1. purdnost

    All Devices Remove Deleted Messages After...

    In iCloud Settings > Mail > Advanced > Deleted Messages, Remove... I have Remove: After one week selected, but this doesn't seem to work as my deleted mail folder contains mail from as far back as September, 2019. Any idea why this would be?
  2. organicCPU

    Hide inactive tabs in Window Menu

    Does anyone know how to customize the Finder Menu Bar Window Menu so that it reverts to the former behavior? I'd like that the alphabetically ordered list of open windows at the menu's bottom is showing just the active window tabs again and none of the inactive tabs. TL;DR; Until the switch to...
  3. KeanosMagicHat

    Migrating Data From Watch Series 4 to Series 5

    Having only bought the S4 less than 5 months ago, I had no intention of upgrading to S5. However I was then surprised by the Always On screen and this week also won a competition which would cover almost 60% of the cost of the S5 with the sale of the S4 making up the rest . . . so it’s decision...
  4. emnxs

    Battery capacity is at 94%

    My iPhone XS dropped by 6% after, roughly, 5 months. After looking on the internet for other's people's experiences, theirs dropped by 2% at most and I'm just wondering if a 6% drop is normal because I'm planning to keep my phone all throughout college and hopefully, even more than that. my...
  5. M

    iPhone 7(+) Under Battery: Shows Graph Up To 150%?

    I noticed under the battery area in the general settings, the graph goes up to 150%. What does this mean? Does it mean power used when plugged into a wall? Thanks!
  6. C

    Open terminal in current folder

    Hello to all I am trying to assign shortcut to open terminal on the current folder, but it doesnt seem to work. I know that I have to go to Settings > Keyboard > Services and enable New Terminal at Folder. I do that and when I go to Finder > services I can see the option there. The problem...
  7. jusacruiser

    Apple Photos Settings

    I’m trying to figure out which photo settings are best for me on my Apple iPhone 7 Plus. Please provide some Photos tips regarding storage, download times, etc. Also, let’s say I like to send 6 photos using messenger....which way would you want your Photos settings then?
  8. jusacruiser

    "Sync with this iPhone over Wifi"

    I just recently attached my iPhone 7 Plus to my new MacBook Pro, and these were some of the settings that popped up in iTunes.....See image below. My MacBookPro and iPhone typically keep up to date by syncing through the cloud. So my question is......should "Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi"...
  9. M

    iMessage setting for notification of name mention won't stay selected past application quit

    Hey guys, I've run into a real annoying bug I've had in the past, and never really knew what causes it. When selecting "Notify Me when my name is mentioned" in iMessages preferences gets unchecked after the program is quit, so I have to reset it each time. I've completely removed all settings...
  10. BEC60

    Air Drop broken by iOS 12.0.1

    Over the course of the last few days my wife and I have gone from the last version of iOS 11 to iOS 12.0.1 on three devices - her iPhone SE, my iPhone 7+ and my first-version iPad Pro (the big one). In general things looked to have gone pretty well until whe went to share a contact card with me...
  11. seitsme

    Chinese subtitles character limit for editing

    hello, i use Aegis subtitle program and some days ago i got a chinese subtitle text file to make it SRT etc. I did the arrangement regarding timecode etc. My issue. With Aegis i use MAX char per line for EN subtitles 35, warning at 15 and error at 25. i have no clue what is the setting i must...
  12. JungleNYC

    iPhone XS Photos: how to turn down/off NOISE REDUCTION?

    Overall, I think the XS camera is better, especially coming from an 8. Better low-light especially. But there are a lot of instances where the noise reduction is way, way over-aggressive. Especially when the shots involve people, faces and skin, but I also see a lot of other instances where...
  13. fb3993

    iOS Wrong storage displayed

    I have noticed that Available storage displayed in Settings is wrong and much larger than actual available storage. Several system info apps and Adobe Lightroom show that I only have ~6GB of available storage against the ~40gb shown by System setting. Trying to add content (music, app...
  14. J

    Persistent Badge for iPhone Storage Full

    I just updated to iOS 12 and now I have a badge on my settings icon. It says that my iPhone Storage is full, even though I have 3GB left. No matter what I do, I can't remove that badge. Any suggestions? JH
  15. Apple_Glen_UK

    Other Low Battery Mode Question

    I’m hoping someone may be able to help with this. I have an iPhone 5S and I bought the same phone for my wife a little while ago. I am on iOS version 10.3.3 and she is on 11.4.1. When my battery gets to 20% it automatically asks me if I would like to switch to low battery mode. However, her...
  16. M

    Update carrier settings?

    Hi, I just bought an iPad Pro 12.9” (2nd gen) wireless + cellular from Saudi Arabia where I live. The carrier settings version is 32.0 I tried to update the settings version to the current 32.1 via iTunes (PC) but the message just keeps popping to update & when I press update it says...
  17. Z

    Dock shadow issue

    I am having a really annoying shadow around the dock. If I hide the dock the shadow goes away with it, so this shadow is clearly attached to the dock. I want it to disappear.
  18. M

    iPhone 5 or earlier Use iCloud to free space temporarily

    Hi guys, I have an iPhone 4 with 32 GB and just received my new 7+. I want to only transfer Whatsapp to the new phone, and leave all the photos, videos, voice notes and all other stuff in the 4 because it still works. Can I transfer some big videos to iCloud for a moment so I can do a Whatsapp...
  19. jgelin

    iCloud Documents Folder, moving to External?

    Hello all, I am wondering if there is some way to move the files that are synced in the documents folder so that rather than being stored on the internal SSD the documents are stored on and reside on a permanently connected external HDD on my iMac. Reason being is I would like to move my...
  20. Avenged110

    iOS Update Notification Tricks

    Noticed this after the recent iOS signing changes, as that provided an easy opportunity to see definitively what happened, and I was curious if anyone knew anything about this. I updated my 5th gen. iPod touch from 6.0.1 to 6.1.3 and (though I had to connect to Wi-Fi to set it up) immediately...