhone batteries and up until today, I was under the impression that once the battery wear reached 85%, it would say “service battery“ but this iPhone 12 pro is at 80% and says nothing. Due to his random shut downs...
  5. Alvin777

    Does This iPhone Screen Glass Replacement Need a UV Glue?

    Hello Mac friends. I've not had the time (or extra iPhone to use should things go south) to replace my cracked screen that's been cracked for almost 2 years now (iPhone 6s Plus). My screen glass + digitizer replaced (in the photo) which I've stored for 2 years now but now I truly need to...
  6. AjTee

    AirPods Pro cover replacement

    Hello, My original AirPods Pro cover damaged, so I have ordered second hand original cover. Original one with MagSafe, this second hand ordered one is probably without MagSafe - I do not care. Will be AirPods compatible with this second hand one? How to make my AirPods with this second hand...
  7. W

    Speaker Recommendation for MacBook Pro on a Desk

    I have a 13 inch 2020 M1 MacBook Pro that I have been using a 20 year-old set of Harman Kardon Soundsticks (USB-connected) with that have been working wonderfully. However, age has finally caught up to the speakers and the rubber membranes surrounding the speakers mounted in the 2 satellite...
  8. H

    iPhone 14 Pro Iphone 14 Pro/ Pro Max Back Replacement

    Did a search and didn't see this posted anywhere. Sharing my experience as it may be helpful for someone. Took my wife's iPhone 14 Pro in to get the back glass fixed. One of our kids had dropped it and shattered the back glass. Fortunately, we have AppleCare on her phone. It was in a case but a...
  9. J

    PSA: Do NOT buy NinjaBatt branded batteries: random shutdowns & no safe sleep

    I purchased a A1618 battery for my 2015 15 MBP and it was a nightmare from day one. Once installed, the computer would shut down at random percentages even after multiple battery calibrations and SMC/PRAM resets it still acts up. Even when installed in a MPB with an iGPU only it still shuts down...
  10. TripleYoThreat

    Resolved Swapped working keyboard, now new keyboard not working (also a surprise!)

    Hi hope all are well! This is actually an interesting one. Picked up this project with my Dad for...pretty much just a fun mod project. A matte black macbook just sounded badass to me. This began before the announcement of the midnight Macbook. The plan was to separate the keyboard from the...
  11. L

    How long will I wait for a replacement? Seems my Mac Studio is defective

    I received a Mac Studio yesterday from the Apple Store online. I reported the problem to Support and asked for a replacement. My Mac Studio has a custom configuration. I wonder if I will be given priority or if the replacement order has fallen to the end of the order list? The date at the time...
  12. ZircoBen

    Using Your Butterfly Keyboard after the 4 year guarantee?

    I have had two keyboard replacements over the 3 years that I've owned my 2017 MacBook Pro, and now I need to decide whether I should keep this thing and risk it breaking again, or sell it off and let someone else run that risk. How many of you are deciding to 'stick with' your butterfly...
  13. rillrill

    Apple Watch Battery Replacement for $79 Story

    Hey folks. I just wanted to share my experience getting my wife’s Apple Watch battery replaced from Apple. With Apple either slowing down adding new features or just not being able to add many new features like new sensors, its never been a better time to keep your watches longer. My wife’s...
  14. W

    Replacement screws for Power Mac G4 power supplies?

    Today I learnt the hard way that if you use the wrong type and quality of Phillips head screwdriver, you run the risk of stripping the head of the screw. While it ain’t too bad, it just kinda looks off to me. I have to get my (diagnosed) OCD under control... Wondering if there are any wholesale...
  15. M

    Apple Care+ Denial and Nightmare

    Hello, tl;dr: Sent in an iPhone for Express Replacement, got denied and a random part back instead of the original device. I have had the privilege of using Apple products for the past few decades and never encountered an issue like this current one. I would really appreciate anyone's input on...
  16. C

    Airpods Pro Case Battery Health

    I have Airpods Pro for 22 months. buds were replaced a year ago, but case is the original. I have noticed that it lasts very little, while use is not high. Can I check battery health of airpods pro case? Any help if I can have any replacement etc, as I am out of 1 year Apple's warranty...
  17. T

    Cost To Replace MacBookPro Screen

    Looking for someone to point me in the right direction. What is the cost? Where can get my 2013 15 inch MacBook screen replaced? Also, it has the Retina display. I closed my charger between the screen and keyboard. Now I have the rainbow lines of death. Lol
  18. jordanbaron

    Mac Mini PRAM Battery Not Being Detected?

    A Mac Mini (A1176) I have wasn’t saving the date and time/wifi so I ordered a new PRAM battery. I put it in but the date and time/wifi still isn’t being saved. I flipped it around but the same issue occurred. I have pushed the metal fingers as close to the battery as I can, yet it still wiggles...
  19. C

    Replacement AirPods Pro Process

    I was wondering if anyone had any experience with Apple support changing their processes re:replacing AirPods Pros. In the past I had a lot of the crackling issues and a lot of replacements from Apple themselves. That process was pretty much: tell apple of the problems, they place a hold on my...
  20. ZircoBen

    Keyboard Replacement Experiences - Do issues come back?

    Hello y'all, I have a 2017 MacBook Pro, and I had my keyboard replaced in the summer of 2019 after my spacebar was giving out. Now my 'A' and 'D' keys are repeating and I need ANOTHER replacement. For those who have had a recent keyboard replacement, are the new keyboards any different and...