1. Aguaman

    Universal Mac Media Remote - A Siri Shortcut to Control the Music and TV Apps on your Mac

    This Siri shortcut is meant to be an alternative to Apple's Remote app. It's not as pretty but it's faster and thus more convenient. This Mac Media Remote shortcut controls both the Music and TV apps on a Mac computer. Versions 3.0 and later are only compatible with iOS 13 and MacOS 10.15.x...
  2. purdnost

    Typed Siri Commands in Shortcuts?

    Since the Apple Music app doesn't display song release dates, unless you navigate to the album, I want to type out the Siri command "When was this song released" to run as a shortcut. Is that possible?
  3. ipedro

    Offline Siri

    There was a mention that parts of Siri, such as voice recogtion and dictation, would be available offline in iOS 14. To those who’ve installed the beta, have you noticed any other offline features? Can you can control AirPods playback and volume with Siri when offline (i.e. in the subway)? Any...
  4. P

    Live radio stream on cellular AW thru Siri!

    I’ve just discovered something... Maybe everyone else knows already, but I didn’t until this week (even though I thought I was proficient with my AW!)... I’d been waiting for radio apps like TuneIn to start streaming live radio to the cellular Apple Watch without a phone being present. Can’t...
  5. DanielCoffey

    HomePod Any way to report Siri mis-pronunciation?

    We use our HomePod almost exclusively for playing Playlists which we have put together and named ourselves and there is one playlist that Siri just cannot say properly at all. We have Siri using the British UK Female voice and the playlist is named "Zest Life". When asked "Hey Siri, play the...
  6. xorpi

    Mac Suggestion for devs:Siri "momentum like" Safari Dashboard start default page💻

    Suggestion for devs:Siri "momentum like" Safari Dashboard start default page💻 Good day! I have a suggestion💡 for Apple developers to think about creating a Siri Dashboard Start page for Safari. Siri uses a lot of user information. It would be great if I had my to-dos from Reminder, notes from...
  7. byke

    Corrupted Siri with Apple Music

    I am currently situated in Stockholm Sweden, and have found a bug. Usually I use Siri to "play BBC radio 1" for example. But just recently, I have discovered that while Siri understands the request. it supplements me with an alternative station (related to my location) and not what I asked for...
  8. matovsky

    Universal Roman - budget weight loss

    FEATURES: ・Minimalistic with the highest information value of the application. ・Weight loss calculator: Individual Meal Plan for men and women. Just enter your body weight — you get a detailed meal plan for every day. ・Control the process of losing weight. ・Achievements and Awards. ・Convenient...
  9. ipedro

    HomeKit A mixed Siri + Alexa home

    I built my smart home around Apple’s ecosystem ensuring HomeKit compatibility whenever I added a new smart home device. All the lights in my home are Philips Hue with a few decorative Nanoleaf lights. I’ve got Eve power outlets turning on my kitchen greenhouse and powering off my TV at night...
  10. Dave Wehr

    Playing Music from Siri Watch Face

    the Siri watch face will suggest music and when I tap it I get an option to play on iPhone. Every time I do that it says there was a problem.
  11. Saif Abu-Shakra

    Microphone volume TOO low, works perfectly on Siri,

    Hello guys, I'm having a problem I have not had before, my Macbook's Mic suddenly stopped working. I tried to activate Siri and it work seamlessly, but in the Sound menu in setting I have to scream very loud for it to register and bars in the volume strip, it also doesn't work in other apps. I...
  12. K

    All Devices Reminders, Siri and the use of ‘and’

    I’ve found an issue with the latest iOS and my use of Siri and Reminders. I’m pretty sure that historically I could use ‘and’ in my sentence and add long reminders such as the one shown in my screenshot. As you can see in the screenshot it’s now splitting my reminder on every use of ‘and’. Is...
  13. YankeeSR23

    HomePod Any way to way Siri say less??

    Is there any way to make Siri less verbose? I had an echo dot connected to my Philips hue lights and whenever I gave a command it just did it but on my HomePod Siri likes to tell me all the steps it is going through when I’d rather they just happened without me being told. I want to say the...
  14. ReardenMetal

    Siri’s “hold on a moment” problem

    Having owned the S0, S3 and currently an S4, is anyone else annoyed by Siri‘s consistent lag in returning answers? Siri is, more than half the time, asking me to wait whenever I invoke her, this is especially true when my hands aren’t free and I need to set a simple timer. Surely, not...
  15. E

    Siri incredibly slow since iOS 13 Upgrade

    I know that lots of people have issues with Siri over the years but in the last year I've become more and more reliant on it, and have actually found it works really well. That is until I updated to iOS 13. Now I'll ask her to do something as simple as "set a timer for 15 minutes" and she'll...
  16. DeanLubaki

    Anyone wishing the Siri watch face was embedded in other watch faces?

    Anyone wishing that the Siri watch face data was available to other watch faces? I like how the Siri watchface (1) shows the time in numeric and (2) shows relevant information at relevant times. I just got the Edition Series 5 and it has lots of nice watch faces, but after trying a few ones, I...
  17. abrahamw88

    iPhone Siri connection issues on LTE/cellular

    I have been having issues on my iPhone 7 with Siri not being able to connect while on cellular/LTE. This has been happening ever since iOS 13 betas and has continued with the GM. Siri will tell me to wait and then eventually time out by saying " I am having trouble with the connection". I have...
  18. Frantisekj

    All Devices Combining Siri, shortcuts and voice control

    Hi, Is there any chance that there would be possible to mix all this together in one shortcut that would manage situation like: I launch some messenger or launched new message for some contact then prompt listening in other language than is on of Siri, dictate message a then with voice command...

    Trigger SIRI without Keyboard

    This has probably come up here already, however, I just installed the latest 10.15 Public Beta on a 2017 27" iMac. I enabled Voice Control as soon as 10.15 was installed and said "Open Siri" and it triggers SIRI perfectly. So that's really handy. I understand using the keyboard for many might...
  20. G

    HomePod HomePod can’t understand the word “the” in requests

    I’ve been troubleshooting this for weeks and am getting nowhere. Recently my HomePod has started saying “I’m sorry I can’t find anything like that this time” when I ask it to turn off “the table lamp” (or any of my other hue bulbs around the house). Previously Siri understood this no problem. I...