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  1. Zarva

    Changing System Sounds macOS Monterey 12.0.1 (21A559)

    Hello so I would like to change the system sounds on this version of macOS as I find the new ones to be quite annoying specificity sounds with in the following path /System/Library/Components/CoreAudio.component/Contents/SharedSupport/SystemSounds and I would like to change it with a set of...
  2. A

    Mac showing "Update" & remote disc listed under devices in Finder

    ust downgraded from big Sur to high Sierra and now in the finder menu it is showing Remote Disc and Update I have attached a image , is this normal ???
  3. macnerd93

    Trying to find a cooling fan for my G4 Cube

    Hi all, So I got my G4 Cube onto my desk the other day (after spending around a year on a shelf on display) she’s now setup with Mac OS. 9.2.2 and OS X Jaguar as a working computer and it actually works great with my FireWire 400 capture box And Final Cut Pro Version 3. Something my 15 inch MBP...
  4. A

    no more system audio

    Hi, I recently installed AudFree_Spotify_Music_Converter_1.5.0 which allows you to download music from Spotify. Unfortunately, since then I can no longer listen to Spotify on the Mac and all the system sounds such as the sound of the emptying basket have also disappeared. Instead, I can hear the...
  5. NecRosex

    [RESOLVED]Keep getting error "Could not load Print & Scan preference pane."

    Hello. I was printing a document using pages, something went wrong I had to force quit the printing queue. Since that moment I can no longer print anything, neither can I open Printers & Scanners. I tried : -logging in as a Guest user - same problem. -booting into Safe Mode - same problem in...
  6. joshuaaravind

    How do I delete system files from MacOS Mojave?

    How can I delete my system files? I don't have any time machine back-up and I don't use apple mail either. Please help!
  7. P

    Program Requires Password for every change and opening

    Hi, Please, don't give me a lecture on "the password fail-safe protects your system". Of course it does, I'm not stupid. It's annoying to have to keep typing in a password when all I want to do is change one small computer control. I coded my own system monitoring program. It monitors Ghz...
  8. Riwam

    Resolved Where sits the Start Up Manager in the OSX?

    After sweating during several days and finally with the phone assistance of a very kind Apple supporter who spent over an hour on the phone to help me. I finally managed to reinstall Bootcamp Windows 10 in my MacPro End 2013. :) For unknown reasons it had gotten corrupt and non working. While I...
  9. fb3993

    iOS Wrong storage displayed

    I have noticed that Available storage displayed in Settings is wrong and much larger than actual available storage. Several system info apps and Adobe Lightroom show that I only have ~6GB of available storage against the ~40gb shown by System setting. Trying to add content (music, app...
  10. azaline

    Macbook Air 'System' Taking Up Storage

    So, in the process of trying to clean up my computer this week, I've somehow made my problem worse. Yesterday, I had 36 GB available of space. I went through the process of removing nearly 10GB of material from my computer in videos, pictures, documents, and unused apps. Now, however, I have...
  11. MrAjarix

    iMac G3 Restore

    Hey guys, I want to restore my iMac G3 and have the original disks ('Software Restore' and 'Software Install'). Both have options to essentially install OS9. What is the difference between the 2 ways of doing it? Thanks
  12. F

    High Sierra System Storage taking 80 Gigabytes of space

    Hey, I'm new here. My system storage is taking up 80 Gigs of space for some reason. I don't think it's normal for it to take so much space. My applications and Documents are 12 Gigs and 10 Gigs. I have heard time machine creates stamps which takes up space. So I tried inputting sudo...
  13. S

    System takes up 112 GB of storage!? Need help.

    Hello, hope you are doing good. I went to About This Mac and checked Storage. It says that the System takes up 112 GB of space on my internal SSD. I have a 2017 iMac with interal SSD and the latest High Sierra version. I have very little stuff on my computer. A few big apps but they just take...
  14. W


    I bought a mac that had no hdd. Ive also purchased a new hdd to go into the macbook pro. My problem is i have no operable mac to load osx onto. But i do have a pc. Is it possible to use my pc to load osx onto the hard drive so that i can insert it into my macbook? If not what is the better...
  15. B

    1.1 Stuck in boot

    So I have a Mac Pro 1.1, worked perfectly fine. As I was looking at replacing the HDD with a SSD I had both HDD's out of the cabinet. Long story short, the plan was rejected so I went to connect my drives again. So now im stuck at boot with the "cannot find system disk" icon, a folder with a...
  16. M

    strange malware detected in library

    Prosoft DriveGenius 5.1, running under OS 10.13.2, detected two malware-infected files which I don't know what to do with. There is an option when running the malware scan to "move infected files to trash," but I elected to delete them manually (if at all) since I do not know what they do and...
  17. Owerko

    My system using too much space, 199 GB

    Hello, can someone help me?? System using 199GB of space. I dont know how to solve this problem.. Tahnks :)
  18. Appleman11

    iOS 11 system storage usage

    Upon checking storage today, I noticed my iPhone 8 Plus 64GB was using nearly 16GB of storage for the system. It used to be only 6GB but it jumped up after updating once to 14GB and now to 16GB. Have no iOS updates waiting to be installed. Is this normal and if not how can I rectify this issue...
  19. iOsDevMann

    Universal Cosmos Creator - AR Universes

    Hello all iOS fans/developers, I want to introduce you to my augmented reality app for iOS 11 - Cosmos Creator AR. It allows you to create a custom dynamic solar systems in augmented reality. Place stars, send planets into orbit around them, enable orbital trails to watch the planets motion...
  20. D

    Help Selecting an iMac for After Effects

    I need to upgrade my iMac (currently a 27-inch, 2011 model). My primary goal is to create and edit large files in After Effects (RAM preview is especially important). I'm trying to figure out the best way to do this and would appreciate your experience/knowledge. My husband would like to...