1. A

    iPad Pro Please share the write speed to external SSDs you get connected to your iPad Pro 2021

    Seems to be a big issue. Please share here the write speed to external SSDs you get connected to your iPad Pro 2021. On a Samsung T7 USB 3.2 SSD I got only 44 MBps copying a 5 GB file to the HFS+ formatted SSD using the original USB 3.2 and a TB3/USB4 cable.
  2. S

    iMac 27" 5K (End 2015) Fan speeds up, performance slows down

    Hello all, our normally good working iMac 27” 5K from End 2015 has a defects since some weeks. The Fan turns up and the performance drops down, so it is not possible to work on the machine. I tried to install the newest macOS, restart with D = no errors. TG Pro displayed that the Sensor “Power...
  3. M

    iMac (late 2012) running slow - all help welcome

    Hi All, Sorry i'm new here and a bit of an IT novice. Ive has my iMac since new from 2012 and this last 12 motnhs its shown severe signs of slowing down. Last week i spoke to Apple, they mentioned its time for a new SSD but firdt to try creating a 'new user' to see if that runs faster than...
  4. halloele

    Laggy Animations (Whatsapp)

    Hello, Since iOS 14.4 are the animations on my iPhone 11 Pro laggy and slow. As example: The background update in Whatsapp dont work. When i get a message and open the app, the phone need a few seconds to update the chat. In Games its stuttering after 3-5 seconds. Do you have same problems? Now...
  5. C

    macos Catalina SMB Performance langsam

    Hello all, I am supporting a customer who mainly has MacBook Pro models from 2017-2019 in use. All devices are running macOS Catalina version 15.*.*. The MacBooks access a Windows file server in the 1&1 Ionos Cloud via a site-to-site VPN (firewall in the office > firewall in the data center)...
  6. D

    M1 MacBook Pro - Slow WiFi issues?

    Hey all, I've seen mention of people having issue with slow WiFi, but haven't experienced it myself until now. The Mac itself doesn't appear sluggish, opening/closing apps and general navigating is rapid, but the internet will be super sluggish - really glitchy on video/audio calls on all...
  7. NeXTLoop

    iPad Anker USB-C to Lightning Audio Adapter Slows iPad Pro

    I have the latest model, 12.9” iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard. My AirPods crapped out so I am using an Anker USBC to Lightning Audio Adapter to use my regular wired AirPods. I’ve notice that, with nothing else running, there is noticeable difference in speed with the adapter plugged in or not...
  8. Y

    How to improve a MacBooks running speed

    Macbook 2016 - running 11.01 slur Hi can anybody help me speed up my MacBook? It was running fine before the software update Things are running slow and not opening - seeing a lot of the rainbow coloured thinking circle? Any advice would be gratefully received ? Many thanks :oops:
  9. L

    External Storage Really Slow?

    On my iMac 5K (2017) my USB-C connected 1 TB NVMe drive would do 900/930 MB/s write/read on Catalina. On Big Sur, it got down to like 30 MB write speed. I took that same drive, formatted as APFS, and connected to my M1 MacBook Air, I'm getting 15 MB/s writes. Best read is 500 or so. Anyone...
  10. LinkRS

    Big Sur Comparison

    Howdy Everyone, My 2019 16" MacBook Pro updated to Big Sur "automatically" this past Sunday. One of the things I noticed immediately, was that my system seems slower. So, I took a look in Activity Monitor and noticed that on a cold boot, that there are over 1800 threads and 400 processes with...
  11. B

    iPhone 12 Pro Stuttery IPhone 12 pro

    Anyone else been getting a bit of a stuttery performance out of the iPhone 12 pro. I sometimes find messaging is slow to type, apps sometimes stutter etc. Just doesn’t feel as smooth as the iPhone 11 Pro was
  12. J

    Help with please.

    10.15.07 19H2 Late 2013 iMac Hi. My Mac has been running slowly after an upgrade to Catalina. This obviously could be many things, one of which being that my CUDA is not longer compatible, which is another topic I'nm struggling with. Upon looking in Activity Monitor I wound WindowServer is...
  13. travelsheep

    FCPX 10.4.7 and higher unbearably slow rendering

    I upgraded to FCPX 10.4.7 (now at 10.4.10) and ever since rendering became unbearably slow. A simple 1080p movie (no generators) of 20 minutes now takes close to 30 minutes to render and write. Before it was just a few minutes (if I remember correctly around 10 minutes or less). Any tips? MacOS...
  14. AjTee

    Linkedin website very slow on Safari 13.1.2

    Hello, Have you also experienced that website is slow and unresponsive on Safari 13.1.2? It no always react on soft touch, with hard touch it works better. On Google Chrome this website works normally. On Safari 13.1.2 other sites like Facebook, MacRumors works normally. I have...
  15. Chadest

    So slow you have to wait for the mouse to react (Mid 2012 MacBook Pro)

    Yes, it’s an old Mac. But what’s going on here? It’s been cleaned up, fresh install of El Capitan, then the battery died for the last time. It still runs off the power cord though. It’s just so slow, uselessly slow! You have to wait to register a button click, a key press, or even for the mouse...
  16. J

    External hard drive defragging/optimization?

    I've often heard that Macs don't need to be defragged, but I have a 8tb external usb drive that is getting slow; when I open a folder sometimes I need to wait a few seconds to see the contents (when the drive is mounted and awake). I still have 5tb available on this drive. At this link I saw...
  17. B

    Wallpaper reappearing constantly: service exited due to SIGBUS

    I have a MacBook Pro Mid-2012. Unfortunately I experience random crashes which are followed by "3 beep tones" when I try to reboot immediately afterwards. I then have to wait a few minuntes and can then use the MBP again. I knew, that there is something shady going on (possibly even faulty...
  18. P

    MP 1,1-5,1 HELP!!! Sluggish Mac Pro 5,1

    HELP! My Mac is getting kind of sluggish while I'm working with it. It's been a couple of months already. I do only mail stuff on Safari, after about 15 minutes, then it becomes very slow creating or deleting tabs on Safari, even when I click on the Mac logo, it takes like 1 sec to respond. I...
  19. B

    Extreme slowing down of MacBook Pro due to pkd process

    I am debugging this issue for several days now and slowly but surely I am going crazy :) My issue is that after startup, the MacBook is extremely slow. No icons/files are shown on the desktop. Finder cannot be opened. I can barely open the Activity Monitor. I also cannot type anything in the...
  20. voraciousvegan

    Trackpad slow on login screen

    I'm on 10.13.6. I replaced the battery on my MBA, and I can't recall if I had this issue before, but the pointer is moving very slowly via trackpad on the login screen. When I log out after having been logged in, it's normal as set for the user, but restarting makes it slow again. Any ideas...