1. A

    Advice on the best MacBook for using a virtual machine

    Hey guys! I'm choosing a new MacBook and persist in a quiet a confusion after several days of reading and thinking. :) I choose between 2018 rMBA and 2018 13' tbMBP. And specific configurations. The cornerstone of Mac's resources use is that I'm unfortunately forced to use a single (damn!)...
  2. MarckyG

    USB-C Hub / Adapter charging capabilities - recommendations?

    Dear forum, I know there is a USB-C adapter super thread... but my question is a bit more specific, I hope it's justified. My apologies if its not. I owned a HooToo Shuttle with HDMI, 3 USB3.0 and SD card slot and a SATECHI Aluminium Slim adapter with 2 USB3.0 and HDMI. They both have a USB-C...
  3. P

    Help me decide rMB i5 vs 13" MBP

    12" MacBook 1.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 8gb 512gb, 2017 vs 13.3" MacBook Pro 2.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 8gb 256gb, 2017 My current one is early 2015 base model macbook. (1.1 GHz Intel Core M, 8gb, 256gb) It is very slow. It is tooooo slow. It takes too much time opening up apps like...
  4. benoitc

    macbook 2017 i5 vs i7 benchmarks

    are there any benchmarks/tests available for these specs? I can only find it for m3 vs i5 at the moment.
  5. benoitc

    Resolved upgrading early 2015 MacBook?

    So I'm about to change my old MacBook 12" from 2015 to something newer, but I'm undecided if I'm going to a 2017 (i5 or i7) model with 16 GB of ram or an MBP 13" 2017 (i5 + 16GB). Since I've a maxed iMac 5K (2015 too), the laptop is definitely a secondary machine, used when travelling or during...
  6. redshovel

    Battery capacity drop

    New rMB 2017 with 5 load cycles and battery capacity has already dropped to 96% My experience with MBPs in the past has been a 100% plus capacity and only dropping to 98% or below when more than 100 or so load cycles have registered. Is this normal behaviour for the rMB? Any other data points?
  7. P

    MB 2017 for iOS development

    I currently use a MBA mid 2011, and I think it works ok. Build times are ok for my current project. 1:30 minutes for a complete rebuild, and 15 seconds for rebuild of one changed file. The simulator runs a bit slow, but I think it's ok. My project is based on SpriteKit with a physics engine, so...
  8. S

    2015 MacBook Driving External 4k Display @60 Hz

    Hi guys, I want to create this thread in order to help people like myself with their struggles to decide on an external 4k-display that's driven by a MacBook (early 2015). Since there are plenty of parameters (like HDMI vs. DisplayPort vs. USB-C, 30 Hz vs. 60 Hz, simultaneous charging of the...
  9. L

    Xcode interface on rMB

    can someone working in Xcode on a 12" rMB show me the screenshots of the interface? I'm thinking of getting a rMB, but I'm not sure if I feel comfortable with the screen realestate. currently I'm on 2013 15" rMBP, and I wouldn't mind a dedicated machine for coding as I need this 15" MBP for...
  10. Rhonindk

    rMB Trackpad Stutter

    Looking for some info / explanation ... rMB running the latest (10.12.4). It developed a stutter when using the built in trackpad. Everything looked good, was charged... It was looking good except for the stutter. Tried restarting, rebooting ... no joy. Found the stutter stopped when I...
  11. J

    rMacBook 12" durability

    Just purchased a 2016 12" m5 Space Grey MacBook. I love the rMB and think the size is perfect. I am got a soft sleeve for it, but I am worried about bending it in my backpack with my work laptop and cable etc. Has anyone experienced durability issues with their rMB? I have read some threads...
  12. Phightinphils

    15" Apple Store Arrival

    Any word or insight when demo's will hit the floors at the stores even if they stay backordered? Would like to test out the touch bar and make sure it's worth the extra $ for 15" display+touch bar instead of 13" base.
  13. H

    Buy rMB now OR Wait for Potential BF Deals?

    Hello All, Long time lurker, first time poster here. So I have a couple questions regarding the rMB. I have been looking for a decent laptop for portability and easy of use. My requirements would mostly be internet browsing, Netflix Hulu and other (up to) 4K Video Playback, and the Office Suite...
  14. hiler88

    Dell U3415W connected to rMB screen flickers

    Hi, I've browsed the forums at MacRumors on many occasions in the past and have signed up with the hope that somebody could offer advice - I just picked up a new Dell U3415W ultra wide display for my 2015 rMB(first edition - purchased Sept 2015) and have been experiencing a strange issue. The...
  15. Alevidalon

    MBA, rMB or used rMBP

    Hello! Im a college student and I absolutely need to buy a computer in august (my mom is traveling to the US to buy me one). I have been saving my money and i have these options: ($900 dollar budget) A 13 inch macbook air for $856 4gb 128gb A 12 macbook for $856 (new) 2015 model 8gb 258gb A...
  16. dadudeness

    Minix NEO C - Ethernet n/a after wakeup

    Hey guys, I go myself one of these Minix NEO C USB-C-adapters for my 2015 rMB. Basically because I need the Ethernet port. I installed the most recent drivers as the manual says and if the adapter is connected while the machine is starting Ethernet works like a charme. But when the Minix box...
  17. cdames00

    rMBP '15 vs rMB '16 vs rMBP '16

    I've got a chance to get a new rMBP 13" 2015 base model for $1000 out the door. My other options are these: 1. rMB 2016 with the M5 chip (I've got this one now but am well inside the return window) 2. rMBP 2016 13" base model when ever it comes out for retail price (I'm assuming it'll be...
  18. c0ppo

    rMB 15/16 and Dual monitor setup ?

    Greetings, Time has finally come for me to purchase this little wonderful machine. Now I'm wondering about dual monitor setup. I would use rMB for traveling and work (software engineer). But most of the places where I travel I ask in advance that they prepare two monitors for me to work on...
  19. Hellhammer

    4K at 60Hz on 12" rMB Hack: Monitors, Cables & Adapters That Work

    Background USB-C has four high-bandwidth lanes that can be dedicated to either USB 3.1 Gen 1 (i.e. USB 3.0 - 5Gbps) or DisplayPort 1.2. In addition to these four lanes, USB-C has separate USB 2.0 and power lanes that are available at all times. Running 4K at 60Hz requires the bandwidth of...
  20. G

    Free CPU temp monitor

    Does anyone know of a good CPU temperature monitor for the rMB? I used to use SMC fan control on my old MBP, but it doesn't seem to work on the rMB. Thanks in advance.