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  1. voraciousvegan

    MP 1,1-5,1 Windows on PCIe SATA SSD?

    4,1->5,1. Can I boot W10 on a PCIe 2.5" SSD if I'm just cloning my current W10 over, not a clean install (as I understand, you can't clean install over PCIe)? When I was initially installing W10 on this Mac Pro, I remember it was impossible to do thru Bootcamp, although Bootcamp drivers were...
  2. P

    Sata HD on G4 Quicksilver

    Hi there, i manage to resurrect a g4 quicksilver 867mhz with 2 80gb hds running Tiger. Now, i have some sata initio 1622 card installed and 250gb hd conected to it with leopard 10.5.8 from a(nother one) dead G5. On Tiger, all discs get properly mounted on desktop and running but i cannot manage...
  3. L

    iMac (Retina 4K, 21.5-inch, Late 2015)+

    hello I wad like put ( M.2 2280 PCIe drives )can I ? Is there a motherboard ports m.2 AND I CAN USE Adapter...
  4. alanmadzar

    MP All Models NVMe vs. SAS/SATA In Your Workflow

    Hello there, Has anyone come across a situation in developing applications (ex. 3D editing/rendering, photoshop, high-res audio) where you needed an NVMe interface as part of your storage workflow, as opposed to SAS/SATA? I know NVMe is pricier, but has anyone come across a situation where the...
  5. ianmason754

    Xserve RAID upgrade

    Hello all, This is my first post. I am an avid tinkerer and I am getting into soldering motherboards and just general things to occupy my little free time because I like to keep busy. I recently acquired an Xserve RAID. It came with 7x 750GB IDE hard drives. I am intending to use those hard...
  6. Pentaxer

    Designing the MAGIC power cable SATA – GPU

    Greetings! Need help in designing of useful item for MacProOwners – efficient power cable for GPU. Short reading I am designing the MAGIC cable to power GPU from SATA effectively. Need help. Anybody will be able to buy it from the workshop directly. Long reading High performance GPUs need a...
  7. J

    Upgrade from SATA to SSD/Flash Hard Drive for Late 2015 21.5" iMac

    Upgrade Late 2015 21.5" iMac from SATA to SSD/Flash Drive. Back up system with Time Capsule or some other form of backup. I recommend the following equipment and how to video. This flash hard drive: Crucial MX500 1TB 3D NAND SATA 2.5 Inch Internal SSD - CT1000MX500SSD1(Z) (amz0n for $135)...
  8. DeanLubaki

    Are there USB-C to SATA 3.5" cables?

    Hello! I can't find any USB-C to SATA 3.5" cable that support Power Delivery (can power the 3.5" hard drives without the need for an external power supply). Did anyone find one?
  9. T

    Resolved SSD not working internally (mid-2012, Crucial MX500)

    Hi, I have just bought an SSD (Crucial MX500). After many attempts and various problems along the way I have FINALLY managed to clone successfully using Carbon Copy Cloner. My drive is now bootable from a USB-SATA cable by starting up with option key. So clearly the drive is ok. However, when...
  10. gocke004

    3.0 vs 6.0 GB/s SATA SSD Drive for Macbook Pro (Mid 2009)

    Dear Fellow MBP Enthusiasts, I am considering upgrading the storage on my mid 2009 Macbook Pro (5,3). It currently runs off of the original 320 GB HDD. The computer is getting extremely slow as of late. I am also upgrading RAM to 8 GB (the max supported on this model). This laptop is only...
  11. pierino23

    internal SSD is overheating, how to fix

    Hi all! This is my first post here. I'm on my 50s and I have been playing with hardware since .. 1987, my first mac was the SE. Now I'm on the software side of IT for living and even if I can still do some hacking I can not keep pace with hdw, that's why I'm asking some help here. I replaced...
  12. voraciousvegan

    SATA Drivers in cMP Bootcamp: RAID/AHCI or IDE?

    I recently purchased the Caldigit FASTA-6GU3 Plus for a 4,1 cMP (flashed to 5,1). I'm installing their drivers on the Bootcamp partition (separate HD), and the SATA drivers have 2 methods of installation depending on the system mode. The issue is, I can't determine whether it's running AHCI or...
  13. mjoman

    New iMac 2017 shows SSD as SATA

    Hello, recently I have purchased a new iMac 27' 2017 with 1TB SSD. The weird thing is that I have noticed the SSD is connected through SATA interface: As far as I know, iMac SSDs are supposed to be PCIe, correct? The speed tests shows slows performance compared to what they are...
  14. H

    Need Help: 4TB internal HDD not working inside iMac 24

    Hi. Anybody have experience with using a 4TB internal HDD in the iMac 24? If so, what brand and model drive did you use? I need help with a puzzling 4TB HDD issue in my early-2009 iMac 24 (iMac9,1; OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard; 8GB RAM). I'm trying to replace the original 1TB internal HDD with a...
  15. tevion5

    Can anyone recommend a PCIe Sata card for Xserve? (2009)

    I have a 2009 Xserve that arrived with some internal damage. I was able to repair the CPU pins, but the SATA controller or something similarly crucial seems to be totally beyond the pale. Disks power up, but aren’t seen no matter what I do. I can boot no problem from external sources. So, can...
  16. F

    MBP displays a flashing folder when booting up

    Hi MacRumors, I've struggled with my MacBook Pro Primo 2011 (Yes, I should upgrade..) for the past month or so. It started out by occasionally displaying the flashing folder when booting up, but I could get past that by rebooting a couple of times. Now I've reached the point where I'm not able...
  17. michelletelfo

    Can You Build a MacBook Pro?

    Hey, guys! So I currently own a MacBook Pro 15" from late 2011 (w/ the optical drive). It's got a 2.2 GHZ Intel Core i7 with 8GB of memory and an Intel HD Graphics card. I've also got a 1TB SATA Disk. I'm wanting to switch to a lighter laptop, but still want to save my money. So I was...
  18. W

    New Hard drive for iMac 21" A1418 (EMC 2544)

    Hi :) I have to replace my hard drive on my iMac A1418 (EMC 2544) - The original hard drive: APPLE HDD HTS541010A9E662 MEDIA SATA 1TB Will I have to find the exact same hard drive? or is it possible to install another SATA hard drive? Thanks!
  19. jimmueller

    HD not showing on internal SATA but does in USB dock

    Looking for suggestions on other ways to repair this HD and an explanation of its now you see it, now you don't behaviour. I have a Seagate 2T drive that had been in a OWC USB/eSATA/FireWire enclosure for several years connected to our 2011 MacMini Server via Firewire. The Mini is our home media...
  20. C

    Late 2013 SSD flash mem adapter to MSata?

    Is there an adapter out there that can convert to MSata considering the msata drives are a lot cheaper and faster than the apple flash memory. Take a look at pins below.