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thunderbolt display

  1. P

    Triple monitor setup - Displaylink?

    Hi all. My current set up is a 2018 Intel Mac mini connected to: - 1x Apple 27" Thunderbolt display - 2x BenQ 1080p HDMI monitors I'd like to swap out the Mac mini for an M2 Air but need a dock/hub that will allow me to maintain the 3 monitor setup while laptop is in clamshell mode. I...
  2. M

    Dual 27' Thunderbolt Displays

    I had 1-HP monitor connected through HDMI and 1-27" Thunderbolt Display w/ an adaptor connected through USB-C port hooked to my M1 MINI.....I've now acquired a 2nd 27" Thunderbolt Display..And i've tried connecting it with an mini displayport-to-hdmi adaptor and a cable with the same thing..AND...
  3. F

    Strange sound in Apple thunderbolt display

    I started having a strange sound coming from my Thunderbolt display, so today I bought an air cleaner to blow air in the fan thinking maybe it has dust but still the same problem. Attached couple of videos so if you anyone can please advise how to fix this sound? Videos link
  4. V

    Thunderbolt Display

    Hi All, creating this post, since I am not sure where else I can get a clear answer. 3 months of internet (4 hours a day) and going through 18 pages of google searches every time, is not yielding any results. just ranting my frustration, but the query is as follows: I have a Apple Thunderbolt...
  5. imsreish

    Apple Thunderbolt Display not stayed connected, hardware and/or Big Sur issue?

    Am trying to see if anyone has issues with connecting Thunderbolt 3/USB-C based Mac notebooks to their Thunderbolt Displays. I used to have a Thunderbolt 2-based MacBook Pro (Mid-2015 I think, last version on it was Mojave), and I was able to use it with my display with no issues. I've since...
  6. rawweb

    LG Ultrafine 5k mod

    mods, please delete
  7. S

    Thunderbolt Dispaly USB-C Hub

    Hi Everyone, I have just upgraded to a 2019 16" Macbook Pro from my 2012 15.4" Macbook Pro, When im out and about its perfect! but when at home im starting to struggle, i have a thunderbolt display i used with my 2012 as its got Thunderbolt 2 port and MagSafe 1 charger. I want to be able to...
  8. bossanova

    Used Thunderbolt 27" Display at

    As I'm about to receive a new 2018 MacMini (6-core i7/64GB/1TB SSD) to replace my late Mavericks-gimped 2010 MacAir, I'd really like to find one or even two refurbished/used TB Display to connect. Short of finding one at the Apple Store, I'm considering this one available at OWC's
  9. S

    One cable solution for Apple Thunderbolt Display

    Hi everyone! I just picked up a really good deal on an Apple Thunderbolt Display that I couldn't pass up to use with my Macbook Pro 13" Touch Bar (2017 model). It sounds like the definition of "first world problem", but i'm trying to come up with a "one cable solution" that would allow me to...
  10. MarckyG

    Cinema Display and Thunderbolt Display brightness control

    Hey all, I recently got a new iMac and it came with High Sierra installed. Previously I was on Sierra. I use it combined with a Thunderbolt Display from Apple (damn... the difference in display quality...). What's new to me is... the display brightness control doesn't work as it used to. I...
  11. keogh

    Correct way to connect MBP 2017 to Thunderbolt Display

    Hi Guys, I've got the latest MBP 2017 (touch bar with 4 Thunderbolt 3/USB-C ports) and a Thunderbolt 2 display. I've got the official Thunderbolt 3 > Thunderbolt 2 adaptor and my display all works fine with my MBP, but I just want to know the correct way to connect these each time I remove the...
  12. Daniel Reed

    nMP: daisy chain or direct connect thunderbolt displays (same bus)

    Looking for pros and cons; all things equal If one has nothing on a thunderbolt bus, bus 1 for example, is there any benefit to directly connecting two separate thunderbolt displays directly to the two thunderbolt ports for bus 1, verses connecting one TB display to the nMP and daisy chaining...
  13. B

    Apple USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 Display

    Apple shouldn´t have left the display business... #MakeAppleGreatAgain
  14. dukee101

    Why No Apple-made Next-Gen/5K Display?

    I just had this realization: Apple has made a 5K display for a while now -- it just happens to be glued to a computer (the iMac). Now that there's finally USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 available to pipe 5K video to an external display, why haven't they simply taken their iMac 5K Retina and made a...
  15. luco

    Cinema Display - Heat

    My Cinema Display is running very heat. Especially on left lower side. This makes greay smudges appear on left and some on right side of my display when hot. They don't appear while cold. As I could see, the hot air flow comes out on left lower side, but I think my Cinema Display fan can be...
  16. TheAirBender

    Thunder Bolt Display Alternative

    Hello, everybody, I have a question. I really love the thunderbolt display, but the price is insane. Does anyone know any good replicas or alternatives?
  17. 22scorley22

    Will I be happy with an LG Ultrafine 4K?

    I am a graphic designer and just got a 15" MBP. I have it hooked up to a Thunderbolt Display at work and I am wanting a TB3 display at home. What I really want is the new 5K LG UF, but there is no telling when that thing is going to be available? I was considering driving 200+ miles away to pick...
  18. raha613

    Thunderbolt Display + OWC Helios + LED Cinema Display Chain

    Background: Over the years there has been some discussion regarding the use of an Apple LED Cinema Display with an Apple Thunderbolt Display all chained to one Thunderbolt port. It was concluded that as long as the LED Cinema Display is the last in the chain and it is connected to a Thunderbolt...
  19. asteeper

    magsafe to usb-c

    Looking to order a new MBP and would like to figure out how I could hook it up to my Thunderbolt display. I know I'll need the Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) to Thunderbolt 2 for video but I'm really going to miss the ability to use the magsafe power included in the displays cable... Does anyone know...
  20. F

    Is it possible to connect a new macbook pro to a thunderbolt display ?

    Hi! I'm about to buy a new macbook pro and I've an Apple thunderbolt display and I was wondering if, using an adaptator, it could be possible to connect that new macbook pro to that external display? Thanks for your answers.