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  1. purdnost

    Use Apple Pay When Available

    I just realized that I had this setting toggled off (or maybe I just never toggled it on). I’m not really clear on what it does exactly. Can someone please explain it to me? I’ve been able to use Apple Pay with my cards just fine. Settings < Wallet & Apple Pay < Use Apple Pay When Available
  2. blackxacto

    iPhone 13 Pro Max Experimental WebKit features for iphone13promax

    iPhone 13 Pro Max , 16.1.2 iOS: Has anyone played with the experimental features in iOS 16.1.2. Do any safely provide better phone use?
  3. J

    Deleting user files/signing out of programs on every logout?

    Hi, I am trying to set up Macs for my school on Monterey 12.6 and ran into loads of crashing issues regarding Google Chrome and Garageband on Guest (but never on local), plus couldn't get a launch script on Guest to accept default browser. Is there a way I can create a local account...
  4. blackxacto

    Where are the settings for Desktop pictures in macOS13?

    In MacOS13, what happened to the settings below for Desktop pictures? Do they exist anymore? Desktop: Fill Screen Fit to Screen Stretch to Fill Screen Center
  5. J

    How to set default browser for Guest user on Monterey

    Hi there, I have some school M1 iMacs running on Monterey 12.6.1. I am trying to set the default browser on the Guest accounts to Chrome as we're a Google organisation. Of course, all the settings are wiped on logout of Guest. I've tried so far copying the Guest profile files into the...
  6. purdnost

    Shared Library - “Include Moments With”

    When I get to the “Share Moments With” step in the shared photo library process (when choosing to share by people or date), I’m given the option to add myself. I’m sharing with my wife, so I’ve added her and my kids. If I add myself, would that include photos of me, or photos of moments that I...
  7. purdnost

    iCloud Shared Photo Library - Email vs Phone Number?

    After setting up iCloud Shared Photo Library, I noticed under the participants heading in settings that I am sharing from my email address to the other person‘s phone number. Does the sharing method make any difference? Is one preferred over the other? I can select whether to share to someone’s...
  8. purdnost

    Apple TV UP Next Display: Still Frame or Poster Art?

    Just out of curiosity, do you have your Apple TV device preferences set to show a still frame or poster art in your up next display? Why?
  9. V

    AirPods Pro (1st Gen) Optimized Battery Charging Issue

    Hi, sorry to open a thread for this but I couldn't find anyone else having posted about a similar problem. I was wondering this morning about my AirPods Pro (1st gen) settings. I was pretty much sure that I had enabled optimized batterie charging in the past, but when I checked this morning it...
  10. R

    iphone sync help

    Just want to start off, last iPhone I owned was back when the iPhone 6 launched. After that device I went android. Now I'm back witht he 14 Pro Max. Loving every second of it. Still getting used to things though. My wife switched over from her S21 Ultra. With that being said. I'm having sync...
  11. purdnost

    Display Notifications as Count Not Working with Reminders — Bug?

    Settings > Notifications > Display As: Count This setting does not appear to be affecting my Reminders app notifications. They still appear at the bottom of my Lock Screen. With this setting enabled, all notifications should be confined to the count button until I tap on it. Is this a known bug?
  12. D

    Is there a way to get old screen time reports after it gets deleted?

    I like looking at old screen time but it keeps deleting old weeks and the last day it shows is July 3rd when I want a lot older dates than that. On the top of that week it says “down six percent from last week” so that means there is some rememberance of old weeks and with all the hacking...
  13. purdnost

    HomeKit Any Reason NOT to Set Thermostat to Auto Heat/Cool?

    My ecobee thermostat and Home app give me the option to set my thermostat to auto heat/cool (as opposed to just heat or just cool). Assuming this works properly, would there be any good reason(s) not to use this feature? It would remove the step of having to manually change the setting between...
  14. Hergesheimer

    Samsung M8 best picture settings

    Dear Forum, I am trying to calibrate my new Samsung monitor. Has one of you already found out the best overall picture settings? Thanks a lot.
  15. M

    macos privacy settings different after reinstallation

    Hi everyone, here is a strange (and bit funny one) for you. In the system settings of macos you probably know the security and privacy menu where you can use the privacy tab to restrict access to camera, mic, folders and so on and you also find the settings for Apple ads and analytics there...
  16. thehiddenkitten

    Help! Trackpad drag lock stays on even when I turn it off

    I have a refurbished 16inch 2019 macbook pro, which i'm trying my best to transition to from Windows. I messed with the trackpad settings to mimic what i'm used to - the biggest thing for me was to enable dragging, but I do not want the drag lock. I have the "without drag lock" checked but it...
  17. F

    Best Method to Transfer Data/Settings/Format to New MacBook Pro?

    Forgive me if this has already been covered (I’m somewhat new to the Mac ecosystem), but what’s method to transfer my current MacBook Pro 13 data/settings/format to my new MacBook 14 silicon? I’ve read several articles and it appears there‘s a couple of methods—Wi-Fi transfer, direct cable...
  18. Alvin777

    How Do You Take Photos in Jpeg Instead of HEIC?

    Hi Mac friends. In iOS 15.1 and iPhone 6s Plus, how do you set the photos to save in jpeg, instead of HEIC? How do you make jpeg your default format when taking photos? Where in Settings do I navigate? Thank you God bless, Rev. 21:4
  19. purdnost

    Does Apple TV 4K Support LG Ultra HD Deep Color?

    From LG documenation: “If you connect a device that supports HDMI ULTRA HD Deep Color, you can enjoy a clearer image. After connecting the playback device, set HDMI ULTRA HD Deep Color to On. If the connected device does not support this function, it may not work properly. In that case, change...
  20. purdnost

    Adjusting Downloaded Music Quality

    Settings > Music > Audio Quality > Downloads Will changing this setting affect already download music, or just my newly downloaded music? Wondering if it’s necessary to re-download after making the setting change.