1. R

    Tiger: Ways to achieve text replacement macros?

    The main use of my iMac G4 is typing. On my main computer however, I'm used to inserting various special characters on the fly by typing something specific; Global macros were created in the usual System Preferences ➜ Keyboard ➜ Text, but I also have app-specific macros that I created in...
  2. R

    Catalina 10.15.1 Runs TextEdit Slowly

    TextEdit 1.15 is very slow on Catalina. (E.g., the long latency on open; the remnants of a textual mirage; the cursor circling in wait state. Previous versions of a MacOS I don't recall having such poor response time. Is it just me?
  3. L

    Mac Automator / AppleScript Question - TextEdit

    Hello All. I'm very new to scripting in macOS. I was wondering if there is any way, either within automator or with AppleScript, to check if there is any text inside an open TextEdit document? Any ideas? It's part of a larger automation but the only aspect of it I can't seem to find. Thanks
  4. Starfia

    Yay, TextEdit!

    Did TextEdit suddenly begin supporting Dark Mode in macOS 10.14.2? Whuhoo! I'd been hoping for that with Mojave's launch and was almost resigned to hopelessness when it wasn't there.
  5. Q

    Auto-Save and file Versions in High Sierra

    I recently upgraded from 10.7 Lion to 10.13 High Sierra. In Lion, I was using the following Terminal commands: (For Preview) defaults write -app 'preview' ApplePersistence -bool no (For TextEdit) defaults write -app 'textedit' ApplePersistence -bool no defaults write -app textedit...
  6. iPodClassic1

    TextEdit crashing when closing a document.

    Nevermind I fixed it on another page, thanks!
  7. T

    Seemingly random playlist problem, Textedit

    I have a mac mini, yosemite, mp3 - player of the type Sansa Sandisk clip. I make playlist in a program called MP3Tag, and then I edit it with textedit. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, and sometimes the same playlist stops working after a little bit of editing, although the editing I did has...
  8. W

    Resolved TextEdit Files went from Rich text to Plain text

    Hi, everyone! TextEdit was experiencing some difficulties and in an effort to fix them, I [incorrectly] followed instructions I found on the internet. I ended up deleting Windows Office Compatibility.rtf in FontCollections in Library. All my TextEdit documents that were previously rich text are...
  9. SaxPlayer

    Mac Pro (Late 2013) slow typing

    Ever since upgrading to Sierra in late December 2016, I've had an annoying issue with Sierra on my Mac Pro (Late 2013). When I type in TextEdit and certain other applications like Coda 2, typing is very slow, not keeping up with me as a key letters and scrolling is very jerky. Coda 2 is...
  10. F

    TextEdit HTML IMG tag problem

    I am having a problem using TextEdit (V1.10) to edit HTML for my website. I am writing an HTML index page from scratch using HTML code. All of my text and background colours etc. are working fine. When I add a new IMG tag in this code the images will not display on the webpage when opened in...
  11. D

    Spotlight/Finder/Document Searching Issues

    Okay, so I have a 2010 Macbook Pro, 13.3 inch with 10.6.8. It seems like every time I make a file in textedit or edit one, then try to find it later, I can't. Every few days the file will show back up. I guess this means it's indexing, but there's no indication of that on my laptop by the...
  12. F

    Mac How can I create textedit doc and fill with date time data?

    I have limited experience with applescript and am trying to use it to open a webpage and save a screen shot. Resulting document would contain something like this: http://site/#2014/12/31/0000Z/restofurl.html http://site/#2014/12/31/0300Z/restofurl.html...
  13. jblagden

    Mac Only Java Files From Eclipse Compile Properly

    I’ve noticed that if I make a Java program in TextEdit or TextWranger and then try to compile it in Terminal, I get faulty criticism like this: PiesTest.java:2: error: unclosed string literal System.out.println("How many apples do you have?”); And yet, if I create a Java program in Eclipse...
  14. C

    I want Textedit to always be available

    I'm finding myself looking at and editing various configuration files lately and I'm frustrated that I have to dig in the 'Open With > Other...' section every time to open said file in TextEdit. Is there way to keep TextEdit among the quick suggested apps for all files when I right click and...