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  1. M

    iPad Air iPad Air 2 display not flush after new battery installed

    After I changed the battery on my iPad Air 2 I noticed that the adhesive tape I used doesn't make the screen flush with the body. It sits maybe a 0.2 mm to low, besides the area to the right of the home button which is "popping" a bit up. I seems like all the pre-cut strips etc. are all crap...
  2. wehereiai

    iPad Will setting my iPad on a cheaply made desk to watch movies on it cause cracks to the iPad, and would I easily and definitely notice any cracks?

    Will setting my iPad on a cheaply made desk to watch movies on it cause cracks to the iPad, and would I easily and definitely notice any cracks if there were any and I was unsure?
  3. wehereiai

    iPhone 6(S)(+) Will putting my iPhone on a belt clip near a belt buckle crack the screen since the iPhone 6S screen cracks easily?

    Will putting my iPhone on a belt clip near a belt buckle crack the screen since the iPhone 6S screen cracks easily?
  4. A

    Macbook Air M1

    So, i’ve had my MacBook Air M1 since December, few weeks ago i was doing some work, and noticed that my screen started flickering in purple, i spoke to the apple support told me to do few things to check if that problem would occur again, went in safe mode, problem didn’t happen, so today while...
  5. V

    iPhone Iphone 12 display. Poor/rough texture quality

    Hello i would like to clear this doubt with you guys, i hope you can help me. I'va bought an iphone 12 second hand today and its all working properly but i dont like the display looks or the image quality. I come from an iphone xs max and it looked really good and "soft" but this iphone 12...
  6. F

    iPhone 11 unresponsive screen

    Hi everyone, I have a problem with my iPhone 11: the screen has been acting weird for a few months, sometimes it won't recognize my taps, sometimes it even starts typing and switching between apps on its own. It seems like the issue is limited to specific parts of the screen, mainly in the...
  7. C

    MP 1,1-5,1 Help, mac pro boots but no display.

    I recently ran into a used first generation mac pro(don't know the year of it) however, the motherboard says apple 2006 which makes me think its 2006 but they could have used that motherboard in later years. But whatever that's not important, the issue I have ran into is that the computer's...
  8. A

    Samsung monitor suddenly flickering when turning on

    Good day! Sorry if my English is not on a good side. I have Mac Mini late 2014, macOS Mojave. Using Samsung screen with HDMI cable bought separately and has worked well for over a year. Yesterday after turning my Mac on, screen started flickering. I could see process working and log in...
  9. Martin Sanz

    imac 2011 5 min to boot

    Hi, I have a 21.5" 2011 imac. It takes like 5 min to turn on the screen (white) and then 5 minutes to load OSX (apple logo), then the boot bar charge ok and osx start ok and imac works fine I have seen led diagnostics and led 4 takes too much to turn on, I have tested the screen on other imac...
  10. L

    White smudges on M1 macbook air's screen

    Got my macbook air 10 days ago. Since the day I got it I have noticed that it attracts lots of fingerprints, grease on the keyboard, and dust; and if I try to wipe them they will create smudges all over the screen. Then I brought it to my local apple store. An employee cleaned my screen and...
  11. J

    iPhone 11 What are the authorized manufacturer/s for iPhone 11's Screen

    I have Iphone 11, and today the screen has broken when my mobile fall down, so i want to buy a new screen for my iPhone 11, i want to buy it from Amazon, but i am not sure what is the authorized brand for iPhone 11? as i did not find a screen manufactured under Apple brand? can anyone advice on...
  12. L

    How much is a 2018 MacBook air worth with a broken retina screen?

    Hey all! Long story short, I’ve got a great condition MacBook Air 2018 which regrettably the retina screen is completely screwed 😫 No idea how it happened, looks as if there’s a small chip in it. I’ve been quoted around £350 to repair, in which it’s not worth it as I can purchase a full...
  13. K

    All iPads Screen Burned

    Screen Burned , my screen was burned by hair a hair dryer , the screen had a big black spot where it was burned but it went away now it looks all creased ? Is it even possible to have this fixed ? I can’t find anyone else online that has even had a similar problem. It’s an iPad Pro 11 inch
  14. Spasa

    MBP M1 16/256 Issue Flickering line on screen

    In the upper right corner of the screen, on the horizontal edge of the screen i noticed line, in the length of 3-4 cm, which is flickering. It seems like there is additional line of pixels which are turning on and of. I noticied bright white line while i was working in xcode. From that moment i...
  15. nachovdk

    M1 Stretch marks on the screen

    Hi guys. I'm always read the forums but never posted anything. I got an M1 last week. When I turned it off yesterday, I saw vertical stretch marks on my screen. I post a picture to describe it better. Does anyone have the same problem? Any clue what's going on? Thanks Nacho
  16. A

    Imac G3 (Slot Loading) screen or motherboard problem.

    Hi. Me and my dad bought an imac g3 but it came shattered in cargo. I tried to run it in broken state, it worked and it was ok, then we completely removed the inside of it, repaired the CRT bezel and cleaned the boards. This process took 2 weeks and when we try to operate it today, the power...
  17. hdsmoi

    Macbook Pro (13-inch, 2017) screen has lines and flicker

    Hi I have a MacBook Pro (13-inch) bought in 2017. Recently the screen started to flicker and have horizontal lines which make it blurry. Any idea what is causing this problem? Thanks
  18. k1im

    M1 MBP Light leak along rubber bezel edges + Backlight bleed

    Finally received my M1 MBP and was very happy about it until I came across the thread about the uniformity of the screen. I ran a Backlight Bleed Test ( even though found these conditions quite unnatural to be in a complete darkness sitting with a full brightness. And the...
  19. Galavital

    Screen damage

    Hello, I hope this is the right place to post it. So my MacBook Pro screen suddenly starred to have lines on it. In the beginning it wasn’t that big, but now it’s really annoying. I’m not living in USA and in my country they ask for around 920$ to replace the internal screen. Is anyone know...
  20. F23

    HDMI issue: Wakes with wrong resolution

    New problem I encountered on M1 Mac. Was waking to correction resolution before. However, HDMI always took longer than my DP monitor to wake up. But now when the HDMI monitor wakes, the resolution is at 1080p instead of 1440p and it's not fit to the screen. Half the stuff is off screen like the...