1. cnnyy20p

    Siri is getting dumpier in iOS 15

    I told Siri to set an alarm before a certain time. Siri instead set an alarm in the future to the current time. I do this all the time but not It’s not working and it’s irritates me. This worked before in iOS14 But not anymore since beta. I already reported the bug a month ago but nothing has...
  2. H

    Are Siri Suggestions any better?

    When Siri Suggestions were announced, I had high hopes. Having Siri suggest relevant things throughout the OS seemed like a great idea. Especially as it doesn’t require the delays and (mis)interpretations of speech recognition. However, the result was as useless as Siri itself. Actually, I find...
  3. I

    possible damaged through heat just because of Facebook app?

    so yesterday night I used the Facebook app for about I think 10 minutes when I noticed that the upper left side next to the camera was really hot. Actually it wasn't the battery because I know that the battery is located on the right side under the camera so it has to be the logic board. My...
  4. C

    Siri - "Cannot perform this function right now" when trying to create a text message

    My car: 2017 BMW 440i GC. No CarPlay. Phone: iPhone 8 with IOS 14.5.1. Something happened when the phone was upgraded to IOS 14.5. Before the upgrade, I could ... - Activate Siri via a long press voice button on the steering wheel - Tell Siri "New message to [name] " - Tell Siri the text...
  5. merrickdrfc

    HomeKit “It seems that you are not home” 14.5

    Ever since updating to 14.5 I can’t seem to say ‘goodnight’ to Siri, as it always accuses me of not being at home… I have a scene named “goodnight” and this used to reliably switch off all my HomeKit devices. Now I get this message and selecting yes just shows an error. This occurs on any iOS...
  6. S

    Which Siri voices are neural TTS?

    Bit of a nerdy question but Google simply isn't finding the answer for me and neither is Apple's own developer docs. I keep seeing articles saying that with the two new Siri voices in 14.5 being added, there are now 38 total voices across 21 languages using the (better sounding) neural...
  7. E

    iPhone 12 - Siri Makes Clicking/Popping Sound Similar to Static Shock

    I just upgraded to a brand new iPhone 12 mini (iOS 14.4.2). All audio features are perfectly fine but I noticed that when I say "hey Siri, turn OFF smart invert", before Siri answers I hear a clicking sound similar to an electric static shock. It’s like a popping sound you might hear from a...
  8. ivanicin

    Let's make Apple unlock the Siri voice!

    Currently Apple locks the Siri voice only to the operating system functions. It is a reasonable decision as some app could impersonate Siri and try to steal the sensitive personal data. However, it is not reasonable that the user cannot unlock Siri voice for other apps if he checks some...
  9. MacConvert07

    Siri not able to create reminders (occasionally), says there's no app for that

    Sometime in the last few months, upon asking siri to create a reminder (for example "Hey siri, remind me on Monday to call my sister.") occasionally she'll tell me she can't create the reminder because there's not an app installed to do that. I forget the exact language she uses. Then she...
  10. F

    HomePod Can't tell iPhone Siri to play music on HomePod Mini?

    Hi guys, I just got 2 HomePod Minis and put them in my office. I noticed that when I tell my iPhone to "play music in office", Siri says there was a problem. If I tell the HomePods Siri to play music, no problemo. In my living room I have a Sonos Beam. I use my iPhone Siri all the time with...
  11. purdnost

    Siri - “Learn from this App”

    I have to admit, I don’t know how most of the apps I use utilize this feature when enabled. I know Messages will provide contact suggestions in the sharing menu, but that’s about the extent of my understanding. I’m interested to learn how I can benefit from this feature. Does anyone have any...
  12. M115CLE

    HomePod Possible HomePod Bug

    Can someone try this for me, I've tried it on 2 different HomePods and get the same thing. I've very hard of hearing so it's bloody annoying. 1. Hey Siri, Set my timer for 3 minutes 30 seconds 2. Hey Siri, Turn your Volume Up to 100% 3. Confirm the response that "Thats very loud, are you...
  13. BadMelonFarmer

    Siri “One Moment” “one sec” “on it”

    Are others having issues all the time with Siri? It seems to have become so slow and takes ages to respond. I am constantly getting things like “One Moment” “one sec” “on it” etc just for really simple requests like “set timer for 1 minute.” I have a very fast FTTP broadband and it’s the same...
  14. V

    HomePod iOS 14.3 HomePod Mini cannot find any songs in Apple Music but can shuffle my Library

    Hello! I hope you can help, I just bought a HomePod mini and it does not seem to work so far :( Btw, I updated it to 14.3, so as my iPhone. —> Whenever I ask Siri to play a song or an artist I get the error message « Sorry, I couldn’t find ....... on Apple Music » I am talking about songs that I...
  15. F

    HomePod Possible solution: HomePod personal requests

    I purchased several HomePod Minis to use around our house. Our household consists of two adults and three children with their own Apple IDs. I was excited for each of us to be able to use "personal requests." I was quickly disappointed when almost every time any of us asked "Hey Siri, who am I?"...
  16. happy orchard

    HomeKit How to get Siri to stop announcing "Done"?

    After I say "Hey Siri, lamp on", Siri turns off the lamp -- yay, thank you Siri -- but Siri goes on a monologue like some frustrated aging stage actor telling me how he did it, what he did, and saying my name. Is there a way to just Siri to complete a shortcut silently?
  17. AdisCZ

    Siri "Don't understand" when I want to call somebody.

    Hi. When I say "Hey Siri, call mom" siri is like "I'm on it" and then "Something went wrong. Try again". When I say "Hey Siri, open facebook" It's working normally. I have everything turned on in settings. Also in contacts. It's happening since I've "upgraded" from iPhone XS to iPhone 12...
  18. Totalkaputt

    While in car and connected to Bluetooth: new SIRI restrictions?

    Before IOS 14 "Hey Siri, turn the iPhone's display brighter!" worked flawlessly while connected to my car's bluetooth (no CarPlay) and navigating at night. But now she refuses to execute tasks like this. "Ich kann das jetzt nicht tun" (German for "I can't do this now"). Since I updated to IOS 14...
  19. B

    (12 mini) Siri not working on low power

    My iPhone is on 4% battery, on low power mode, and Siri doesn't work. I hold the side button, the purple circle appears and spins at the bottom and the orange dot at the top appears, indicating use of the microphone, but my words don't appear and she doesn't say anything. I have it set so...
  20. purdnost

    Disappeared Siri Contact Suggestions when Sharing

    Wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I no longer have contact suggestions in my share sheet. I verified that Settings > Siri & Search > Suggestions when Sharing is toggled on. Curious if it’s a known bug in the new update. This is happening on both my iPhone and iPad.