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  1. M

    Shadows along edge of screen

    When observing the screen of the MacBook Pro 14" (2021), a Vignette Effect is noticed at the corners when viewing towards the center of the screen. However, when focusing on the corners, this effect Vanishes. Please Guide me i'am concious I am becoming concerned about this. I have seen some...
  2. Kgim

    Dynamic island screen issue in on my iphone 15. Anyone else have this “issue”?

  3. albal21

    Line on display: MacBook Pro 16 M1

    Back in October 2021 we bought a MacBook Pro 16 M1. It's been working fine since we got it, but today I noticed there is a vertical dim line a few pixels wide exactly in the middle of the screen running all the way from the top to the bottom. First thing we did was reboot it, line still there...
  4. A

    No Brightness

    So I Decided To Come Back To My Ol Macbook Pro Model A1398 Whose Brightness doesnt work Bit Of Backstory To Describe My Problems I Decided To Install Ubuntu On It With An Ext Hard Drive Then To Sell The Int Hard Drive Someone Bought The Int Hard Drive And Then I Proceded To Install Ubuntu On It...
  5. M

    iM 4,1-14,4 Screen Dim in Corners

    Hi Got an iMac 4,1 to use as a donor screen for my G5 iMac which was the last and fastest G5 iMac so worth preserving. But my donor screen is dim in the corners, very noticably on white boot up screens where it looks greyed. I am guessing its related to LED lighting at edges but wondering if...
  6. Batt4Christ

    iPhone 14 Pro Max screen won't sleep (iOS 17.3.1)

    When the iOS 17.3.1 update was pushed out, the only thing I found different was that my iPhone doesn't like to sleep any more. I cannot find any settings that interfere with sleep. But I can set my iPhone 14 Pro Max on my desk a foot away from me - and screen never goes to sleep. I can put it...
  7. M

    screen discoloration (??)

    hey yall, im very new to this forum but i had a quick question. idk if anyone can see it from what i have linked but, theres like a line of discoloration on my mac(maybe??). to my knowledge i haven’t damaged it or anything, sometimes i fall asleep with it right next to me from watching netflix...
  8. JirkaCink

    Studio Display ⚡️light shadow problem

    Hello, I would need advice. I have been using my Studio Display for a year without any issues; the display quality is fine. However, in dark scenes where dark gray to black predominates, I see a bright shadow in the bottom left and right corners. According to my research, this phenomenon is...
  9. Khavik

    15PM weird spots on screen

    Hi, I noticed weird spots on my screen. They are hard to notice, seen only in proper angle and in proper moderate light (had rly tough time trying to make a picture) and only when screen is off. When screen is on it looks OK both on white and dark pages. I do not see them in most angles and also...
  10. A

    Apple Care won't fix deep scratch, should I crack my own screen?

    I have an iPhone 15 Pro Max and somehow managed to get a deep scratch bear the bottom of the front glass. I purchased Apple Care and took the phone in but they said it doesn't affect functionality so they won't fix it. While I understand why they can't fix every little scratch, this one is deep...
  11. P

    Apple Watch 6 screen came off

    My screen came off on its own. Never used it in water. Never even wore it in the shower. It's just out of the 2 year EU warranty. Apple suggested to send it in to a certified service location at the cost of a new one! Suggested that if I take it there personally that the repair cost could be...
  12. M

    iPad Capturino: Use your iPad as a monitor with pro tools for photo and video

    Hi everyone, Recently launched Capturino. A UVC app that can be used for photo and videographers. It is a completely free app for just screen use if that is all you need. The app has been optimised for the longest screen use (around 7-8 hours, %50 brightness, iPad Pro 2018 11", which is my...
  13. E

    iPad Why isn’t my iPad turning on?

    My iPad was dropped down a flight of stairs and fell on the carpet. My touchscreen is relatively that damaged, probably a few thin cracks through. My iPad bezel, however, is completely destroyed and the screen is coming off the body. Any way I can turn it on?
  14. I

    2015 macbook pro screen? can i use a 2011 part?

    i have a really nice example of a mid 2015 macbook pro 15". only problem is the screen is broken from being sat on or probably punched by my girlsfriends little brother. everywhere i look online it seems replacement displays are like 250$. is there anywhere i can look that will have a more...
  15. M

    iPad Capturino: iPadOS 17, A UVC viewer for photographers and more

    Hi there, I am a solo developer and Capturino is an app that uses iOS 17 UVC feature. I have been building this since the betas and saw another very similar to mine. While both apps can do the same (use the iPad as a screen), mine was geared towards a photography tool. So using a USB-C video...
  16. P

    Dongle for connecting a screen USB C and a screen HDMI on a macbook pro

    Hi, I would like to connect my macbook pro to a first screen in USB and another one in HDMI at the same time. I would like to connect only one usb cable to my laptop and this will transfer the signal for both screens (and also charge the laptop) Do you know if a hub or a dongle can do this? Thanks
  17. Gravydog316

    all video is now black/blank, except for ads...

    hi, so i didn't change anything, but now i have a black screen during playback of all website videos (the ads first load & play fine (of course!)... - audio is playing fine - captions & described video fine - tried on Firefox & Safari, & it's the same thing on both... - no ad blockers...
  18. A

    Macbook Pro screen has stopped automatically turning on when opening lid.

    Hi there guys, I'm just wondering if there are any answers to this issue please... I have an M1 Max Macbook Pro with 64GB Ram and I am running the latest os - Ventura 13. 4. 1 (c). Previously, when I finish work for the day I set my Mac to go to sleep, I shut the lid, and the next morning I...
  19. S

    LCD damage to Macbook Air with no discernable cause.

    I know this is going to sound ridiculous. Please just bear with me. So I opened up my Macbook this morning to witness this. Seems to be LCD damage because it only manifests when the screen is on, and brightness affects how visible it is. Did some research this morning and the answer I got was...
  20. Alvin777

    At What Celsius Does iPhone 6s Plus Screen Become Soft?

    Hello Mac friends. I'm trying to revive my iPhone 6s Plus to replace the glass of it's cracked screen (to reduce waste and decrease pollution, repair and right to repair vibe vs. buy the upcoming iPhone 15) too but at what celsius, at what temperature does the glue around the screen become soft...