target display mode

  1. dukee101

    New iMac 5K (August 2020) supports Target Display Mode again?

    Since the first 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K display was released in 2014, Apple discontinued Target Display Mode for those models going forward. This was due to various technical limitations that were never overcome -- until today (potentially), with the release of the updated iMac 5K with the...
  2. fadingaway

    Using mid-2011 iMac as display

    I have recently purchased a brand new MacBook Pro, and was hoping to use my mid-2011 iMac as a display, rather than cowering over the small screen on the MacBook Pro itself as I work from home a lot. This article on Apple's own site suggests it should be possible...
  3. D

    Target Display Mode- Let Apple Know To Add This Back

    Everyone needs to go to and tell them to add target display mode back to their iMacs. This feature was available from 2009-to early 2014 iMac models. Apple won't know unless everyone lets them know that was an awesome feature that needs to be added. I am stuck with a 2010...
  4. AJAAY

    No sound external monitor

    I'm having a weird issue with my 2017 MacBook Pro TB on Mojave with no sound playing from external monitor. I use my mid-2011 iMac as an external monitor with the MBP. When I have the MBP hooked up to my iMac with the thunderbolt port, sound plays through the iMac normally. Then a few minutes...
  5. PonyboyGold

    Target Display Mode Broken? 2018 MBPs

    Just received the new 2018 13" MBP with the intention to use my 2012 iMac in target display mode. It worked perfectly on my 2016 MBP - but when I connect the new 2018 MBP, the iMac screen spazzes out and flickers then goes seems to be a semi wide spread issue as seen in the Apple...
  6. B

    Can I use my iMac as a gaming PC monitor?

    UPDATE: On July 28, my iMac died. We had 7 great years together, but the GPU gave out and I've moved on to a PC, rendering this thread moot. I have a 27" 2011 iMac that I want to use as a monitor for a gaming PC I plan on building. I understand this will only work if I have a special device...
  7. B

    Target Display Mode: keep sound on first iMac

    I have two 27" iMacs side by side: a 5k 2017 model (call it 'Main') as the main display, with a 27" 2011 non-retina model ('Remote') next to it. They're connected in a completely standard way as the Apple site tells you to do it. Everything works fine and in addition I can switch the Remote...
  8. fhturner

    Target Display Mode on *non-Retina* iMac 2015?

    I have looked all over, but have not found any specific confirmation or refusal of this: can a non-Retina iMac 2015 (such as base or mid 21.5" or base 27") do Target Disk Mode? The "letter of the law": suggests not due to the verbiage "...Late 2014 and...
  9. AL1630

    Target display mode and DVI? (2009 iMac 27")

    I have a late 2009 iMac 27", and I'd like to use target display mode with my 2006 Mac Pro, so that I can use both machines and one desk. The problem is that the Mac Pro only has DVI outputs. If I get a DVI to Mini Displayport adapter, will TDM work?
  10. L

    Target display mode with 2016 MacBook Pro and 2011 iMac

    Hey, I want to connect my 2016 MacBook Pro to my 2011 iMac using target display mode. I found this cable on Amazon but after doing some digging I am starting to get the feeling it is not quite as simple (or cheap) as this to achieve my objective...
  11. redheeler

    Using 2010 iMac or LED Cinema Display as a Display for Power Mac G5 or 2006-08 Intel Mac

    Many of you probably know that the 2010 iMac supports a feature called Target Display Mode, and it needs Mini DisplayPort to work. No PowerPC Mac ever shipped with Mini DisplayPort as they all predate it, so that would make the feature incompatible, right? Wrong. As it turns out, there are...
  12. joelw135

    Using Target Display Mode is there a way to assign a application to a certain display as with a seco

    I have set up my Late 2013 iMac with my 2017 iMac using Target Display mode. I know I can drag an application to any screen I desire, but can I assign that app to open in a secondary display even after I close the app, and reopen. I know I do it with my old regular display. I am on High Sierra...
  13. canonuser

    Any possible way to connect two 5K iMacs in target display mode, but in lower resolution

    i know it kind of defeats the point, but is there any way of using target display mode with two 5K iMacs, but using the targeted display iMac at a lower resolution
  14. A

    iMac as display for Macbook Pro with Thunderbolt

    I'm trying to connect my 21.5 inch iMac (2015) to my Macbook Pro (2013) using a Thunderbolt to Thunderbolt cable. I'm obviously missing something because I thought it would work quite simply. Is it possible for it to work this way, or is it impossible?
  15. F

    2016 MBP to 2009 iMac (as monitor) in Target Display Mode

    Hey all, I just received my new MBP, its awesome and I love it. However I'm trying to connect it to my late 2009 iMac 27" using the Belkin mini display port > Thunderbolt 2 > USB-C. The cable worked great with my 2011 MBP as soon as it was plugged in it went into Target Display Mode and was able...