1. re4mat

    iMac G4 (1st gen) chip identification

    This is a long shot, but does anybody have a 1st gen iMac G4 logic board (820-1257) handy that has U33 populated? (It's not populated on my board.) I'm trying to identify the chip in the schematic, which says it's a C5003, but Google's coming up empty on that. (The only datasheet I can find for...
  2. O

    tvOS 14 update broke my Apple TV pairing with my control4 remote. Anyone else?

    After the Apple TV pestered me for a while to update, I finally gave in and updated. Now the control4 remote doesn't work with Apple TV. It will go to the correct TV input, but I need to use the remote app on iOS to wake up the Apple TV now. I have tried restarting the Apple TV and the entire...
  3. beppedessi

    Locate system update folder

    Hi, do you know where is located the folder where system updates are downloaded? EDIT: find out they are located in Library/Updates. Thank you anyway.
  4. ruslan120

    iPhone X Best Buy iPhone Repair?

    Hey MacRumors, Sorry if that has been asked before in advance. Now that Best Buy is an authorized Apple Service Center, does that mean they can offer replacement devices as well? I'm looking to get an iPhone X under AppleCare+ replaced due to its camera. Hoping to avoid a few days wait if they...
  5. Banglazed

    iOS 12.3 Beta 2 ― Bug Fixes, Changes, and Improvements

    iOS 12.3 Beta 2 Release Date ― April 8, 2019 Build Number ― 16F5129d Darwin Kernel Version ― 18.6.0: Mon Apr 1 21:13:01 PDT 2019; root:xnu-4903. iOS 12.3 Beta 2 Release Notes New Features & Changes Support for the Reiwa (令和) era of the Japanese calendar, which begins on May 1...
  6. crjackson2134

    Wrong Icon Bounces on Mojave Dock

    When I click on the icon for Microsoft Word 2019 standalone edition, my MAS icon bounces and shows the active indicator (a dot) under the icon, instead of the Word icon/indicator. Word loads correctly and there are no other issues, but I have to exit out of Word if I want to open the MAS...

    forbidden parking sign

    Hi! When I turn on my iMac (2017 - 16 GB of RAM - Fusion Drive - 4K - Mojave last version), a "forbidden parking sign" appears and, after a few seconds, it starts normally with the apple logo. Everything else is OK and all my applications work normally too. What is the problem with this strange...
  8. JohnAtl1

    Mojave: create DiskWarrior Recovery Disk -- Source macOS Recovery Disk?

    Bought DiskWarrior. In the process of attempting to create a bootable drive to recover my TimeMachine backup, I ran the DiskWarrior Recovery Maker, but the dropdown to select a Source macOS Recovery Disk is grayed out. I downloaded Mojave and made a bootable USB, but it is not recognized by the...
  9. nviz22

    iPhone XS Max Stereo Recording?

    Is there a way to toggle stereo recording on and off under the Apple camera app?
  10. captainfamicom

    Resolved Power Mac G4 install issues...

    My Power Mac G4 isn't doing so well. It worked fine till the PRAM battery died, so I replaced it, reset the PRAM, PMU, etc. It would not boot off Mac OS X Tiger, or even Mac OS 9, so I wiped the disk. When booting from my OS 9 CD, it freezes about 3/8ths the way through the bar, and my Panther...
  11. B

    Resolved 2009 8-Core 4,1 - 5,1 suddenly stopped booting

    About 9 months ago I flashed my 2009 8-Core 2.66 GHz Mac Pro to 5,1 firmware and upgraded the processors to x5680s which I bought on eBay and de-lidded. I've been running Sierra 10.12.6. Things were fine until a few weeks ago, when the following symptoms started happening erratically: 1...
  12. 0

    Resolved ThemeEngine Issues on macOS High Sierra

    I attempted to copy assets from one asset catalog to another one using ThemeEngine, on macOS High Sierra, but upon attempting to save the modified asset catalog, the application would not save it. If someone has had the same issue, and can help me fix it, that would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Micky Do

    Deleting photos from Photos?

    Late last year I upgraded my 2009 Mac Mini from Mountain Lion to El Capitan. With that came a change from iPhoto (which was easy enough to use and I liked) to Photos 1.0 (some of which I am unable to fathom)...... I have checked out Photos 3.0 on new computers, and functionality seems to have...
  14. vworks

    Chime sound "problem"

    Hi! I have a mac pro 4.1 since 3 months now. I have also a 1.1 which I do not use since I got the new one. I have this strange "problem"on the 4.1 and I don't remember having it on the 1.1 or on my macbooks before (I work on mac since 2000). The chime sound when I start the mac pro is very low...
  15. JedNZ

    Resolved macOS 10.12.5 and NVMe driver

    Can anyone confirm if the GITHUB NVMe driver works with macOS 10.12.4 (located here - only mentions compatibility to macOS 10.12.3)? I don't want to update to 10.12.4 until I know the NVMe kext is compatible.
  16. crjackson2134

    How can I remove Twitter quick launch bar at bottom of screen?

    If you close all apps, and double tap the home button (iPad Air2' iOS 10.2.1), there is this Twitter quick launch/greeting bar at the bottom of the screen. I've turned off all notifications and I can't make this annoying thing go away. Does anyone know how to remove it?
  17. A

    "Available updates have changed..."

    Hello all! I don't post here much, but I'm having an issue with the beta and I cannot update my system! So the App Store says I have an update to Beta 7 available. I tell it to install and it says that it's going to restart. After the countdown, it says that "Available updates have changed"...
  18. ed101utf8

    imac 2011 27" CPU permanenttly works on half of frequency

    Hello everyone! I encountered with problem and I have absolutely no idea how to resolve it. I have an iMac mid 2011 27" with core i5-2400 (3100MHz) radeon 6970-1gb HDD 1TB . My HDD had broken, so i decided to install SSD instead of it. So I replaced old hard disk and put ssd Crucial...
  19. D

    Airmail2 users a little help

    I have had enough of Apple mail. Using a trial of Airmail 2.6. Most things I have worked out. I have asked airmail support and not gotten a reply in two efforts to following questions. 1. when I buy the license, please tell I don't have to go through another setup of the program?? 2. is there...