no more system audio


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Jan 9, 2017
Hi, I recently installed AudFree_Spotify_Music_Converter_1.5.0 which allows you to download music from Spotify. Unfortunately, since then I can no longer listen to Spotify on the Mac and all the system sounds such as the sound of the emptying basket have also disappeared. Instead, I can hear the music and the sound of the movies. Following sugestions taken around the net for problems coming out with similar programs I uninstalled the program and followed this procedure: search and trash the Audiojingle.driver folder and com.audiojinglex.soundtree.agent files, reset the NVRAM or PRAM. but nothing has changed. can someone help me?


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Jan 11, 2017
Have you been into 'settings' and looked at 'sounds'?
I've had odd things happen more than once and the solution has been there.
Sometimes something installs a new codec and you'll see a separate output listed so you want to make sure it's 'internal speakers' Also sound effects through internal speakers.
I also had a weird thing once where there was a new microphone added and that made sound output like it was in a tunnel.
So have a dig round there.