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Nov 7, 2018
I purchased a A1618 battery for my 2015 15 MBP and it was a nightmare from day one. Once installed, the computer would shut down at random percentages even after multiple battery calibrations and SMC/PRAM resets it still acts up. Even when installed in a MPB with an iGPU only it still shuts down for no reason at random percentages even at high ones at that.

Another complaint that occurred is the fact that the computer doesn't hibernate and save work when battery gets to zero and display the battery flat icon. On a Apple/good battery, when the battery reaches zero, it will hibernate the computer, save work that is open, then show the battery flat icon. This battery when it reaches low percentages just cuts power with no warning whatsoever. And when you try to power it on, it will fail to start up a few times and boot halfway before showing the battery flat icon. And when charged, none of you work is saved unlike an apple battery where it will resume where you left off.

I reported my findings to their support teams and the 2 emails on the back of the box and got no response back at all. Also, the battery when viewed with Coconut Battery does not have a Manufacture, Manufacture Date, and reports a generic serial number that I have found on other third party and counterfeit batteries.

I would suggest that anybody looking for a battery replacement for their Mac avoid getting NinjaBatt branded batteries if it wasn't obvious. If anybody has a recommendation for an actually good A1618 battery then leave it down below. I've had good experiences with EGOWAY and XINGLT so far in my MBA computers so I am going to check those out when my current battery throws in the towel.

Thanks for reading this long winded rant.


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Apr 19, 2017
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I've purchased a couple of Ninjabatt for the 2015 13" Air about 2.5 years and they are still working fine. The health and longevity drops faster than an OEM Apple battery but these cost way less.


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Aug 15, 2020
SF Bay Area
I had good luck with Puredick brand. I know, strange name, but apparently a bit better reputation than most Chinese battery brands. YMMV. However, I suspect many of these brands are rebranded clones.

The other option recommended by many is the $200 Apple battery replacement repair, with 1 year warranty I think
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