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  1. Laryl

    Notification on watch even if I’m using phone

    I don’t know setting wrong or what but if I’m using my iPhone X to text someone, I’m getting notifications on my watch every time they reply. I can’t figure out which setting is causing this — can anyone help?
  2. B

    iOS 11 iPhone instability (spinning wheel) related to problem with automatic app update glitch?

    I've had instability with iOS 11 on my iPhone 7+ every day, often multiple times a day, since I installed iOS 11 on the launch day, which I end up having to restart my phone to resolve. This has been the case with 11.0, 11.0.1 and 11.0.2. When my phone becomes unstable: The network activity...
  3. L

    Universal autocorrect?

    Hello, I've set up autocorrect, checked 'correct spelling automatically' in the Settings, and made sure I've checked 'check spelling while typing' in the apps I use. However, autocorrect still doesn't work, especially on facebook. Is there a way to force autocorrect to work universally? Thanks!
  4. Ebru

    Calling iPhone regs and pros. Questions by a noob.

    Jumped ship from android devices last year and got the 6s. I’ll be receiving the 8 tomorrow and have some questions for the elite. I recently learned about the whole battery cycle thing and I want to make sure I get the best out of this new device so here are a few questions... 1. Will we have...
  5. S

    "Manage Storage, Next Backup Size" takes forever

    Settings: General: Storage & iCloud Usage: iCloud "Manage Storage": Backups: Next Backup Size... Why does it take hours for my iPhone to determine my "Next Backup Size"for iCloud, and the backup sizes of all my various apps? I understand it should take a little bit of time but it literally...
  6. E

    How do I save cellular data settings for apps? Bug?

    Hi, I have an iPhone 6s Plus with iOS 10.3.2 Developer Beta 5 and everytime I try to activate cellular data for several apps, the changed setting are gone after leaving that section. Am I doing something wrong or is this a known bug? I am on Vodafone Germany and the profile is installed...
  7. W

    Lockscreen Privacy

    Hello, I'm experiencing a weird problem. My iPhone 7 on iOS 10.3.1 refuses to accept my settings for lockscreen privacy. All sliders in the Touch ID & code menu for accessing things like direct reply, home kit etc. from locked phone are disabled, but I'm still able to see every message...
  8. L

    Location User Picture

    Hey I am trying to find the location of the picture I chose as my User picture under Settings -> Users&Groups. I tried the Library and found some threads for older OS versions but couldn't locate it. Where can I find it?
  9. G

    Hyperlink to iOS software updates

    Hi all I have a need to direct some users directly to the iOS software update screen from a hyperlink to an email. So far I've managed using a simple hyperlink ( prefs://root ) to get to the top settings screen. But I can't seem to work the path through the General settings and then Software...
  10. CoolRick

    Manually creating Settings launchers in app launching apps

    UPDATE: These Settings URLs no longer work starting in iOS 11. Apple has removed that functionality from the Settings app. Your only choice to keep these functional would be to remain on iOS 10. --- Apple is now apparently cracking down on app launching apps abilities to launch into the...
  11. S

    iPhone settings changed on their own?

    I have a black iPhone 7 Plus 256GB running 10.2.1 and has not ever been jailbroken. I'm not sure exactly when this happened, but in the last 48 hours I noticed that my battery percentage disappeared and my vibrate notification for email turned on. I only noticed this because my phone started...
  12. eekahil

    Blu Ray Network Error Settings

    Hi- I hope I can explain the situation properly - seemingly several places with several potential issues that I do't know where along the line the problem is. Short version is that my Blu Ray suddenly stopped connecting to internet . Network settings does not show my WiFi network name (though...
  13. 8

    Apps Won't Open -- Settings, Waze

    I have an issue where a few apps won't open -- the settings app is one as well as Waze. I had this issue on my iPhone 6 and just upgraded to a 7. I can't believe it but this is happening with the 7 as well (of note, I started as a new iPhone and did not restore from my 6). This does not happen...
  14. Rok73

    Switching On Alarm Clock

    I usually have three or four different alarm clock times set and switch between them depending on the weekday. I totally fail to switch on one of these alarms with the first or even second try, instead I land in the menu for setting up the alarm. I have quite flimsy and female hands and...
  15. DeathBySprinkles

    Need help setting up protection from porn

    Hey guys, I have been down this road many times before and have tried so many ways to block porn from my iphone so that there is noway I can get onto it. I have a porn blocking browser app called covenant eyes and it is a great browser, that coupled with restrictions that keep me from...
  16. M

    iPhone Voicemail Reminders

    Ever since one of the more recent iOS updates, my phone is constantly reminding me of new voicemails. It can be seven days old, and it is still sending me reminders. If I don't want to check my voicemail, I don't really want constant reminders. What is worse is they tend to go off at weird...
  17. J

    Apple Photos Optimize

    Hi iOS 10 users, Just wondering if Apple has improved the way in which Photos optimizes storage ? Currently photos waits until your storage is almost empty before it begins optimizing the storage, but this seems to be really buggy or just doesn't work at all. Have Apple changed the way in...
  18. Z

    Dreaded pop-up "Cellular Data is Turned off for "xyz App"

    Apple...Jamaican me Crazy here! Give us an option to opt out of this pop-up warning every time we open an app. "Cellular Data is Turned off for "xyz App - You can turn on cellular data in Settings" Pardon my rant here but it's suuuch a pain. We'll see what the Apple folks say in response to my...
  19. Dj64Mk7

    Can not receive mail at iCloud email address

    Hi! I'm having a pretty big issue where I can't receive any email at all at my email address. I can't get mail anywhere; not on, not in Mail on Mac, and not in Mail on iOS. I tried turning mail on and off on all my devices, but that didn't solve the problem. I think it's...
  20. Dj64Mk7

    What does Low Power mode do to save power?

    I know that there's a list of things under the toggle in Settings, but I was curious what else Low Power mode does to save power. For instance, it disables mail fetch, but does it also disable mail push?