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  1. M

    iPhone 12 Pro Will a tempered glass ruin the flat aesthetic of the iPhone 12?

    For those who applied some kind of protection to their screen, like a tempered glass layer, does it ruin the flat aesthetic of the iPhone 12? I am just wondering as I find the flat surface really aesthetically pleasing. Is the extra layer creating an obvious bump?
  2. Malnoth

    iPhone 12 iPhone 12 OLED Quality

    Has anyone seen any reviews about the OLED screen quality of the iPhone 12 vs 12 Pro? The rumor has been that BOE would be supplying the OLED's for the iPhone 12 and Samsung for the 12 Pro. Initially BOE's quality didn't meet Apples standards, but it sounds like they got the go ahead for the 12.
  3. D

    Screen Video recording small file

    On my 16" MacBook Pro, the screen video recording feature saves about 100 MB per minute. I have to records some lectures that I can't download any other way. Is there a way to make a setting to save in a more compressed format (most of the videos are a few slides that are presented and hence...
  4. techtechtech

    Apple watch Series 6 blue tint colour shift at different viewing angles

    Firstly and to be clear I am not trolling or hating on Apple - god knows I own enough of their products 😲😁 With that being said my new Series 6 screen has the same blue tint at angles which the Series 4 had when I tried it at release, this is disappointing but apparently a 'feature' of the...
  5. Topaz94

    Internal Crack on LCD screen, bottom R corner, anyone seen this before?

    MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017) Noticed today, a light blue curve in bottom right corner of my screen. Gently touched it and the screen is intact. Removed my UAG case, there are no pressure marks, scratches, foreign objects or anything else that could have caused it. Anyone seen this before? I'm...
  6. J

    Orange tint/gradient on screen after reassembling an iMac

    Hello, I recently had graphic card issues (green pixels, freezing, etc.) on my iMac 21.5 mi-2010. I have just replaced the graphic card with a new one bought on eBay (same model as the original). Everything works fine except that I have a slight orange tint on the lower part of the screen. It’s...
  7. globalmatt

    16-inch MacBook Pro: Staingate / AR coating failure?

    I bought a 16-inch MacBook Pro in November last year (the day it was launched in fact). Generally it’s a fantastic machine. I look after my gear very carefully (especially laptops). The laptop has only been out of the house a handful of times, and I’ve always carried it in a laptop bag. In...
  8. lydiak

    Dropped my mac-- flickering & broken screen

    I dropped my mac and now the screen is flickering and there is a white bar going from top to bottom. Is this fixable? If so, where is the best reasonable place to get this fixed? I hope it won't be too expensive to fix this issue.
  9. Darragh Ryan

    Pink Graphics Issue Caused By Bent Fan Mac Book Pro 17" 2009

    Hi everyone. I was cleaning the inside of my MacBook Pro and slightly bent part of what I think is one of the fans vents or filters? After turning it back on I was greeted with pink and sometimes green graphics distortion. When I put hard pressure on the shell it would go away. I then...
  10. L

    MacBook Pro 16 GPU Switch Issue

    Noticed that when I start photoshop or any software that runs the dGPU the screen will sometimes (not always) flash black and sometimes twice to the point where photoshop will "encounter a problem with the gpu" and will disable gpu acceleration. If photoshop is open this flash will also occur...
  11. B

    iPad Gray/White lines across screen. Is it dead?

    Hello all, I have an old iPad 2 which I have not used for quite a while, and when I started it up the other day I now have these gray/white lines across the middle of the screen. I have tried resetting the device, but because of the location of the lines directly in the center of the screen...
  12. aangvento

    Macbook Retina unusual screen replacement

    This is my first post in the forums! I am sorry if this is not the right place for this threat. Will gladly move the post to the correct one if that's the case! Well, let's go right into the subject. I have recently found a way to get a 2015 13" A1502 retina MackBook, the first mac I ever...
  13. ounaldi

    All Devices iPad Air 3 Screen Zoom In Problem While Using It With Mouse

    there is a bug on ipad air 3rd gen. when ı use my ipad with mouse, sometimes app doesn’t fit to the screen. does anyone know this bug’s solution? I am using logitech pebble and microsoft mobile mouse, the problem existed when ı used both of them. Please note that if ı dont use mouse, this...
  14. csvirani

    MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017) Screen Burning Blackbar Issue

    Hello, Off late whenever the Mac gets hot i.e. when I can hear the fan noise I am noticing a black bar at bottom of screen. After I shutdown the Mac and allow it cool and restart the black bar goes away. I called Apple support and did reset the PVRAM/NRAM but that did not help. Does anyone...
  15. J

    MBP old anti-glare issue

    I’ve worn out my 2015 MBP retina, and have ordered a 2019 16” model to replace it. Over the last several years of its life, I noticed the screen looked terrible and every effort to clean it was useless. Recently I read that there was an issue with that model where the anti-glare layer would...
  16. A

    Dead Pixel on Macbook pro 2020

    I just bought new macbook pro 2020 13 inch , entry level 256 gb from Ibox ( Indonesian Authorized Premium Apple reseller ) on their online shop (shopee). When I unboxing, the whole thing just good until 2 days i found small bright pixel on the right corner side near the bezel when i played film...
  17. A

    iPhone X - Apple Logo Boot Issue - STORAGE FULL

    Hey everyone, This morning I woke up to my iPhone X stuck in reboot mode (Black Screen & Apple Logo). I was just on a long trip and accumulated tons of media which is why my storage is completely full. I am desperately trying to figure out how I can fix this WITHOUT performing a factory reset...
  18. bemol

    16" MBP uneven brightness

    Hey, I just got my new MacBook Pro today and I noticed a darker area in the screen, it's only noticeable when you have a white image on screen (like most forum webpages), besides that the screen looks amazing and I'm quite happy with the performance. I was wondering if this kind of unevenness...
  19. paulrberg

    Screen cracked by thin line after exposure to sun

    Today was a hot day and I was working with my MacBook Pro w/ Touch Bar on my lap (directly exposed to the sun) when I suddenly saw a thin line cracking the screen into two halves. I couldn't believe my eyes. Nothing fell onto the screen, nothing touched it or scratched it; the MacBook was...
  20. Steven Pearson

    iPhone XR screen issue help needed.

    This iPhone XR’ s screen don’t work. The screen is black then these lines apear. The screen used to work fine then the lines would apear if a static image was left on for more than a couple of seconds. Now the screen just stays black and the lines appear. Is it just a loose connection/ broken...