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  1. J

    Can't one finger open lid after staingate removal

    Hi there Every so often when I close my computer and put it in my bag and take it back out, I am unable to one finger open the display. When I lift my finger it lifts the whole computer off of the desk. I have tried using a cloth with water to clean the rubber gasket around the screen but that...
  2. ImDanTheBoxMan

    Staingate Removal Procedure

    I just thought I would post here that I had success removing the anti-glare coating off of a mid 2014 mbp with horrendous staingate The way I did it was with Flash All Purpose Cleaner floor cleaner. This stuff works wonders and is very unlikely to scratch or damage the screen as it is purely...
  3. J

    2015 MBP Anti Glare coating worth removing? Method least likely to cause damage?

    I got a MBP here that seems to be affected with the stain gate issue that I've seen around but mine isn't as bad as others I've seen. I'm just wondering if mine is worth removing because on one hand, it's not that bad in dim conditions but really noticeable in daylight. Also, I've seen plenty of...
  4. M

    Do you have staingate with M1?

    Is broken dots of reflective coating is still warranty case? Can it be fixed around world only in one year or 4 years after purchase for free? And does screen replacement makes sense with current, probably defective, design, or this is permanent problem anyway? Thanks.
  5. globalmatt

    16-inch MacBook Pro: Staingate / AR coating failure?

    I bought a 16-inch MacBook Pro in November last year (the day it was launched in fact). Generally it’s a fantastic machine. I look after my gear very carefully (especially laptops). The laptop has only been out of the house a handful of times, and I’ve always carried it in a laptop bag. In...
  6. E

    Staingate + Dented Screens?

    I've heard of "staingate" and screens getting scratched/dented from keyboards. Does anyone have experience with this? I'm getting a 2020 macbook air - do you think I will have the aforementioned problems?
  7. B

    Retina display problem: Staingate or improperly cleaned?

    Macbook pro 15,4" Retina Mid 2014 I bought this Macbook really cheap because of this annoying display issue. Looks like former owner spoiled it with a kitchen sponge. But surface is smooth, no scratches. Do you think anti glare coating still exists on this display?
  8. R

    macbook pro mid 2019 anti-reflection coating issues?

    I just got my 13" macbook pro for a week when during wiping the anti-reflection coating came off. I remembered reading about it for earlier macbooks, but since the repair program ended I assumed it would be fixed. Will try to return it to apple, but not sure if they will charge for 'damage'...
  9. alex87f

    "Staingate" - How bad was it in the end?

    Hello guys, I'm about to complete the purchase of a 2015 13" MBP, and have read about the anti-reflective coating wear issue. In order to make an informed decision at the time of the transaction, I'd like to capitalize on our collective experience over the last few years and get a "helicopter...
  10. l0renz

    Am I asking too much?

    Howdie! First of all, hope you're having a great day. I'm posting on this forum to ask your opinion. I have an MacBook Pro 13'' mid 2014: an older machine, but I actually still love it. For example, it doesn't have the keyboard problems of the current generation:rolleyes: But as it seems to...
  11. sarlettejohansson

    MacBook Pro history of defects i.e. GPU, Staingate, Speaker muffled

    MacBook Pro 2011 - 2013 (GPU failure, Apple replaced with next gen MacBook Pro) MacBook Pro 2013 - 2017 (Staingate, still using it) MacBook Pro 2017 - 2018 Touch Bar (Speaker failure/muffled, sent in for warranty) In my opinion, any recall by Apple or any replacement is not a cure or solution...
  12. Ale88

    MacBook Pro Retina Mid 2014 - Staingate problem

    Hi guys, At the beginning of 2017 I bought a used MacBook Pro Mid 2014 that just had several parts replaced under the AppleCare program, among those parts also the screen, so I got it with a brand new screen. In the last months I started having problems on the corners, I did some research and I...
  13. H

    Macbook Pro Retina Display 2015 - Exploding/Dead Pixel Issue - Not Covered with AppleCare?

    Hey there! long time lurker, first time poster here. (Long post/Rant/Jumble of words incoming- TL : DR at the bottom!) I've been having a bit of a nightmare with my 2015 Macbook Pro these past few weeks, which has just recently developed an "exploded" pixel (example...
  14. Mr. Dee

    MacBook Pro Display Staingate Genius Appointment Time

    Will be visiting the states soon and I am wondering how early I can make my Genius Bar appointment at the Apple Store to get the display fixed. Could I and should I do it like a week before so I don't encounter any delays and have it fixed same day? Some Background...
  15. idgamebreak

    Whether staingate will appear in all MBPro Retina

    I want to buy macbook pro retina display early 2015 13", i want to use it more than 3 years maybe, but i am worried whether staingate will appear in second year or third year? Are all macbook pro retinas will have problems staingate or partially ? Thank's
  16. P

    Taking my 2013 MBP in for staingate

    Hi all. My late-2013 MBP is affected by staingate. I made a Genius Bar appointment for later today to see if they'll replace my display at no cost. I'm a little concerned, though. My staingate issues aren't nearly as bad as some I've seen. It's all around the bezel, but only a little bit in the...
  17. Barrierfreeman

    Staingate....erm..round 3?

    Back in March 2016 I got the screen on my Early 2015 13" MBP replaced due to the anti-glare coating starting to peel. In October 2016 the same thing happened again, so off I trundled the hour to the nearest Apple store again. Eyebrows were raised that it happened again, asked whether I lived...
  18. E

    Any 2015 rmbp models have staingate?

    i never heard of apple fixing the problem other than them accepting to fix it now. Anybody had any problems now?