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  1. Michael.S

    mid 2012 15" A1286 video issues after screen upgrade to hires (1650 x 1050)

    Hi, I am running a mid 2012 15" a1286 MBPro with a standard glossy 1440 x 900 resolution. I have decided to do an upgrade on the screen and got myself a late 2011 hires matte display with 1650 x 1050 resolution. I replaced the screen and needed to do some small changes on the LVDS cable so it...
  2. H

    Awful experiences with local Genius bar. Help !

    My local apple store has broken my phone three times in a row. Completely rendered it useless by either breaking connections within the phone and smashing the screen 'accidentally' twice, all during simple battery replacements- and I had to dish out £69 and hours of my time resetting and going...
  3. A

    Mid 2009 SSD replacement Question

    Machine: Mid 2009 MacBook Pro 15 inch (Dual Core) Hi everyone, I am looking to upgrade the original hard drive to an SSD in order to revive this machine. It works fine, but has become rather slow. I want to make sure this computer can be upgraded simply by replacing it with a Samsung EVO 860...
  4. S

    Lost charging case for AirPods Pro

    Lost the charging case for AirPods Pro but I still have the AirPods as I was wearing them ..quick question ...will any cheap 3rd party cases work just to charge them...also some of these cheaper airpod pro clones come for 30-50 usd with headphones so was wondering if I order them ..then I can...
  5. Francesco Gioeli

    iPhone 11 Pro Max Phone was violently thrown at wall and laundry machine

    My 11 pro max I bought in may 2020 was aggressively caught in crossfire and thrown at the wall by someone other than me. I take beautiful care of my phone, I have Apple care + I’m considering swapping it out but do I need to? Are those “new” phones Apple give you actually new? I’m worried there...
  6. H

    How does Ghost Touch typically occur on the iPhone X?

    Hey all! Super OCD person here with an iPhone X, been vigilant looking for symptoms of ghost touch ever since it was first acknowledged by apple and granted a replacement program. Recently I've been kinda freaking myself out thinking I'm noticing it here and there, but I don't even know if...
  7. D

    2016 12" MacBook: Replace battery or upgrade?

    Hi everyone, I have a 2016 MacBook 12" (M3/8GB/256SSD) that has been a real warrior for me the past 4 years. Snagged it on an "Open Box Deal" through Best Buy during Black Friday deals so I got it for less than $1000 after taxes. For the past two months, I've been dealing with the "Service...
  8. JDW

    2015 15" MBP strange rubbery things inside after Apple battery replacement

    My battery was swollen so I shipped my 2015 15" MBP to Apple Japan for a battery replacement. They replaced that and the top keyboard case too. When it came back I opened the bottom case to have a look and I found two rubbery things inside (see below), which were not there before. They fell...
  9. J

    Need help! applecare macbook12 replace a macbook air

    Hi everyone thanks for read the post. I have a Macbook 12 purchase at 2018. and I upgrade the processer from m3 to i5, spend $2200+. and I send it to Apple Store because no reason shut down and it continues happening after change the logic board. they decided to replace me a 2020 Macbook air...
  10. S

    What do you guys do when your ONLY Mac needs to be service?

    As the title says, what do you guys do when your only useable Mac has to be returned to Apple/Apple Authorised Reseller for repairs and battery replacement? Service time may take 2-3 weeks. If you have a Windows computer, do you use it in the meantime? Or use your iPad, or iPhone? Buy a new...
  11. sregreb

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 12.9 first generation battery replacement

    My iPad Pro 12.9 first gen (2015) still rocks on iPadOS but the battery is down to 80 percent capacity according the Apple Genuis Bar. I understand the battery replacement service from Apple is 99 bucks and they don’t swap the battery but replace it with a refurb unit. Has anyone had this done...
  12. JhnsSch

    iPad Pro Will Apple charge 1,5k for iPad Pro self-destruction? - Stuck at Apple Logo - AppleCare

    Hey there, I was about to send my iPad Pro back to Apple yesterday, however the backup process kept repeating to send me the following message: My iPad Pro has 153GB of storage taken. Nevertheless, I kept getting the error message telling me I do not have enough available storage to finish the...
  13. macnerd93

    MP 1,1-5,1 I'm going to be replacing the logic board in my 2006 Mac Pro - Is there anything I should be aware of?

    The only thing this Mac Pro gets used for it archival work and storage. It's got about 5tb worth of storage in total and I use the machine to archive all my old video production projects and photography work. Its also the only machine I have which can still run and load up my old Aperture...
  14. Milfan

    Apple Watch 3 After replacement force touch doesnt work

    Hey, so I replaced the whole display and also force touch. Display is working without any harm, but force touch doesnt work. I cleaned it well, tried more than just one force touch piece and still without any response.. Any idea if there is some kind of software problem or anything? Thank...
  15. S

    Replacement of apple watch

    How to determine that the replaced apple watch i will be getting is a new one or a refurbished one or a used one.?
  16. odog451

    Defective iPhone XS Screen: Thoughts on this?

    I’m not sure defective would be the word to describe this but essentially, I purchased an iPhone XS 256GB from AT&T and I believe that something might be wrong with the quality, placement, or something else with the glass on the front screen. I keep getting progressively worse cracks on it and...
  17. cheesyappleuser

    iPhone 8(+) Device with faulty logic board and not covered by recall

    Hey everyone, My iPhone 8 suddenly started to suffer from sudden restarts, and eventually it did not turn on for several hours. I checked the recall webpage for my device, however it displayed it is not covered by the programme. A few days later, I went to an authorised repairer (because no...
  18. ThatiPhoneUser

    iPhone 5 or earlier iPhone 5 battery from OWC

    Hi guys, This sounds kinda ancient but I want to replace the battery on my iPhone 5 and I have been looking all over the place online to find a good battery. I was considering iFixit but it was too expensive. I stumbled upon OWC's website and found that they sold batteries for the 5. I've...
  19. E

    cMP 4,1 / 5,1 Exhaust fan replacement

    Hey folks, the rear exhaust fan of my cMP 4,1 started to rattle and make noises. Therefore I'd like to replace it. I found some used cMP fans on ebay and was wondering if I can use a 3,1 exhaust fan as well? Are they interchangeable? The design looks very similar. Thanks.
  20. contacthamdi1998

    iPhone HELP! Touch ID Tweaks.

    Hi, I have an Iphone 6s plus and I had to replace the touch ID from another broken 6s plus which had a perfect working Touch ID since mine was broken. It is not possible to activate the touch ID of another Iphone for mine. I have found out from some research that the touch id is linked to the...