1. Flaming Gerbil

    Mac Is Swift getting slower?

    I learned Swift a few years back and created a few simple iOS, MacOS apps, and also did some hybrid C++/Obj C/Swift coding using Djinni. Coding is more of a sideline / hobby for me, and I tend to be project-focused rather than wedded to a single language / platform. At the time I was coding in...
  2. J

    Swift Playgrounds beta?

    Does anyone know if there will be a swift playgrounds beta that can use the latest (beta) Swift (and SwiftUI)? The current version does not support the newly added features.
  3. super_kev

    Mac Swift & Mac OS X/macOS system compatibility?

    Hi folks, I haven't found an answer to this and I've searched around for awhile, but I'm looking into learning Swift, and I wanted to know if there are any Swift language/XCode version cutoffs where the language is not compatible with older versions of Mac OS X? For example, if I develop on a...
  4. ApostolisApo

    iOS Building an Apple Watch app in SwiftUI

    Some impressions and tips for anyone willing to try SwiftUI in watchOS and in general: https://medium.com/@apostolisapo/building-an-apple-watch-app-in-swiftui-b58ebfcb7891
  5. abcdefg12345

    iOS Stop uitextview from changing double straight quotes

    Anyone knows how to stop this annoying behaviour on uitextView it keeps changing " into “ if tries all the following and it still doesn't work, I basically want the textview to not change anything the user enters self.autocorrectionType = .no self.autocapitalizationType = .none...
  6. S

    Hey Everyone. Macbook 12 or Air for Swift

    I want to buy macbook 12 or macbook air 2017 for Swift. How does xcode work on it and how do emulators work? I want to hear the opinion of those who worked on it in xcode. Thanks!
  7. MisterSavage

    iOS Confusion about printing out a certain enum

    If I create and print the contents of a simple enum it works as I would expect: enum State : Int { case noData case loaded } state = .loaded print("state is \(state)") That prints out "state is loaded". But this statement doesn't work as I would expect...
  8. M

    iOS Do you need a Macbook Pro w touchID to test the authentication in your Swift app?

    Hello everyone, I'm thinking of buying a MBP base model for Swift programming, and I know that Xcode has a simulator for the touch-bar, but do I need the one with actual touchID hardware if I want my app to require a biometrical login? or is there a way to debug and test it without needing it...
  9. R

    iOS beginSession() error

    Hi, I am new to this swift thing, I study a piece of downloaded code, when I try to run it, it gives me an error, "Use of unresolved identifier 'beginSession'" at the top of the code, I imported UIKit and imported AVFoundation. is there anything else I need to import? Thanks. BTW I use xcode...
  10. A

    iOS (Mac noob here) will imac 4k be enough for swift ?

    Hello, I have worked on windows platform and now switching over to iOs for development , i will be purchasing a mac and an iphone, i am totally new so kindly forgive if i make some silly comments ... I am looking to buy an iMac 21.5 4k with 8GB RAM and 1 TB fusion drive 3.4GHz quad-core Intel...
  11. T

    SwiftAudioPlayer - open source music player [WIP]

    Hello, This is a project I created a few months ago to teach myself how to program stuff for macOS in Swift. I decided to share this at an early stage because it might be interesting for some people (especially new developers) to see a new project grow over time from the beginning. I'm also...
  12. fitomad

    Meow - Event & Special Day Countdown

    Meow can help you remember any important event, date or special day of your life. Features included in Meow... + Ready for Touch Bar + Notifications. Set custom notification time. + Elegant Design to keep track of your important events. + Track multiple events + Counting down to a specific...
  13. T

    iOS What is the best way to learn to code w/o any previous experience?

    I am trying to learn to code (and eventually build iOS apps), but wasn’t sure what the best way to do it is...I have tried using the Swift playgrounds app, but wasn’t sure if there was a better option...
  14. S

    iOS Which MacBook to get for iOS development?

    I am planning to buy a MacBook for making and selling app for statistics. The app would have to create charts and tables. Do you think a 12" MacBook is adequate for this purpose? Or should I get a bigger 15.4" MacBook Pro instead? I would rather not use an external monitor since it would clutter...
  15. Wild_Rose

    iOS best online lesson for Swift

    Hi guys, I'm about to get my first MacBook Pro and I want to start learning Swift, so I can develop apps in order to get a better job. I'm currently a web designer, I know HTML & CSS very well, with some good grasp of PHP, mySQL and I have briefly programmed in C++. I'm looking at...
  16. S

    iOS iOS: UISearchbar issue in UIPopoverController

    I have a Popover which has UISearchController assigned to UINavigationItem's searchController property (introduced from iOS 11).When the serchController becomes active, the SearchBar is almost touching the navigationBar. i tried with different approaches like applying Constraints and...
  17. X

    Mac Sleep Apple Event not being issued in System Process

    Hi everyone! I'm developing my first Mac OS X application, and I'm having some problems with an AppleEvent that I want to send to the system. Firstly, I found an article on how to programmatically shutdown, restart, sleep or logout an apple computer Link, which is the main objective I want to...
  18. X

    Mac Xcode on vintage MacBook

    Hi, I just started learning Swift language. But I'm not sure that my MacBook - a white MacBook Mid 2010 with 4GB RAM & 250GB HDD - is compatible with latest version of Xcode!? (Xcode 9 and Swift 4) For start I need to work with Swift playgrounds on the Mac. For the future I like programming for...
  19. AxoNeuron

    iOS Custom Swift Frameworks or Private Cocoapods

    Hey guys, At my company, we have an iOS app and a macOS 'admin' dashboard app. These projects share a lot of code, so what I've done is I've created a 'core' framework to encapsulate all of the data models/logic. But it's a HUGE pain in the behind, because every time I need to make even a...
  20. K

    iOS Time protection algorithm

    Hi, I want to make swift project which allows to do something only after 2 hours. I will get time and date, if 2 hours has passed, I will allow but people can change the time in settings. How can I inhibit it?