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  1. F

    iPhone 11 Pro Favorite iPhone screen size

    Which size you feel more comfortable with? Mine is 5'8, I think it was the perfect iPhone size.
  2. akidokraja

    Who is getting ready for 49mm Series 8?

    As the title says, I can’t wait for larger Apple Watch S8. Possibly 49mm. That would be dream as my wrists are enormous and 45mm looks like a toy. I really hope Apple gives us this third size in the fall. That way there would be size for everyone. Kids and adults. Tim, make it happen please!!
  3. P

    Finder shows incorrect folder size - please help?

    I'm looking for help and/or feedback with an annoying problem I am having using Finder. Problem: I've noticed on multiple occasions that the MacOS Finder gives incorrect information for Folder sizes. Often times it will show the Folder contains "Zero Bytes" and sometimes it will even show a...
  4. B

    All iPads iPad mini 6: Who is downsizing and why?

    As the title states. With the release of the new iPad mini 6, who has decided to downsize, from what iPad are you downsizing from, and why?
  5. S

    Other iPhone logical screen size decreasing /regression

    After checking out the new iPhone 12’s, I noticed something I never saw mentioned in most reviews: There is less text displayed on the screen of iphone12 compared to older models viewing the same webpage/messages/mail etc. Looking up the specs: -The 12/12pro display has a lower point/logical...
  6. T

    Macbook Air Physical Comparison - M1 vs. Late 10 - Mid 17 [pics]

    Just got my M1 MBA. It is amazing to see how the current generation compare to the last generation (late 10 ~ mid 17) of 13' and 11' in terms of form factor. The current MBA 13' is basically the same width as the MBA 11' with a bit longer in terms of depth, while retaining the 13' screen size...
  7. F

    iPad Pro Which size iPad Pro for college?

    I'm currently looking to purchase an iPad Pro for note taking. I have a 2017 MacBook Pro 13", horrible keyboard and its performance is unbearable. I'd be trading in my iPad Air 3. I can't decide which size to get for taking notes. The 11" seems very portable yet the 12.9" is the same size as a...
  8. D

    MacBook Air M1 2020 - Shipping Weight/Box Dimensions

    Hello, I've searched the forums but I could not find the answer, so my apologies in advance if this has already been asked. Can someone please share the shipping weight and outer box (brown packaging) dimensions? I'm planning on using a re-shipping service and I would like to know what the new...
  9. menist

    iPhone 12 Pro 12 and 12 Pro Max case/size comparison

    Here are comparisons of the 12 and 12PM cases. Hope some ppl will find this useful. 12PM and 8Plus Bonus..12PM and Note20U
  10. DrFilippo

    Other iPhone 12 Pro vs Pro Max size and features

    By looking at the specs, the Pro Max has better Optical zoom range (5x vs 4x) better stabilization system (Sensor-shift optical image stabilization vs Dual optical image stabilization) bigger sensor on the wide lens better battery bigger display However, the Pro Max has the following cons...
  11. operatorflow

    Please help me to choose the size of a Leather Loop! This is a size Large. I'd like to know the length of the medium size

    As you can see, the long piece (the one without the hole) is 195 mm. How long is this part in the Medium size? is the part with the hole the same length? I have the Large size, but sometimes it's a bit too long and I don't want it to wrap back and almost reach the watch case. On the other...
  12. spiderman0616

    iPad Pro Switching to the 12.9": My real world usage story

    I have noticed a lot of arguing in a lot of threads lately over what size iPad Pro is "ideal" or "best" or "most versatile" or whatever. I think there are a lot of people not getting a lot of help with their decision reading through those arguments because everyone is going to have their own...
  13. kp98077

    iPad Pro New iPad Pro 12.9” with Magic Keyboard too Large and awkward?

    I received my new iPad Pro 12.9 a few days ago and then yesterday, my magic keyboard (apple) which actually works just great! However, sitting with the iPad and keyboard has been challenging, and it is a bit heavier and larger than I imagined. Anyone lease having this experience or thinking...
  14. Z

    metric eight size?

    I dont understand whats the size of the screw im attaching. The guy holding it says its "metric eight" size... what does that mean?
  15. S

    solved: LG 32UL950 wrong size reported (dpi / edid)

    Solved - just as a side note: When attaching a 31.5" LG 32UL950 to a Mac, the reported screen size is 27". While this does not affect the resolution, it affects the actual screen size of items scaled to "100%" in graphic applications, such as Acrobat Reader, Indesign etc. A nightmare when...
  16. Z

    Mac Finder Sidebar size

    Is it possible to keep a specific size, as far as width is concerned, for the Mac Finder Sidebar? Can one set a specific width and save it as a standard width for all finder windows?
  17. J

    Which apple watch should i pick?

    I've a (16,75cm/6,7 inch) aprox wrist and i'm plannig to buy a series 3 stainless steel gps+celluar. Which size should i pick, 38 or 42 mm? I dont care abou battery life or screen size, just want to not have a huge (wrist smaller than watch) watch in my wrist. Useful info: have a 39mm iwc and...
  18. J

    iPhone XS Max What font size do you use?

    I am currently using an iPhone XS Max, for the Apple Apps (Mail, Safari) the font size does not seem to affect these applications as much as say Gmail (where the font is very small) when using the smallest font size. What font size do you use on your iPhone?
  19. Z

    iPhone XR Women of MacRumors, how's your XR in everyday use?

    I know that the "XR is too big" and "XR is just perfect" etc. has been covered on daily basis, but could I get some feedback from women of MacRumors as to how does the phone feel as a daily driver? My wife really, really likes the size of her current phone, SE, but as it seems quite unlikely...
  20. V

    2018 MBA vs MBP trackpad size

    If you compared them side by side, you will immediately notice MBA trackpad is smaller than the MBP counterpart. Theory? Logically it seems they wanted to distinguish pro line from the air by deliberately making the air trackpad smaller thus compelling buyers to opt for the pro models and pay...