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Apr 21, 2021
I just upgraded to a brand new iPhone 12 mini (iOS 14.4.2).
All audio features are perfectly fine but I noticed that when I say "hey Siri, turn OFF smart invert", before Siri answers I hear a clicking sound similar to an electric static shock. It’s like a popping sound you might hear from a speaker. Several people complained about similar issues when using Siri in the past (see

It happens often but sporadically. If you say "hey Siri, turn ON smart invert" and then "hey Siri, turn OFF smart invert" you will likely hear the sound. I couldn’t replicate on my iPhone 7 (iOS 14.4.2) but happens fairly consistently (only with that command) on my iphone 12.

I spoke with Apple support and they agreed with me that it feels like a software issue. I also submitted Feedback to Apple so hopefully it will be fixed with the next release? Anyone having similar issues or able to replicate on your end with this command (i.e. "hey Siri, turn OFF smart invert")?
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