1. divinedotcomedy

    AppleTV 4K Screensaver limit for iCloud Library?

    Hoping someone can help! I have a shared iCloud library with around 2,000 photos in it. I’ve set my AppleTV screen saver to use photos from this library when plays music or goes to sleep but it only seems to show a limited number of these photos and a lot of repeats. I am sure when I looked into...
  2. yooume

    Screensaver and USB attached

    Hi all, I'm experiencing some issue with my Mac mini, here is the process: 1) I am running 10.14.6 (18G95) 2) I set the screensaver (I choose "Message") 3) I set password protection to disable screensaver Security/Privacy/Require password "Immediately" 4) I start the screensaver (and of...
  3. gonzox101

    Can anybody help me finding this screensaver?

    it was a while ago since I saw it in the apple store. I was wondering if anybody has the original file or knows where I can find it :)
  4. allan.nyholm

    I have to ask.. is your Desktop & Screensaver section slow also?

    Hi, So what I've been wanting to ask for a number of weeks and months is this; when in System Preferences and the Desktop & Screensaver portion of same - Is this also so painfully slow that browsing and adding wallpapers is a minute long process at times? For instance I have a series of...
  5. W

    1st Gen Apple TV as slideshow server

    Kinda a weird one... I have a 160GB 1st gen Apple TV that I have plugged into a Cinema Display. I want to use the display as a photo frame. I would love to be able to load photos onto the Apple TV's hard drive remotely and have it play them as a slideshow or screensaver. With the latest...
  6. supergaia

    how can i have the new apple screensaver?

    Hi yesterday in a store i have seeing several imac with the last os and with some very cool screensaver like this i know for may users a screensaver is unless but i like them can i install them ? are they free? thanks
  7. T

    the MacOS photos screensavers no longer let you skip through there a fix for this?

    Recently I noticed that the MacOS (Mojave) Photos Screensaver no longer lets you skip through photos anymore (forwards or backwards.) Is there a fix for this? I think it happened after update 10.14.2
  8. ASentientBot

    Sharing my collection of Apple Store wallpapers and screensavers

    Since 2016, I've been periodically going into Apple stores to copy the attract loops and special desktop backgrounds. I thought some of my fellow Apple fans on here would appreciate this -- please archive and share these so they don't disappear...
  9. T

    a fix for the "Snowfall" Mac Screensaver

    Every year at Christmas I switch my screensaver to one called "Snowfall" has a red background with giant snowflakes falling. I recently upgraded to Mojave from Sierra and it stopped working. It says "You cannot use Snowfall Screensaver with this version of MacOS. Please contact the vendor...
  10. AjTee

    NASA Screensaver in tvOS 12?

    Hello, I installed today update to tvOS 12 and I cannot find NASA Screensaver? Where is it in system? Cannot find in Screensaver settings.
  11. S

    Apple TV landscape photos for Mac

    I've been searching for the black and white landscapes available as a screensaver for Apple TV, but all I can find are the aerial videos. Has anyone managed to extract the photos screensavers from the Apple TV somehow? The National Geographic ones are available on the Mac, but not the landscapes.
  12. aliensporebomb

    High Sierra Screensaver / Hot Corners bug?

    I've had my mac set to sleep my display ever since I got my first iMac - this let me keep my iMac running so my webserver was accessible from elsewhere without keeping the screen illuminated when it wasn't being actively used in person. Normally I had the lower right and left hot corners set to...
  13. C

    Limited number of screensaver photos fixed in 5th gen with home sharing?

    I have a 2nd gen apple TV, with home sharing set up for the screensaver to pull from an album on my mac with thousands of photos in it. However, only a limited number of photos show up over and over. This has been discussed before, and I understand that the problem was still there in the 4th...
  14. J

    Cant login after screen-saver, have to switch user

    When screen is locked with the screensaver I cant login to my account. If I switch user and select that same account, I can login. I can login just fine after sleep or restart but not screensaver. Sierra 10.12.6 (16G1212) MacBook Air 13-inch 2017
  15. M

    Separate Screensavers? (Dual Monitors)

    Hi all! I am an experienced Mac user but yet to have figured out one thing. I've seen many threads but they all are several years old and may no longer be relevant. However, does anyone know if it's possible to have 2 separate screensavers on 2 different monitors? I'm running High Sierra on a...
  16. Showmaster

    Only ON/OFF key can interrupt Screensaver. Glitch?

    Hi there folks, 1st post here: I used to be able to interrupt the screensaver (and go to the log-in screen) by touching any key. Now, however; I have to touch the On/Off key, or the screensaver will just ignore me. Is this a glitch in High Sierra? (for reference, my MBA is 5,5 years old)...
  17. jparker402

    Where Are Screensaver Photos Stored?

    I have an early 2015 MacBook Air. When I first got the machine and set it up, I elected to use my photographs as the screensaver. I suppose I stored them all in Photos, the photo app with this machine. Over the years I have fiddled with the photos, and recently reintroduced my originals from...
  18. tulip290852

    Screen saver comes even when I set it to never

    I'm at my wits end. I have set the screensaver never to come on and the screen never to go off, yet after a wee while the bugger comes on, the obnoxious colourful fluffy wavie one. It only started a day or so ago. I have read previous posts but I can't make head nor tail of it. I'm running...
  19. Joobs333

    Screensaver behavior in High Sierra

    My macbook air no longer wakes (while the screensaver is on) from a keystroke or mouse/trackpad movement, only a mouse or trackpad CLICK. Is this normal behavior for High Sierra?
  20. techwarrior

    New ATV Screensavers?

    Noticed a new beach screensaver today, appears to be Santa Monica Pier? Also, a new Dubai day scene. Maybe more, probably some new night scenes I would guess.