1. I

    Set up two bluetooth speakers for stereo sound

    I've hooked up two Flip 5 bluetooth speakers to my mac via audio midi / multi-output device and it works great but I'm wondering if I'm missing something when trying to set them to stereo. When I go into "configure speakers" there's really no option to assign channels to the speakers. Is it even...
  2. S

    iPhone 12 iPhone 12 Mini Stereo Speakers Sound not centered

    Hi, just tested my new 12 Mini with the build in speakers. There is clearly a greater loudness coming from the earpiece speaker than the bottom speaker. It’s somewhat uncomfortable to listen to because dialogs seam to come from the left. When I hold my right hand behind the bottom speaker it is...
  3. hattolo

    "Play stereo audio as mono" feature does not work

    Recently I damaged my left speaker, but my right speaker is perfectly fine. My left speaker still works but it's extremely bitcrushed, so I just muted it. The problem with this is that I cannot hear with 2 speakers, so I can't hear audio that utilizes stereo properly. To hear both channels on...
  4. S

    Using Macbook Pro with only 1 speaker

    I am using a single Rokit 6 monitor speaker for sound from my Macbook Pro. It is connected with a single cable from the RCA jack to the headphone jack on my mac. Do I need to change any settings to make sure the full sound is properly coming from the speaker and not just one side of the stereo...
  5. S

    HomePod 2 HomePods or Play 5

    Hello all! So I have the option of getting one Play 5 or two HomePods. What are people’s thoughts? Annoyingly I won’t be able to listen them before hand.
  6. H

    Other stereo output to multiple bluetooth speakers

    I would like to be able to pair an iphone to two bluetooth speakers, and play music to create a stereo image through them. The hurdles I expect are these: 1) the iphone must produce a stereo image audio signal, which means that two different channels of audio information are being output. I am...
  7. 2

    HomePod HomePod Stereo Placement for best audio experience

    I have 2 HomePods running as a stereo pair in my bedroom. I had them originally placed on the chest in front of my bed and they are about 45-50 inches apart with my TV in between. I tested it out by listening to some music and watching some movies on my Apple TV and the sound wasn't really what...
  8. 2

    HomePod Thinking about getting a 2nd HomePod for Stereo setup

    I finally made the jump and got the HomePod. At 1st I was skeptical, but omg has this thing really blew me away when I first got it setup and started listening to music on it. I read and watched numerous reviews online and didn't really believe when people compared it to their home theater...
  9. photo3dlab

    Universal MakeIt3D - 3D Camera

    Hello, I am a software developer at PHOTO3DLAB. I would like to share my second iOS app: MakeIt3D - 3D Camera App Store: This app makes anaglyph stereo 3d images. How to use: 1. Take two photos using built-in camera (or select from gallery) 2...
  10. C

    iPod ipod classic plays no longer stereo

    Hi, My iPod ( 160GB) plays no longer stereo, it's not the headphones, I discovered that after I tried several new ones… All of a sudden I only hear a mono sound, what can it be? Thanks for your kind help!
  11. H

    iPhone X iPhone XS Video Camera Demo

    Got my iPhone XS 512 GB (plus leather case). I picked it up in the shiny new (okay… since Feb 2018) local Apple Store here in Vienna, Austria. The service was excellent. There was quite a crowd, the most intensive event since opening according to a salesman. I was 15 min early to the appointment...
  12. N

    HomePod HomePod stereo pairing not working with iOS 12

    Hello, I have just upgraded my 2 HomePods to iOS 12, but now process to set-up stereo pairing doesn't work anymore. HomePod Stereo was working fine with IOS 11.4. I have done factory resets, tried several combinations to have this stereo set-up, with iPhone, iPad, etc. but iTunes never not...
  13. A

    HomePod Two HomePods vs Bowers & Wilkins A7

    I put two HomePods up against my trusty B&W A7. - HomePods together have clearer highs than the A7 - A7 has fuller mids than two HomePods - A7 sounds better than a single HomePod - A7 sounds ever so slightly better than two HomePods in stereo Also: - A7 airplay is not 100% reliable - Siri /...
  14. D

    Is this Ad tracking?

    Hi Devs! I was using an app or two in the car and one of those displayed something on the car radio that was bit disturbing. I'll post a pic if this forum will allow that....which it did as an attachment. Anyhow this was displayed on the car stereo: Anyone...
  15. StPatty33

    Handbrake Preference for Stereo AAC Audio: 5.1 Mixdown or 2.0 Track?

    Hey, all! I've been using Handbrake and AppleTV to enjoy my library for years, and I don't know what I'd do without it--especially now that we can use Plex! I recently came across something that may prompt me to change my encoding settings, though, and was wondering if others here had any...
  16. eaprice

    iPad Mount In-Car Dashboard (control stereo, etc)

    Hey guys, I just bought a 2010 Ford Fusion SEL and I want to modify my dashboard to take out the stereo system and replace it with an iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 4, that can control the stereo system and everything. I found some images on Google where people had done this with the same vehicle, but...
  17. itolond

    CARPLAY - nobody seems to know

    Hi Forum, I was not sure where to place this but at a guess given it was iOS related maybe this is the best place. I am considering getting a car play unit for my older car... but nobody locally can give me a straight answer so i'd thought i could reach out to the forum for guidance. i live...