Password autofill didn't work - How I fixed it

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    I migrated my 100's of Web logins from 1Password into Keychain yesterday ( quite a long process! ) using my Mac, and then tested it on my iPhone.

    Then I tested it on my iPad by spot-checking logins that I had added.

    Problem 1) none of them were there.
    Fix: I fixed that by logging in/out of iCloud on my iPad. Afterwards, the newly added accounts were there.

    Problem 2) I navigated to Macrumors and tested to see if it would prompt me to use the stored password. Nothing.
    I navigated to Macrumors on my iPhone, and it prompted me to use the stored password.
    The problem turned out to be that I was using a Smart keyboard with shortcuts disabled in Keyboard settings.
    Fix: I turned shortcuts on and tested the login again. The shortcut bar appeared and prompted me to select which credentials I wanted to use to login.

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    How did you do said migration...
  3. jagooch, May 29, 2018
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    it wasn’t easy.

    Export 1password logins to csv
    install old, pre-quantum version of firefox ( I think that it was version 56)
    reformat data to meet firefox data format requirements
    import passwords into firefox
    import firefox passwords into Safari

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