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series 3

  1. M

    Recently my series 3 has been awfully buggy, Fixes/ recommendations on upgrade?

    For the past couple of months, I've had to reset my apple watch to upgrade to the new os or to even pair it to my iPhone 11 pro max. Today it wouldn't detect my iPhone so I ran another reset, but now it fails to pair at all (It tries to pair then unpairs) and is now stuck on the setup screen. I...
  2. honglong1976

    No WatchOS9 on Series 3 Apple Watch - I emailed Tim

    Email: Hi Tim, Thanks for all the great Apple products. I have a homepod, homepod mini, iPhone 11, iPad and they are brilliant, well supported products! However, I also have a Stainless Steel S3 LTE Apple Watch (which I love) and I was extremely disappointed at the lack of a...
  3. honglong1976

    AW3 - No WatchOS9 support

    Hi everyone, I am shocked that the AW3 is not WatchOS9 support. Its still for sale as well. Must be an Apple first to do that. What do you guys think?
  4. Mr. Dee

    Speaking out loud - updating my Series 3 to watchOS 7.6

    This morning, I updated my iPhone X to 14.6 from 13.7, after updating, it said my Apple Watch is outdated. So, I said, alright, how bad could it be to update to 7.6? Well, I finally experienced what others have been complaining about. The unpairing process is not as bad as I thought it it would...
  5. philpalmiero

    Maximize Series 3 storage

    Does anyone know how to maximize Series 3 storage? Photos app takes up the most room even though no photos are loaded on my watch. Anyone know a way to delete the Photos app? Same question for other apps like Mail? Series 3 has very little memory. For media I really just want podcasts, music...
  6. V

    Activity Ring not updating

    I have a Series3 GPS watch and updated to 7.1 recently. I am seeing that the activity ring is not updating even if the exercise was tracked through the native app. Anyone else had this issue? On a different note, strava app on the watch doesn't want to connect to the phone at all :(...
  7. M

    Series 3 - Rebooting after WatchOS 7

    Hey together, My Series 3 (bought this year) keeps restarting after the upgrade to WatchOS 7. Before that, it worked really great and stable. I did a complete reset (and didnt restored a backup) but the problem is still there. It happens 2-3 times per day, randomly, when wearing it (no action...
  8. M

    Unable to update Apple Watch series 3

    watchOS 7 came out today but I’m unable to update my watch because it has no free space. The thing is, I have no apps installed and going to the storage usage in settings shows that there is almost no space taken by anything on the watch. So I can’t free any space and I can’t update.
  9. KillerScoregasm

    Lite WatchOS

    Is it just me or do a lot of you all think a lot of folks could benefit from a lite watchOS option? Not only for older devices but for those who just don’t need/want all the extras. I bought my watch with the intention of using all the time and now I use it to read text without pulling my phone...
  10. uniquexoxo

    Is Series 3 still worth buying?

    Series 3 user, I want to outsource opinion if it's still worth buying? I'm thinking of getting an Apple Watch, is Series 3 a good buy? Series 5 is still expensive in my opinion so getting that would not be a good option as I just upgraded to an 11 Pro. Thank you
  11. J

    Which apple watch should i pick?

    I've a (16,75cm/6,7 inch) aprox wrist and i'm plannig to buy a series 3 stainless steel gps+celluar. Which size should i pick, 38 or 42 mm? I dont care abou battery life or screen size, just want to not have a huge (wrist smaller than watch) watch in my wrist. Useful info: have a 39mm iwc and...
  12. I

    watchOS 6 and iPhone 6 Incompatible?

    So I have an iPhone XS with Watch Series 3. I've updated to iOS 13 and WatchOS 6 respectively. Now, I usually pass on my old tech to my parents. My mother is using my iPhone 6 on iOS 12. Does this mean my Watch Series 3 can no longer connect to the iPhone 6? If so can I roll back the WatchOS...
  13. W

    Major difference between Series 3 and Series 4

    Want to check what's the major difference between series 3 apple watch and series 4 apple watch. thinking to get one but if there's no major change so why not go with series 3 which is cheaper than series 4. What's the actual price of both nowadays?
  14. E

    Apple Watch Siri raise to speak.

    Do you guys know if the Siri raise to speak it’s only on the cellular series 3 Apple Watch ? Because my friend has a series 3 non cellular Apple Watch and the feature Siri raise to speak doesn’t work eve though it’s turn on in the settings app on the watch.
  15. Iceberg33

    I ordered a series 3 from Verizon and it is shrink wrapped!

    I ordered a brand new space black series 3 with cellular from Verizon and I was surprised it came in shrink wrapped instead of the usual pull tab packaging. Is this normal? I haven’t opened it yet and I’m planning to return it if it turns out it is a used watch re packaged. Any thoughts is...
  16. ReardenMetal

    Series 3 will suffer greater than normal resale decline next year

    As an AW3 LTE owner who is thinking of upgrading to AW4 LTE, it occurred to me that when the Series 5 is released my AW3 LTE will suffer a sharper resale decline than other watches have done during previous release cycles. Why? Well, I suspect next cycle we’ll see more AW4s that have full ECG...
  17. honglong1976

    AW3 - new watch faces suck!

    I updated to the GM last night and finally there are some new watch faces. Which all suck! What's everyone's opinions?
  18. Dj64Mk7

    Digital Crown has more of a 'click' on new Series 3 than on Series 2?

    I've been using my new Series 3 for a few days now, and one of the first things I noticed was that the Digital Crown seems to have more of a distinct 'click' than my Series 2 (SS) or what I remember of my Series 0 (Sport). Is this the case for all Series 3 watches, or did I get lucky?
  19. Dj64Mk7

    How does the Watch behave when cellular is never enabled to begin with?

    Title says it all... When cellular is never enabled on the Watch, does it behave the same as the GPS-only Watch? Is the icon for cell connection still present in Control Center?
  20. revjoel

    Series 3 or Used Series 2

    I currently have a Series 1 and am starting to run. I have calibrated my watch correctly and it works fantastic but now I would like to track the location of my runs and am thinking of upgrading to either a used Series 2 or a Series 3. Making calls isn't something I really need on a watch but I...