1. lsatterfield

    Airpods Pro Won’t Connect After iOS 14

    I just had this issue, and here’s how the problem happened and how I fixed it. I charged my AirPods Pro overnight to full capacity, but I didn’t charge my iPhone. When I put my AirPods in my ears, there was no chime. I then tried putting them back into the case and then opening the case next to...
  2. T

    the MacOS photos screensavers no longer let you skip through there a fix for this?

    Recently I noticed that the MacOS (Mojave) Photos Screensaver no longer lets you skip through photos anymore (forwards or backwards.) Is there a fix for this? I think it happened after update 10.14.2
  3. GoodGuy12345

    Cooling solutions for the Mac minis?

    I am looking at purchasing a used Mac Mini that can run the latest (Mojave) as my next computer, but I have heard and seen online that the aluminium unibody Mac minis all have an issue with overheating. They get extremely hot when put on load and the heat can be felt through the aluminum casing...
  4. jagooch

    Password autofill didn't work - How I fixed it

    I migrated my 100's of Web logins from 1Password into Keychain yesterday ( quite a long process! ) using my Mac, and then tested it on my iPhone. Then I tested it on my iPad by spot-checking logins that I had added. Problem 1) none of them were there. Fix: I fixed that by logging in/out of...
  5. Mikemc2

    Photoshop CS6 freeze, possible cause found.

    I have been troubleshooting Photoshop CS6 in Mac OSX Mavericks 10.9.5 through Skype, and we believe we've found a major help to anyone experiencing freezing or unresponsive controls in PS CS6 under Mavericks 10.9.5! In almost all instances (over 90% of the time) we have been able to freeze CS6...
  6. R

    Project management solutions for 5-10 people?

    Hello! I'm looking for suggestions regarding project management software/service. We are a group of 5 architecture students, who need a way to chat and send messages, and also upload files in multiple iterations to a common folder, comment on them etc., and have some sort of a calendar/timeline...
  7. M

    iPod iPod Nano 6.gen volume problem

    Hi to all, I have a problem with my iPod Nano 6th generation with sound volume "up" button. When I plug original Apple Earpods, all is working fine as normally. I can turn volume down and up via remote on headset and also when I press volume buttons on my iPod. When I unplug headphones, only...
  8. K

    I 'Erased' Hard Drive, and now I am having trouble re-installing OSX

    Ok so I created an account on here just to look for some help, I couldn't find any helpful information on Google and I am hoping one of you know more about my current problem. I booted up a 2012 Macbook into Recovery Mode and 'Erased' the Hard Drive (with Mac OS Extended Journaled and GUID...