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software bug

  1. _Kartik_

    Camera keeps crashing while taking a photo. iPhone XR

    Hello, I ran into this problem roughly 2 weeks ago. The problem is camera app crashes when I try to take a photo. After this all the apps in the memory reload when I try to multitask. The camera app once crashed makes the device unusable for 1-2 seconds and then takes me back to the hone...
  2. E

    iPhone 12 - Siri Makes Clicking/Popping Sound Similar to Static Shock

    I just upgraded to a brand new iPhone 12 mini (iOS 14.4.2). All audio features are perfectly fine but I noticed that when I say "hey Siri, turn OFF smart invert", before Siri answers I hear a clicking sound similar to an electric static shock. It’s like a popping sound you might hear from a...
  3. M

    PSA: Do Not Migrate System & Network Settings From Snow Leopard Or Earlier

    Hi Just a cautionary warning for folk moving on from an old Mac using Snow Leopard or earlier to a new one on Mojave. The same may apply to later Mac OS too. I did the above on a new iMac, 3 weeks ago via Migration Assistant. Everything occurred without much ado and was successful. The shared...