1. spiderman0616

    iPad Pro Switching to the 12.9": My real world usage story

    I have noticed a lot of arguing in a lot of threads lately over what size iPad Pro is "ideal" or "best" or "most versatile" or whatever. I think there are a lot of people not getting a lot of help with their decision reading through those arguments because everyone is going to have their own...
  2. kp98077

    iPad Pro New iPad Pro 12.9” with Magic Keyboard too Large and awkward?

    I received my new iPad Pro 12.9 a few days ago and then yesterday, my magic keyboard (apple) which actually works just great! However, sitting with the iPad and keyboard has been challenging, and it is a bit heavier and larger than I imagined. Anyone lease having this experience or thinking...
  3. Z

    metric eight size?

    I dont understand whats the size of the screw im attaching. The guy holding it says its "metric eight" size... what does that mean?
  4. S

    solved: LG 32UL950 wrong size reported (dpi / edid)

    Solved - just as a side note: When attaching a 31.5" LG 32UL950 to a Mac, the reported screen size is 27". While this does not affect the resolution, it affects the actual screen size of items scaled to "100%" in graphic applications, such as Acrobat Reader, Indesign etc. A nightmare when...
  5. Z

    Mac Finder Sidebar size

    Is it possible to keep a specific size, as far as width is concerned, for the Mac Finder Sidebar? Can one set a specific width and save it as a standard width for all finder windows?
  6. J

    Which apple watch should i pick?

    I've a (16,75cm/6,7 inch) aprox wrist and i'm plannig to buy a series 3 stainless steel gps+celluar. Which size should i pick, 38 or 42 mm? I dont care abou battery life or screen size, just want to not have a huge (wrist smaller than watch) watch in my wrist. Useful info: have a 39mm iwc and...
  7. J

    iPhone XS Max What font size do you use?

    I am currently using an iPhone XS Max, for the Apple Apps (Mail, Safari) the font size does not seem to affect these applications as much as say Gmail (where the font is very small) when using the smallest font size. What font size do you use on your iPhone?
  8. Z

    iPhone XR Women of MacRumors, how's your XR in everyday use?

    I know that the "XR is too big" and "XR is just perfect" etc. has been covered on daily basis, but could I get some feedback from women of MacRumors as to how does the phone feel as a daily driver? My wife really, really likes the size of her current phone, SE, but as it seems quite unlikely...
  9. V

    2018 MBA vs MBP trackpad size

    If you compared them side by side, you will immediately notice MBA trackpad is smaller than the MBP counterpart. Theory? Logically it seems they wanted to distinguish pro line from the air by deliberately making the air trackpad smaller thus compelling buyers to opt for the pro models and pay...
  10. JonL77

    iPhoto library has shrunk when changing macs

    Hi So I’ve just upgraded my MacBook Air. On my old Air my photo library was over 20GB. I didn’t manually back this up but rather just let my new Mac download my photos from iCloud. When it completed the iPhoto library is now 6GB. it’s finished downloading and all the photos are there. I don’t...
  11. smoking monkey

    iPhone XR Max v Plus v XR v X screen size comparison for TV shows & old movies

    IF anybody is interested (I know I am) I made this simple guide to compare how much smaller TV shows or older movies will display on the XR in comparison to the Max, Plus and how much bigger compared to the X. FYI: I actually made the size of the pics the real height of the phone screens, but...
  12. F

    iPhone XS Max iPhone XS Max too big?

    I currently have an 8 Plus and want to upgrade to either the XS or XS Max. I can use my 8 plus in one hand but it concerns me that the screen goes all the way to the edge. I just don't know if I can reach that far all the time. I love having the wider screen but I am starting to get a little...
  13. B

    iPhone X Why are the XS and XR a different size?

    Seems odd that they are slightly different screen sizes. I can only imagine that some added space helped to include some components that were slightly larger and less expensive to help keep the price down? But its such a little difference...? .3" doesn't seem like its necessary as a size...
  14. O

    Other iPhone dimensions with or without camera bump?

    Hi, I've been trying to find this but with no luck so far. I'd like to know whether the dimensions stated by Apple for all the camera bump toting iPhones (6, 6+ 6S, 6S+, 7, 7+, 8, 8+, X) include the camera bump in the thickness measurement or not. I would also very much like to know both...
  15. Rockoar

    Safari won't remember its window size after quitting app

    I'm currently facing the following minor –but rather annoying– bug in Safari (Version 11.1 [13605.]). Safari will no longer remember its window size after closing the application. What I mean by that is that whenever I resize a Safari window while simultaneously holding the option...
  16. Princess Cake

    Hiding Filenames/Smaller Text?

    I'm using a digital shelf setup for my movie collection and some films have long names that get truncated leaving ugly "..." filenames all over. Does anyone know if theres a way to make the filenames hidden or make the text size smaller than 10?
  17. M

    iPhone X Purchase advise

    I would like to buy a new iphone and am not sure which one to take. I have an old 4 right now but its battery life is really short and I can no longer update software, it's no longer practical. I was waiting for the X for a year but as it turns out this thing is ridiculously large, I don't want...
  18. tehaer

    MacBook Pro 2017 - Struggling with the size/hardware

    Hello, First of all, I would like to say hello to the users of the forum, as I am a new one :) Since one month I am thinking about getting rid of my 6 years old Samsung's Ultrabook (Series 5) and replacing it with MacBook Pro. I am a Windows user since 18 years. I've never used Mac OS, aside...
  19. S

    "Manage Storage, Next Backup Size" takes forever

    Settings: General: Storage & iCloud Usage: iCloud "Manage Storage": Backups: Next Backup Size... Why does it take hours for my iPhone to determine my "Next Backup Size"for iCloud, and the backup sizes of all my various apps? I understand it should take a little bit of time but it literally...
  20. B

    Need Apple Watch 38mm Glass size.

    Hi, I need a picture of the height of the 38mm Apple Watch's Glass (not just the screen but till the edge of tha glass as well) I need a ruler in the picture so I can prove a vager that the 38 mm Apple Watch has a glass height size of around 34mm not 38, because it is the bezel size. Thanks