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  1. S

    Display management still a disaster in Ventura

    I can't believe that the company that has some of the best hardware and software engineers in the world, still can't figure out display management in macOS. Plainly, it's a nightmare. It was a nightmare in Monterey, and after doing a complete wipe and fresh install of Ventura in my Mac Studio...
  2. Marsikus

    Are M1 14" and 16" same on colors representation?

    I was comparing several 14” vs 16” in stores yesterday. It looked to me that MBP 14” shows more somewhat blueish picture compared to 16" and others. I double-checked to compare color profiles, true tone and night shift settings to make sure they are identical, comparing two laptops one near...
  3. dcbl

    Remove glossy screen layer from A1211 (MBP 2006) - possible?

    I recently came across my old A1211 MacBook Pro and brought it back to life with a SSD I had lying around. This one has the glossy screen option but it appears as though the glossy layer has started to separate from the screen itself or something like that. There appears to be a large amount of...
  4. J

    Wiping data from a 2011 iMac with broken display.

    Hello all, My iMac (2011 i think) seems to have all but died. A few seconds after switching on, the screen goes white and striped, and it keeps rebooting itself. Too old to risk money on a repair, I feel. I would like to dispose of it, or give it away if someone can make use of it, but need to...
  5. BB8

    Other Ceramic shield glass scratching [MERGED]

    After one year my iPhone 13 Pro is more scratched than my iPhone X of four years. And I use my phone *less* than I used to. I hate that Apple has sacrificed the scratch resistance of the phone for shatter resistance. I haven't dropped my phone on a hard surface in 10 years. Scratches, however...
  6. Meter

    Macbook Pro 15 inch screen broken...or not?!

    Hi there, Quite new to this forum although I’ve made an account quite a while ago. Big Apple fan, power user and love the brand since I was a teenager. Living in Amsterdam. I have a bit of a problem with my Macbook Pro, and I want to know the opinion of people on this forum who are most likely...
  7. DominikHoffmann

    Screen assembly for repair of 2017 and 2019 4K 21.5" iMacs

    I need to find out, whether the screen assemblies for both the 2017 and the 2019 4K 21.5" iMac (Model Nos. A1418 and A2116, respectively) are identical. The screen replacement procedure for both models on iFixit’s site are identical, though filed separately. The description of the 2019 screen...
  8. harits.crab

    How does the technician replace the battery and top case screen? (Macbook pro 14 inch)

    Hi, I'm a new user of the Macbook. My screen is full of smudges after I got a battery n top case replacement 2 weeks ago at an authorized service center. Is this normal? I try clean it with a microfiber cloth with some water on it but it's still there. And if you noticed, there's a micro...
  9. geohei

    iPhone X iPhone X display dead

    Hi. Hope this is the correct forum. My iPhone X fell today. The display is (almost) dead (some green display upper right side still visisble). I can enter the password blindly, which I used to access the iPhone X via MacBook and make a backup. Haptics work as well. Basically it seems to be...
  10. E

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 11'' Single Hairline Crack - Warranty

    Hi there, my brand new iPad Pro 11” 2021 has developed a single hairline crack without any visible point of impact at the frame. I have NOT ever drop my iPad or even move it out of my house, and more specific my desk work office. My iPad Pro was bought brand new at 17/06/2022 and developed...
  11. AstroRexaur

    MacRumours Brothers/Sisters, help my mom with her MBA M1

    My mom called me today (hysteric) and send me these pictures from her MBA M1 (bought it +1 year ago), it happened suddenly. Any suggestions? She's living in a country that sells MacBooks (Costco, Sams, BestBuy) but there's no Apple Store nor authorized service providers (I searched thru Apple...
  12. A

    iPhone 13 What's the design point of a notch?

    As of recently, almost all latest Apple products have a notch: iPhones, MacBooks. The question is whether it's actually necessary? 1. It doesn't provide more information on a screen. It provides less. With a notch there's no space for battery percentage indicator, cellphone provider...
  13. S

    Screen cleaner

    Hey, so I bought a screen cleaner and is it ok to use It on my MacBook? Here it is, can you tell me if it contains alcohol or anything that's not suitable? I think it doesn't but can you tell me because I am not sure and I want to be sure before I use it. Also don't tell me Apple recommends not...
  14. F

    iPhone 11 Pro Favorite iPhone screen size

    Which size you feel more comfortable with? Mine is 5'8, I think it was the perfect iPhone size.
  15. H

    Dirt like fleck on my Macbook Air M1 screen

    My mac has got a dirt like fleck out of nowhere today. There was nothing until morning and now it appears out of nowhere. I thought it was a dead pixel or something but rather than a dead pixel it looks like some dirt is stuck under the screen. Does M1 Macbook Airs have a removable screen...
  16. A

    Other Eyes strain from last IPS and OLED iPhones

    Hi there! I've already checked many topics about the theme of "eyes strain", but my problem is a bit more complicated. This year I bought brand new 13 mini, which since the first sight gave me bad feelings on my eyes. It was like I look on the screen of the phone, and white color seem to be...
  17. ds2000

    Can anyone tell me by looking if my screen is dead or the cable loose?

    As in the title, my Apple Watch recently started doing this (see video). Occasionally the screen looks perfect and works that way but its getting more and more infrequent. A new screen is probably more than the watch sadly, has anyone seen this before? Thanks, Dave
  18. W

    iPad Air Can’t have crap in the desert, I guess.

    Brand new iPad Air 2022, not even a month old and already have microscopic hairline scratches about as wide/deep as the thin hairs on my arm. Worst part is, they occurred whilst cleaning my screen to install a screen protector using the wipes that they gave me. I’m upset. I have heard that it’s...
  19. T

    iPhone 7(+) Will taking my iPhone 7 in and out of my front pants pocket damage the screen from the small metal rivets in the blue jean pants?

    Will taking my iPhone 7 in and out of my front pants pocket damage the screen from the small metal rivets in the blue jean pants?
  20. S

    Mac Studio not sending video signal to monitor after long time off

    I've had a Mac Studio for two weeks now. While I love it, I've come across a couple of issues I'm not too happy about. One was a kernel panic caused by Onedrive, and to me, no matter how bad a program might be, an OS should be strong enough to kill it and not let it bring the whole system down...