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  1. J

    HomeKit How to connect to Stoftmoln homekit?

    Buy a stoftmoln 24cm light ifrom ikea and would like to connect to homekit app in ipad how do i do??
  2. D

    Resolved RAM Usage, Swap Files, SSD Degradation...

    There have been a lot of posts on the above subject scattered throughout the Apple Silicon, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro fora and so I decided to delve deeper into the close to 9-year-old 512GB SSD of my heavily used MacBook Pro that has 16GB RAM. So far I have established that at a typical time...
  3. purdnost

    HomeKit Any Reason NOT to Set Thermostat to Auto Heat/Cool?

    My ecobee thermostat and Home app give me the option to set my thermostat to auto heat/cool (as opposed to just heat or just cool). Assuming this works properly, would there be any good reason(s) not to use this feature? It would remove the step of having to manually change the setting between...
  4. M

    Macbook's ssd smart status

    Hey, I'm wondering if my Macbook's ssd is fine, I was a bit concerned of Available Spare and Spare Threshold status, can someone say if that is normal? Thanks
  5. Sovon Halder

    Why is Safari so Dumb?

    This happens to every website. I type up to "macru"... I even have a bookmark for macrumors but still the "smart search field" decides to prompt me with a random website link, in this case some stupid
  6. Z

    AppleTV connected with a nonSmart tv

    How can an AppleTV help if connected to a non smartTV? Can it upgrade the experience by adding features to an old TV?
  7. B1llyG

    Quality issue(s) with Smart Keyboard folio?

    Hi, for little over 4 weeks I own a IPP 12.9 and SKF. Due lockdown, I‘ve only used the SKF in house. However, there is already serious wear on the keyboard. Do other also experience this? I expect to have a faulty SKF as I also experience frequent keyboard disconnects. Will see if this can...
  8. macduke

    Home Wemo/Ring Integration Help

    So I recently bought a pack of Wemo mini outlet switches because they announced HomeKit support. Well, that was a bit premature as I'm still waiting for the update, but another reason why I was waiting for Wemo is the integration with Ring (which has been promising HomeKit for ages). In the Ring...
  9. T

    Looking for this ipad app

    Dears, I am looking for this app that is displayed in the 10.5 ipad Smart keyboard advert. (Image Attached) If you know this app, Please Share. Thank you in advance, iPad
  10. ZapNZs

    OWC Qx2 Question - does it support SMART in JBOD mode?

    When being used in JBOD mode, does the Qx2 enclosure support SMART?
  11. P

    Macbook Pro 2016/17 SSD SMART Status

    Hello fellow MBP 2016/17 owners, What is the status of your internal SSD SMART Status? Mine is labelled "Not Supported". Is yours the same? My old 2014 MBP 13 inch with 512 GB SSD however, has SMART Status: Verified. Is it normal for the 2016 and 2017 MBP to have their SSD SMART Status: Not...
  12. smorrissey

    Smart cover suddenly shuts down Ipad air 2 completely

    This week my ipad air 2 started to shut down itself completely (not stand by) when closing the smart cover, i could be wrong but i think it is related to and old known spread pop issue, the device doesn't pop up anymore however i think that defect affected the device at the end in some ways...
  13. C

    Smart Switch to Remote Reboot iMac

    Does anyone know of a way to remotely reboot an iMac? I've run into cases where I've remote connected in and the iMac has frozen, leaving me with no way to deal with it until I get home to hard reboot it. I'm thinking maybe using something like the Elgato Eve Switch connected to HomeKit, with...
  14. dannys1

    Siri vs Alexa Smart Home (Longish read)

    I guess this is the appropriate section - just thought i'd give fellow Mac users a little write up of my experiences between the two mainly for smart home control. Alexa only came out mid October in the UK and we're still missing some features however so far i've not been overly impressed. I...
  15. praneeth03

    Smart Break - Prevent eye strain and mental stress from constant computer use

    Smart break is an intelligent mindfulness program that helps prevent eye strain and mental stress by reminding and enforcing you to take regular breaks. Unlike similar reminder tools which prompt you to take breaks at fixed intervals, SmartBreak actually monitors the way you spend time on your...
  16. T

    Cheaper alternative to the iPad Pro Smart Cover?

    does anyone know of a cheaper alternative to Apple's iPad Pro 9.7 Smart Cover?
  17. scott f

    Universal xorbs - a free indie puzzle game by code sharp

    hi im scott, im an indie game developer, this is the first time i have done this so do let me know if you have any questions i am pleased to announce xorbs is available on iOS now (it's free) iTunes Link: what is it...
  18. G

    Living with the Apple Watch: One year on

    Hey guys, Luckily enough for me, I was in the first batch to get my watch last year. I thought it would be good to do my first article on my new website about the experiences and usefulness of the watch as others who have had theirs for a long period of time may agree or disagree! My new site...
  19. M

    iOS 9.3 Beta 4 + smart battery case

    I am on an iPhone 6S running iOS 9.3 Beta 4 and using the Apple smart battery case. Is anyone else having trouble getting theirs to work? Mine connects for a second but then acts as if it is not connected and not recognized. On my other iPhone 6S running official 9.2 it runs just fine. Anyone else?
  20. T

    New iPad Pro Case Colors?

    If this question has been asked already and I missed it, apologies. But does anybody have an idea of when Apple might release new colors for the iPad Pro silicone case and Smart Cover lineup? I love my white but a midnight blue or red would be really slick in my opinion. They have the color...