1. S

    "Manage Storage, Next Backup Size" takes forever

    Settings: General: Storage & iCloud Usage: iCloud "Manage Storage": Backups: Next Backup Size... Why does it take hours for my iPhone to determine my "Next Backup Size"for iCloud, and the backup sizes of all my various apps? I understand it should take a little bit of time but it literally...
  2. B

    Need Apple Watch 38mm Glass size.

    Hi, I need a picture of the height of the 38mm Apple Watch's Glass (not just the screen but till the edge of tha glass as well) I need a ruler in the picture so I can prove a vager that the 38 mm Apple Watch has a glass height size of around 34mm not 38, because it is the bezel size. Thanks
  3. E

    128gb vs 256gb

    so I Originally ordered the 256 jet black for myself and 128gb matte for my dad. The 128 is coming tomorrow . I have the 128gb right now and have about 60gb space after deleting stuff . I mostly stream, except for audiobooks. I do a lot of photography and plan on shooting raw. Very little video...
  4. G

    iPhone 7/6S Plus Case Backward-Compatibility Test - New iPhone 7 Plus Case on my iPhone 6S Plus

    With the new iPhones being similar to their predecessors, I wondered if cases for both newer and older models would fit each-other, or whether the slight differences in speaker or cameras would cause a problem. I bet I'm not the only one who wondered this, so I decided to share my little...
  5. D

    Photoshop CC on Retina - problem?

    I've just spent a very frustrating couple of hours trying to get to the bottom of a problem. I've managed to sort it in an around about way, but I want to know a) what the cause is and b) how to stop it. I had to put together a couple of animated GIF files. Using Photoshop 2015.1.2 on a 27"...
  6. wozmatic

    iPhones don't need to be any thinner. What do you think?

    It looks like we've reached the plateau of device thinness, any further and it might be too thin. The iphone, the ipad, and the macbook are all at a size that any thinner and it would be too fragile but more importantly any smaller and it wouldn't be tactile for our hands. The human hand isn't...
  7. C

    Apps Netflix Subtitles Styling

    Is it possible to change the styling (color, size, font etc) of subtitles in Netflix app on Apple TV 4? The style I created for closed captioning in Accessibility doesn't seem to work.